Libation, A Bitter Alchemy


Deirdre Heekin wrote the book I wish I wrote. I love her book called "Libitation, bitter alchemy". It means to pour as a contribution. When Deade pours a glass of wine, it feels like a holiday before the fruit reaches my lips.

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I was hooked on the first line. The book of Deade is a journey into the heart of an artist, reader, writer, world traveler, perfumer, gardener, chef and wine maker.

I have the pleasure of meeting her. It is beautiful, from the inside out. Then I tasted her wine. She is as sublime as she.

Later, I watched her husband-chef Caleb, who was preparing the vivid, bright green, organic wild onions and green dandelions. Dinning at the Woodstock's large wooden table, the Vermont coffee was just like eating at home.

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Within minutes, their fresh home-grown products are transported from their garden Barnard, Vermont to their Italian-New England, trattoria – osteria pane e salute.

Deade and Caleb's coffee is the real meaning of the fork farm, the grapes on the table. I hope to come back for another taste of Caleb's cooking and another sip of wine – the perfect marriage.
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I want to take off grapes from their farm, try wine and vegetables in my café and fly to Tuscany all at the same time.

I did not want to leave Woodstock, Vermont. While I was taking my flight from Burlington to Sarasota, Florida, I found the most recent book of Deade and I started reading. Later I did not even notice that we landed.
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I had read it, word for word, and started again.

(I want to tell Dadere that this is one of the best books on the journey, the wine and the love I've ever read).

As a former reviewer for a national magazine and literary magazine, it was easy to discuss the content of the books. I can not describe "Leaving" and make it fair. I just urge you to read it and then buy it for all you know, who share their passion for bread and wine, beauty, nature and life.


Snowboarding – The History of Snowboarding


Snowboarding is a great sport that has become more and more popular in recent years. Initially, inspiration comes from skateboarding, surfing and skiing, snowboarding has evolved in the United States over the decades of the 1960s and 1970s. Most people agree that original snowboarding is an invention made in Utah in the 1970s. As you can imagine, the extreme nature of the sport is caught fast.
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The popularity of this sport really grew rapidly when several pioneers made some innovative projects that have continued so far.

In the 1970s and 1980s, several men founded snowboarding companies to produce some of the most innovative projects ever created for sports. Jake Burton Carpenter is probably the best known of all. He founded Burton Snowboard in Vermont.
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This is one of the most respected and widely used brands in the history of snowboarding. Jake Burton dreamed of special designs and new mechanisms that made it much easier to ride and lead to the emergence of new tricks and techniques. How did he get to the mainstream? The snowboard was originally called snurfing, a reference to surfing and snow.
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The first World Snooker Championship was held in 1979. Jake Burton Carpenter made the trip from Vermont with the usual snowboard he had designed. It was quite different from the jeans that other competitors used. After some protests for the different designs, it was decided that he should be allowed to compete with his model. Jake won and this race is now considered the birth of a racing snowboard, as we know it today. His designs were caught and things were never the same.

The first national snowboard competition was held in 1982 in Vermont. Then things started spreading like a wild fire. Tom Simms, the founder of Sims Snowboard, took on himself to organize the first world championship halpay race in 1983.

Back in those times, snowboarding was not allowed in most ski resorts. If it was, it was only allowed on separate slopes.

However, the pioneers continue to push the pack and defend the sport. Not long after, the snowboarders received the respect they deserved. Almost all ski resorts allow snowboarders to use the same slopes as skiers. Events like X Games and other snowboard competitions get more media exposure than ever before and sports have no place to go except up.


Vermont: A Small But Attractive Tourist Spot


A brief overview : Situated in the New England area, Vermont is one of the smallest states in the United States. Supplemented by size, it is one of the least extensive and least populated states in the United States. This small state is the only New England country that has no borders with the Atlantic Ocean.
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However, its western border is half covered by Lake Champlain. The fact behind the name of the state is not certain. It is supposed, however, that the name derives from the French word “Verts Monts” which means “Green Mountain”. This name refers to the beginning of the colonial period when France ruled most of the areas now known as Vermont and the abundance of mountainous areas in that region. Regardless of the small size, this is a major tourist destination; because Mother Nature has blessed her with some of her extraordinary charm.
Places make it easier for the growing economy of tourism : If they count, Vermont’s attractive places can not be numbered. Even road scenarios are able to capture tourists, interest. There are, however, a number of attractive tourist locations that contribute to the growth of the tourist economy in the country.
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The Arial Tramway in Jay is one of Vermont’s most beautiful scenic walks. It does not matter whether tourists will walk in the summer or in winter. Both seasons are able to serve tourists with some unique scenarios.
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It can be assumed from the name that Maritime Museum of Lake Champlain is located near Lake Champlain. The scientific archeology and the history of the Champlain Valley are presented here through interactive sessions.
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The chance to explore the scenic beauty of the state by traveling by train is the only one that can withstand the attractions of tourists. Moreover, when a record engine is added to this package, it becomes irresistible. Green Mountain Railroad offers a similar excitation in the form of a railroad track that recovers the memories of the 30s and 50s, rail journeys. Some other remarkable places are Florida and the Billings Museum , Vermont Teddy Bear Company , Shelbourne Museum , Harpun Brewery and others.
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Attractive natural beauties : Vermont’s natural beauty is also worth taking into account when it comes to attracting tourist attractions. Most of the tourists do not know this beauty as they come to Vermont to visit places they have planned in advance. However, the one who is trying to dare to take the unusual route will certainly be a winner.
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To discover the picturesque beauties and all the covered bridges of this little state, there are some specific routes that can offer you the best scenic driving experience in one person’s life. A small town of Waitsfield is famous for offering such fascinating discs. It is just 30 minutes from the capital of Montpellier.
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It offers some of the best routes to discover the beautiful greenery of the New England area. These routes are like exhibitions that will reveal the fascinating views of the mountain, the mysteries of classical small towns, rural roads, exciting views of waterfalls, cows’ hordes, and so on. one by one in front of the stunning eyes of the visitors. In short, Vermont is a place that has hidden treasures in every country.
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Vermont Ski Vacations


Vermont has been renamed for his best skiing and downhill racing. It has more than 20 alpine ski resorts and almost 50 cross-country ski centers. The combination of ski areas and picturesque villages in Vermont offers visitors a great chance to explore New England's typical winter experience.

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The most up-to-date alpine ski areas in the United States are Stowe, Killington, Mad River Glen and Mount Snow. Among them, Stowe offers a traditional New England charm and the largest vertical drop in the area. The largest in New England, Killington has seven mountain peaks, 200 paths, five terrain parks, 33 elevators and a vertical drop of 3,050 feet. Mad River Glen, renamed because of its classic New England Route, is considered to be the best ski area in New England.
Romantic Escape, South Vermont near the Mount Snow Ski Resort offers five mountain faces, vast woodlands and top-rated parks and pipes.

Sailing Skiing in Vermont has a 100-year tradition. Its green mountains are ideal for most skiers. Its ski slopes have wide paths with paths that pass through the forest, through the flight, and along fantastic ice streams.
From more than 40 cross-country tourist centers, the Catamount Trail system is very popular. It is designed to connect eleven of the best sailing centers in Vermont as it stretches north of the border between Massachusetts and Canada.

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Other well-known holiday destinations in Vermont include Ascutney Mountain Resort, Bolton Valley Resort, Bromley, Male Valley, Middlebury College, Okemo Mountain Resort, Smugglers Notch, Stratton, Sugarbush and Suicide Six.

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Vermont ski resorts offer a wide variety of ski packages, stays and ski discounts. This area has all the facilities for fine dining, dining and shopping to please every traveler. High-performance equipment and related accessories are available for rent. In addition to skiing, Vermont offers a variety of leisure activities and winter carnivals.


Market Psychology


Today we are flooded with a lot of information about the economy, stocks, state agencies and foreign governments. They show us charts and graphs for increasing / decreasing oil yield over the last 5 years, the amount of maple syrup produced in Vermont for the past century, the time it takes to get a moon signal, and all the other crap without which we can live without. Speakers of investment programs, both radio and television, tell us how this will affect the prices of some stocks and the market as a whole. Well maybe.

When you step back to get a better picture of the market because the trees are in the way you really have a different look. No matter what stock or mutual fund you own, there is an important factor that makes all of them change. This is the mass-mindedness of all people who hold shares of all kinds. The stock market is a reflection of this massive thinking and causes changes in human behavior. This massive thinking does not necessarily reflect what the economy is doing at any given moment.

Take the buyers' euphoria at the end of 1999 and the beginning of 2000. All of the mass psychology was bullish and everyone knew the market would rise. The economy knew better and stocks fell. The market was a reflection of what we could not see.

Currently, many people turn into bearish and think the market is lower, but no one knows until then. At this point, it is dangerous to be bullish or bearish. So, what is the best way to act when you are not sure what to do with your money? Keep in mind that protecting your capital, especially retirement money, is a primary consideration. If you own a stock that has already risen, you do not want to sell it, but you can protect yourself from loss and block the profit by running an open stop-lone order with your broker. Continue to move stop-up until stocks go higher.

If you have a stock or fund that is down, you either have to sell or order to get out if it goes down. Usually 10% is correct. If your share is $ 40, place a stop at $ 36.

If mass psychology becomes too negative, it can cause massive sales, and even the best stocks turn red. All boats go down when the tides disappear. If you do not have a loss limit at any time, you will lose your investment capital. An example of this was what happened when the World Trade Center was destroyed. The sale was caused by mass psychology and had nothing to do with the assessment.

It's the instinct of a flock, and you do not want to be led to kill all the other stupid animals. Protect your money. Stop today.


Where Did The X Games Originate


Where Do X Games Come From:
In 1993, ESPN came up with a new idea. The idea was to organize a meeting of athletes from extreme sports. Two years later, they managed to organize this meeting.

The first X-Games event was organized in Rhode Island and Snow Mountain, Vermont.
The dates set were from 24 June to 1 July 1995.
So for the first time, X Games & # 39; started.

At the beginning of X Games there were only 9 different sports, but soon attracted 198,000 viewers.
As this tournament became very popular, ESPN decided to organize it every year. Since then it has been called X-games.

The following year, this event was organized on Rhode Island.

This time she attracted 200,000 fans. Meanwhile, ESPN also announced a Winter Games tournament. It was organized at Snowmount Mountain Resort in Big Bear Mountain, California. Dates are from January 30 to February 2, 1997.

San Diego then played Summer X Games 1997-1998. The second Winter X Games took place in 1998. This time the location was changed to Crested Butte, Colorado.
Crested Butte also hosted the Winter Games in 1999. This was the time when the Summer Games moved to San Francisco for two years.

ESPN came up with many other X Games related events. The X tests are called qualified events – # 39; for the tournament.
You & # 39; Xperience & # 39; is a promotional tour for the tournament.

So X Games have been discovered since then. Today, the popularity of X Games can be seen. People are crazy about the tournament.


I Never Promised You A Goodie Bag by Jennifer Gilbert – Memoir – Lessons in Life and Business


I never promised you a nice bag: Memoir of life through events – those you are planning and those who do notis the new book by Jennifer Gilbert. Her story is one of the personal and professional triumphs, worth reading …

Jennifer Gilbert was raised in the wealthy Westchester County, New York. Her father worked in the field of import, and his mother often accompanied him during international trips. Playing grass and lacrosse hockey at school, a boat trip from Nantonet and skiing in Vermont were normal activities.

At the end of May 1991 Gilbert went to the subway for the first time; went to New York to visit a friend. Without knowing his surroundings, a man followed her from the subway to the door of his friend's apartment. Surrealistically, he repeatedly pierced her with a screwdriver while praying for his girlfriend's help.

Left to die, at 22, Gilbert lost his innocence and direction in his life. Initially, after the attack, she requested a walker while treating over 40 stitches to different parts of her body.

Police interviews, suspects, protection from her parents, and Boston escape all signaled three months later that it was time to overcome their trials or the perpetrator to win. "You can not move forward if you look in the rear-view mirror," he said, for a whole mantra.

Gilbert defiantly traveled through New York daily through the subway, pursuing a career in event planning. Her first job was mostly commissions; and takes the opportunity to resume his entrepreneurial talents that he develops in his youth. At high school, while her parents traveled, she thoroughly organized home parties, requiring classmates to attend. Her profits allow her to pay for her prom and associated costs.

Entrepreneurship called for Gilbert and she started her own event planning business. Immersed in the construction of her company in Manhattan, she unloaded extraordinary, lucrative customers; which helped her move away from the attack. She has become what she calls a "plus plus" personality.

Early business practices found Gilbert as a benevolent dictator and less than gratitude to her female staff. Over time, she realizes how important it is to complement her employees with well-done jobs. She has also learned that some customers, no matter how hard you try, will never be satisfied: "Give away everything but your soul," she says. "Identify the" soul "of your business (which most of the time is something that makes you extremely happy) and hire everyone else to do the rest."

For years, Gilbert has designed scenic weddings. She often stood aside, enjoying the bliss of couples, but never personally experienced the same kind of happiness. Slowly and cautiously, she began to meet after her trial, but she was lucky in love.

She met Bennett at Hamptons and they became best friends, still meet with other people. He loved her; and for six years he waited patiently and watched Gilbert continue to hesitate romantically. She was surprised by her revelation; and he invested two more years, convincing her in their mutual fate, sending love letters always signing: "I love you millions, billions, trillions." "I finally realized that love is not for me because I'm trying to be perfect for someone else, but for an understanding that feels perfect for me," she says.

The couple already have three children, including twin boys, but Gilbert's path to pregnancy is turbulent and has several spontaneous abortions (including a six-month-old boy).

Gray, one of Gilbert's twin sons, developed alopecia versus his first birthday. It is a disorder of the immune system that causes hair loss, which may be partial or complete. About Gray is totally. Gilbert describes her metamorphosis from the feeling of being angry at Gray's condition until her reception. Gray himself is a healthy, irritable child, comfortable in his own skin.

Gilbert had almost collapsed, stood in front of her striker in court three years after her attack to bring justice; and suffered financial losses in business after September 11, along with other challenges. She knows that "everyone has something." This may be sickness, poverty, divorce or some other disaster. She says, "You can not control what can happen to you in this life, but you can control what you want to be after it happens."

Read Gilbert's memoirs and get your own bag for fun; abounds in stories to enrich personally and professionally.

Jennifer Gilbert supports the Women for Women organization, working in the war-ravaged countries – Rwanda, Afghanistan, Congo and others. It offers training for local women and support when starting their own business. Visit the site at:


Amato’s Franchise Review


The Amato franchise is a chain of submarine sandwich shops in northern New England, USA. It was founded by Giovanni Amato in 1902. Recent expansion was marked in the form of a franchise, most notably in the locations of Irving Oil / Circle K in Maine and New Hampshire, the locations of Maplefield in New York and Vermont.

The company can also sell pizza and spaghetti sauces at Hanauford supermarkets. Giovanni Amato and his wife start a shop on Indian Street in Portland, Maine. Amato's sandwiches contained American cheese, ham and fresh vegetables that Italian migrants seemed to enjoy on the shore. Dominique Really, an employee in Amato, India, on a street in 1972, buys the store from his boss.

The company has grown from one store to 12 under Reali and is also starting a franchise. Real has also added acid pickles, Greek olives and a mixture of olive and vegetable oil with the famous Italian real. With over a hundred different assortments of pasta, pizzas, sandwiches and menu salads, Amato's is the perfect escape from dull food. "True Italian" is the way Amato describes all the food on his menu, but that's also the name of one of their extremely popular sandwiches that have become a real icon.

Founded in 1903, "True Italian" Amato today is universally desired by countless customers of any age, race, and socio-economic status. It's a little overwhelmed, amazingly tasty and completely different from any sandwich it ever had. The Italian submarine is best known for Amato.

Amato always welcomes new people who are interested in the due franchise. The hard-working, dedicated and friendly to the customers are focused on the franchise transfer. It is good to be part of this growing business. Those who are willing to share their passion with Amato products and engage in excellence can easily take advantage of the opportunity to own a franchise. In addition to the in-depth six-week training program, Amato's assistants will receive a full collection of training aids and materials that also include:

  • Support for site selection
  • The right to use Amato's trademarks and established successful operating techniques as outlined in the operations manual
  • A full set of training and exploitation instructions and materials
  • Training aid (on site)
  • Using Started Sources of Delivery, including negotiated prices, which could not be achieved through a self-sufficient sandwich shop
  • The Benefits of Its Business Secrets Forms, Property and Recipes

Expenditure on franchising:

  • Franchise Fee – $ 25,000
  • Royalties – 6% of gross sales
  • Initial costs range from 380,000 to 500,000 dollars
  • Depending on the financial situation, the franchisee must be able to finance 60-70% of its investment
  • Franchisees may be targeting some sources of funding but no funding.

NOTE: This franchise is only available to residents of the following states: Connecticut, Massachusetts, New York, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, Vermont and individuals with more than $ 100,000 to invest.

When looking to start a business, it is important, especially given today's market, to look for specific ways to reduce minimization or reduce overhead and risks. Every business will have a risk, but it is important to have a full understanding of the amount of investment, start-up costs and return on investment.

Most people are unaware that 80% of all franchise businesses fail over the first two to five years, leaving large debts for years.

One way and in my opinion is that the best way to reduce overhead, start-up and investment costs is to take advantage of the new era of entrepreneurship and start a business from the comfort of your home.

There are opportunities in the online market that create millionaires every day. Learn more about the exciting opportunities associated with a business model that begins to win by visiting:


Chicago Blues Clubs – A Night Out on the Town Blues Style


Chicago is the largest city in the Midwest and since 2008 is the third largest city in the whole country. The city has a rich musical heritage, including a symphony orchestra and opera. Blues, gospel, soul and jazz music have been present in Chicago for many, many years.

There are several clubs in the Chicago Blues because the blue is so popular in Windy City.

– Club 7313 is located on S. Halsted Street in Chicago. This club is described as an authentic blue blues. The interior features red carpets and wooden paneling.

– The Barn of Barrington is located on S. Barrington Rd and includes jazz, reggae and of course blues. This club offers an open microphone on Wednesday. There is also a 4-star restaurant, as well as superb banquet halls.

-Bues Island Pub is located on W. Vermont. This pub offers live music 5 nights a week. Presented are the best blues groups in Chicago.

– The creative salon of E. 83rd Street, is located on the south side. Weekly coverage is charged, but during the week is absolutely free!

Chicago Chicago Blues Clubs are based in Chicago because of the popularity of the city's music and musical roots.

Dell Rhea's glass basket and cocktail lounge are located on the historic (old) road 66. This blue-blue club is retro and offers many delicious fried foods. Here you will also find the Blue Rooster Lounge.

-The tattoo's house, located on W. Division St., You can get barbecue plates to die here, and local blues musicians play every night of the week.

– Frankie's Blue Room at W Chicago. Decorated in the style of the 40s, a gloomy, gloomy spot that can boast a deck if you get tired of the mood of his blues.

Blues music has its roots in African-American working songs from the beginning of the century (1900). Some of the early blue musicians include Samuel Coleridge-Taylor and WC Handy. One of the original professional blue singers was Ma Raey, who claims to have invented the word Blues. Other musicians were Victoria Spievey and Bessie Smith.

More Chicago Clubs Blues:

The lean blues of South Chicago are painted in black inside and decorated with mirrors and red carpets. The crowd runs gamma, each of the older blue-eyed to students.

– House of Blues on Avenue N. Dearborn. HOB runs a restaurant called The Back Porch, where live Blue Blue music is played every night. There is also a large collection of folk works covering both the walls and the ceiling.

Angle of Somalis at Walsh on Madison Street A great place in the summer to listen to blues on the street and eat catfish.

Kingston Minnes. Halsted St. is one of Chicago's most prominent clubs in Chicago. Two stages. Two tapes. Night duels in a comfortable and informal atmosphere that serves all sorts of dishes like burgers, wings, Polish sausages, catfish. Since Kingston Mines is so popular, they have their own shop where you can buy their goods so you can take part of Blue's home with you.


Can Endangered Status Help Bats In Danger?


Many of the bats in North America are in serious danger – but would it help them add them to the list of threatened species with the US government?

Populations of bats, especially in the northeast, are destroyed by white-nosed or WNS syndrome. Originally identified in 2006 in New York, WNS is rapidly spreading into bats' habitats in the eastern part of the continent, from Canada, to the south as the Mississippi. The disease is named after the characteristic fungus that appears on the nymphs and winged membranes of the affected bats. Millions of bats have died among the seven affected species in North America.

The US Fish and Wildlife Service has recently included one of these species – the northern ears as a threat. Although it is not as difficult to list as endangered, the endangered status still provides protection through regulations set out in the Endangered Species Act, including prohibitions on damaging members of species or destroying their habitats, except under certain conditions.

Unfortunately, the problem of bats has nothing to do with the trees they spend during the summer or everything that happens after the normal winter hibernation. The mushroom attacks them in their hibernacula (ie the caves and mines where they spend the winter). Still, the Fish and Wildlife Service issued regulations limiting the cutting of trees where bats bite. This will complicate and potentially restrict activities ranging from forestry and oil drilling to housing and landscaping.

Some industries are resisting, on an unreasonable basis, that expensive, destructive steps to eventually keep bats in the summer will not achieve anything if these bats return to caves where they will die in the winter. The public is invited to comment on the proposed rules by July. Neil Kirby, a spokesperson for the Independent Petroleum Association of America, told The Wall Street Journal that "the agency itself has admitted that the industry is not the culprit for the death of the bat, namely that fungal disease." (1)

When the population density of a species in a given region falls so low that surviving individuals can not find helplines with which to reproduce, there is a moment in which each individual counts. The office can just try to buy the bats for some time. However, the WNS distribution rate suggests that this experience will not be enough.

In Vermont the little brown bats who visited my home every summer almost disappeared without a trace. While the bats' range is wide enough that it is not yet at risk of extinction, Vermont and other East European countries have been alarmed that their populations may disappear within 15 years if WNS continues to be out of control. The Northern Long Whites, who also lives in Vermont but is not nearly as far west, may be in a more immediate danger of complete extinction.

If we really want to protect the bats of the risky species, or we will have to go to key winter habitats and defuse them during the summer months, or we will have to pursue a captive breeding program to keep alive enough bats to preserve. gene species of the species until longer treatment for the disease is detected. The latter option may not even be possible; Unlike rodents, for example, bats do not have large litters and thus return the population slowly over time. The Home Department has published a National Response Plan in 2011, and several countries also have WNS response plans, most of which include some combination of population monitoring, disease research, and decontamination efforts.

One of the arguments for recognizing a species as endangered or threatened is to draw attention to the situation of the species. The government needs to take serious conservation measures to keep the habitats under pressure and environmentalists can highlight the severe nature of the situation. But the situation of bats is well known. Given the mixed popular reputation of bats, the volume of basic coverage and sympathy may even be surprising.

But only sympathy will not save the bat populations. Increased financial support can help in pursuing a cure, but so far the best we can do is try to slow down WNS. There is no way to stop it, and identifying an endangered or endangered species will not change that fact. If it is possible to remove the fungus in critical habitats and maintain it – a proposal that is far from certain at this point – no one has yet devoted enough money and labor to determine how to do it and apply this plan.

While and unless we find a cure, all our other efforts probably can not do anything but a slow delay to the inevitable. We can also wait for bats to deal with the natural selection problem, which we can hope to bring to a more sustainable population. There is justification for this hope in the example of the European bats who have been living with the WNS for centuries before being inadvertently brought here, perhaps by cave explorers. If natural selection does not work, bats can eventually settle the affected areas in the distant future if the fungus disappears alone.

None of these solutions is guaranteed. But we have not found anything more useful so far. Adding bats to lists of endangered or endangered species will not do much but make us feel that we are doing something useful even if we are not.


1) The Wall Street Journal, "The Rules for the Protection of the Bat"


Volkswagen Introduces TDI Engine: their Cleanest Engine Ever


Volkswagen introduced its cleanest TDI engine. Initial tests conducted by VW have already shown promising results when the TDI engine succeeded in reducing nitrous oxide. For the Volkswagen Jetta, a new 2.0-liter commo9n rail diesel engine is used with a nitrogen oxide catalytic converter tank that meets the California Tier 2 / Bin 5 emission standard. – considered to be the most severe in the world. The first generation of TDI with a nitrogen system will be made in 2008 in the United States.

The main purpose of the TDI engine is to reduce emissions of nitric oxide. Volkswagen's Volkswagen Engineers team is working on engine development and the use of new post-processing technology. They have already achieved 90% less emissions of nitrogen oxides.

This drastic reduction is required to meet the Tier 2 / Bin 5 standard that applies to California and four other northeastern states: Massachusetts, New York, Vermont and Maine. — This norm limits NOx emissions to 70mg per mile. To comply with this standard, VW has decided to develop an entirely new emission cleanup technology.

Volkswagen has been able to develop two new systems linked to the oxidation catalytic converter and the particulate filter in the exhaust system. The new Nox catalytic converter technology of the tank is currently tested for Passat class cars. Nitrogen oxide is absorbed as a sponge, resulting in a high level of efficiency. As for the particulate filter, the system is cleaned regularly without the driver being aware of it. How? The engine management system changes the operating modes for a few seconds.

For the larger and heavier Volkswagen models, they will have a catalytic converter for selective catalytic reduction (SCR). The central component of SCR is an aqueous solution such as AdBlue, which is transported in an extra tank made of stainless steel or plastic. The aqueous solution also consists of 32.5% urea, which is continuously injected into the exhaust system in front of the SCR catalyst by means of a metering valve. The amount of the aqueous solution is obtained according to the flow of gas emissions.

The solution of urea, which is mixed with the aqueous solution, is gently sprayed onto the grid and converted to hot exhaust gas in ammonia before it reaches the catalytic converter. Ammonia then reacts with the nitrogen oxide in the catalytic converter and is separated into water and nitrogen.

The ammonia produced is not like ordinary ammonia in the sense that it is non-toxic, odorless and biodegradable. Volkswagen also intends to install the extra tank so that the car can be operated without any need for maintenance between the workshops. According to the US regulations, the whole system should operate at least 150,000 miles.


History of Sinks


You'll probably see a kitchen sink at least once a day. You can not wash dishes, or use it to wash your hands or cook, but the fact remains that it is really everywhere. Have you ever seen how these sinks have come and how they have found their way in our homes? Read on to learn more about the history of this pretty important part of our kitchen.

The sink is determined by the plumbing installation as a cup-shaped bowl that is in the kitchen made of stainless steel, porcelain or other materials used to wash hands, utensils, pans and other small items. The idea of ​​the sink dates back to the prehistoric age when Neanderthals make water basins from large rocks that are going to ruin in concave forms of many centuries of rain. The idea of ​​kitchen sinks came much later, probably at a time when civilization finally began to happen – the time when animal skins became clothes and the open fireplaces became internal fireplaces.

Kitchen sinks are always available in different materials depending largely on available materials. Thus, the sinks vary from one region to another. For example, before 1940, heavy stone and stainless steel were too expensive to transport, so no sinks were available on the basis of these materials. Meanwhile, soap is produced only in Vermont, and the siphire is widespread in the northeastern regions of the United States. In the middle of the nineteenth century, running water began to be pumped from the tanks and collected in bowls or buckets that were placed in dry sinks. These sinks are usually made of metal trays and are built into wooden cabinets. Nickel silver (consisting of an alloy of zinc, copper and nickel) and copper was among the first two materials used for butchers sinks found only in rich homes.

In the later part of the 19th century until the beginning of the 20th century, there has not been much development of the sink. In 1920, however, Monel came to the kitchen sink market. They produce light and corrosion resistant sinks made of copper and nickel, manganese, silicon, carbon and iron. Twenty years later, the need for copper and metals increased due to the war, so stainless steel sinks entered the picture and became very popular not only for sinks but also as countertops.

Clay sinks were introduced for the first time in the 1920s and became popular for their solid ceramic foundations (instead of the iron ones), their white white interior and glazed brown exterior. Most commonly used in commercial kitchens, as they were reliably heavier. Fire clay is a ceramic material that is widely used today.

Sinks have also come a long way from what was originally. It has its own long history. Today sinks are in all shapes, sizes and materials; he will certainly go through more developments in the future.


Kingsley Flood – Dust Windows (Album Review)


The words are a bit short to describe this group live. It's been years since I've been so entertained that I quickly admit that they leave nothing to chance, squeezing every ounce of energy, leaving nothing left when they step out of the stage. Their legs look weak while the hearts are pumped in double time for both the band and the audience. The only thought, once we have witnessed this extra performance, is where we can get recorded material.

Unfortunately, there were no CDs on the show that left those of us less familiar with the band that was trying to talk to those who had the latest version. I spoke briefly with two fans who spoke about the impact of the release on them, but I would find only the impressive energy of the live concerts.

Immediately after arriving home at the tiny hours of the morning I found the MP3 songs on The purchase was full, my eyes could barely stay awake, but I had to listen in the dark with my eyes closed while the live transmissions were passing by me. The powerful show is less noticeable on the record but opens the door for an incredible musical experience. "Americana", the new category of music, takes where the real people descended in the middle of the seventies. KINGSLEY FLOOD is the best band that presents this category both lyrical and musical.

"Back to back" begins Dust Windows , setting the atmosphere and allowing the listener to forgive the journey that this version will take. By the time the song "Good Enough" hit the headphones, you will be hooked while this song channels BOB DYLAN / BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN vocally and puts the CD remind on the scene. "Stoop Cats" brings the sound of New Orleans Jazz into the new millennium, using a violin combined with banjo. The toolbox with the Chris Barrett The trumpet pushes the listener even deeper into jazz, which has been diluted in the digital synthesizer over the years.

"Devils Arms" is the best song on the CD, but that does not deny the rest of the songs. This brings memory Nassim Hury Blood vessels are about to explode from his neck as they deliver each line of emotional energy that is missing in today's Top 40 in any music category. Vermont clearly puts the group in mind, which reflects in every song, wherever it is optimistic or thin. The recordings in Vermont went around the band with everything they needed to write and record a complete and balanced CD.

"Roll of the Dice" has the darker guitar chords that give the song a ghostly urban imagination. This song explores some guitar work that is not overly letting fans want to hear more. Boston has really raised a pair when it comes to this band; Now we are waiting for the next date of our life, followed by thoughts about a future recording that should bring some of the enthusiasm of the live show in the songs. Is it possible that this energy becomes a recorded sound? Only time will tell …


Voter Medical Dispensary – States And Federal Law


Map of American Medical Marijuana

In the United States, there are currently 16 legal medical states and the District of Columbia, which currently have laws that have legalized marijuana for medical purposes.

States are:

Alaska, Arizona, California, Colorado, DC, Delaware, Hawaii, Maine, Michigan, Montana, Nevada, New Jersey, New Mexico, Oregon, Rhode Island, Vermont and Washington.

You can only acquire a marijuana card if you suffer from a medical condition prescribed by a doctor.

Although many states have approved medical marijuana as an alternative form of multidrug medication, the United States government is still opposed to state laws on voters approved by marijuana.

For example, in a well-written article, there is reason to believe that these marijuana patients in countries that currently allow the use of marijuana for medical purposes are at risk of losing the second change.

The second amendment to the rights is the right to wear arms as a US citizen.

According to the article, the Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms Bureau (ATF) says the patient waives his constitutional right, just letting the state know he wants to take medical marijuana.

The article also states that marijuana medical users have reduced their rights only with a marijuana map.

Here's how ATF sees it:

If you are a medical marijuana patient, you are in violation of the federal code of the Sect. 922 (g) of the Federal Arms Control Act, which mainly states that anyone who is an "illicit consumer or addicted to a controlled substance" is generally prohibited from owning or receiving weapons or ammunition.

The article deserves to be read, which I strongly recommend … and most importantly, if you are applying for a medical marijuana card, it is best to know all your rights and opportunities.

Read the full article here.

In addition to potential marijuana patients who lose their rights for a second correction, there has been a serious assault by California federal agents against marijuana dispensaries across the country; federalists are threatening to close dispensaries and send letters to landlords who warn them about selling the medicine on their promises.

In the letter he warns the landlord that they must comply with it within 45 days to avoid being able to identify their property and they will be sent to jail.

What is your opinion on this controversial dialogue? Let your voice be heard in the election.