The History Of Ethan Allen Furniture


In 1932, two New Yorkers, Theodore Baumritter and his brother-in-law Nathan Ansel, founded Baumritter Corp., a housing sales agency. This was during what many see as the worst year of the big depression, and unfortunately people just did not have the extra money for their household goods at that time. Subsequently, in the first place, Baumrit and Ansel lost much of the money they initially invested in the company. In 1936 they bought a furniture factory in Beirut Falls, Vermont. Ancell and Baumritter quickly fell in love with Vermont. They decided to name their furniture company Ethan Allen after the revolutionary leader of Vermont. In 1939 their furniture line debuted in the shops.

Their first collection is a group of 28 pieces of early American furniture. Until 1962, Ancell and Baumritter own 14 furniture factories in the east. By the mid-1960s, Baumritter Corp had the world's largest furniture group, with a line of 1600 pieces to choose from. Also, since the mid-1960s, there were about 700 Ethan Allen stores in the United States. So far, in Switzerland, the Netherlands, Belgium, France, Australia and Canada, there were shops of Ethan Allen. In 1970, Baumrit retired. In 1972, The Baumritter Corp officially changed its name to Ethan Allen Industries and they released their first series of national TV commercials. During that time, in the early 1970s, they also moved their headquarters from New York to Danbury, Connecticut. In addition, at that time, they began to produce draperies, wallpaper, oriental rugs and carpets of wide furniture.

In 1988, M. Fahrooq Kathwari took over Ancell as chairman and CEO. Around 1985, when the company realized that early US furnishings no longer needed much demand, they plan to create new furniture designs that were greeted with great success. Just to name some of them, there is the US dimension line, which focuses on accentuating geometric shapes, Country Crossings, which showcase rural style furniture and legacy lines modeled on Italian architecture. In 1991, Ethan Allen began offering wall paintings, bed linen, textiles, lamps and other items to their store.

In 2008, Ethan Allen's products became available for purchase on the Internet. It is interesting to note that more than 70% of their cherry, maple and fir tree pieces are produced in the United States. Over the years, Ethan Allen has become a highly successful company. As of June 2008, they say sales are about $ 980.0 million, with a net income of $ 58.1 million!


History Of Electronic Medical Records


In the 1960s a doctor named Lawrence L. Wyde first described the concept of computerized or electronic medical records. Weaves describe a system for automating and reorganizing patients' medical records to improve their use and thus improve patient care.

Weed's work is at the core of the PROMIS project at the University of Vermont, joint efforts between doctors and IT experts began in 1967 to develop an automated electronic medical record system. The objectives of the project were to develop a system to provide the physician with timely and consistent patient data and to enable rapid collection of data on epidemiological studies, medical audits and business audits. The efforts of the group have led to the development of problem-oriented medical documentation or POMR. Also, in the 1960s, Mayo Clinic began developing electronic medical record systems.

In the 1970s POMR was first used in the medical department of the Medical Center of Vermont. At that time, touch-screen technology was included in the data entry procedures. Over the next few years, drug information items have been added to the main program, allowing physicians to check for drug actions, doses, side effects, allergies and interactions. At the same time, diagnostic and healing plans were developed for over 600 common medical problems.

Several electronic systems for medical documentation from various academic and research institutions have been developed and refined in the 1970s and 1980s. The Technicon system is based in a hospital, and the Harvard COSTAR system has records of outpatient care. The HELP system and Duke's The Medical Record & are examples of systems for early treatment of patients. The Indiana Record Record is one of the earliest integrated stationary and outpatient systems.

With advances in computer and diagnostic applications in the 1990s, electronic medical record systems have become increasingly sophisticated and more widely used by practices. In the 21st century, more and more practices apply electronic medical records.


Civil Unions Versus Marriage – Legally Not the Same and What That Can Mean For You


Gay marriages have a heated but short history in the United States. In 1993, a case in Hawaii attracted national attention, which prompted the wide dispute over this issue. The judges found that the constitution of the state requires a compelling reason not to extend marriage rights to same-sex couples. In response, the decision allowed Congress to pass the 1996 Marriage Defense Law, which allowed the state to disregard same-sex marriages outside its borders and bans on federal recognition. From the Hawaiian case in 1993, states struggle to find their own stance on the issue; in several countries this means legalized civil unions or local partnerships. Civic alliances between same-sex couples are not equal to marriage between a man and a woman.

Very few countries allow civil unions in the United States: Vermont, Connecticut, New York, New Hampshire and New Jersey. California and Oregon allow local partners. Civil unions and local partners are very similar, but each country determines them differently. None of the states & quot; same-sex children laws are exactly the same, with different labels or different benefits. On November 18, 2003, Massachusetts became the only country to legalize same-sex marriages in the US, but DOMA's federal recognition was ruled out.

Single-sex alliances have motivated immense contradictions both for moral reasons and for legitimate reasons. Can a couple of the same sex marry, given that the definition of marriage is between man and woman? To solve this problem, Vermont adopted the term "civil union". Vermont became the first country in the country to legally recognize civic alliances and local partnerships between same-sex couples on July 1, 2000. Citizens' unions were originally intended to give same-sex couples the same rights and benefits as marriage. woman. The argument has since been why gay and lesbian couples should be able to marry when they have civil unions that are the same thing with a different title? The answer is more complex than most people think.

Each country has different marriage laws. If a couple is married in one country, marriage is recognized everywhere they go or move. For example, in some countries, like Oregon, people can get married at the age of seventeen. In most other countries, the laws are eighteen years old, but if they marry seventeen, they move from Oregon to a country where the law is eighteen and older to marry. This is not the case with civil unions. If a couple of the same sex has a civil alliance in Vermont, this alliance is recognized only in the country in which it is established and no other state will recognize the alliance.

When we look at the differences between marriage and civil unions, it is clear that civil unions are not measured. When a man and a woman marry, they receive more than 1,049 federal and state allowances that they did not have when they were unmarried. When same-sex couples have a civil union, they only acquire just over 300 state benefits and will not benefit from federal benefits or protections. The federal government does not even recognize them as a married couple. When a couple of government tax returns files can be married / civil, but only in countries where civil unions are allowed. When submitting their federal tax returns, they must submit one or a household, and they will not qualify for tax benefits or federal tax benefits commonly claimed by family couples.

Benefits for surviving social security are very important within a family. It provides household income if the working parent dies. It helps the family to experience emotional and financial times. For married couples social benefits for social security are very easy to receive; standard documents will be applied. Single-sex couples can not apply for this, even if they have a child. Since it is federal benefit, same-sex couples do not meet the requirements.

When making medical decisions in a marriage, all rights are given to the spouse. When the spouse of a non-competent person or person with disabilities goes to the hospital, they have the full right to stand on the side of their partner and make a health decision. When a same-sex spouse of an incompetent person or a person with a disability goes to the hospital, they have the right to meet their spouse only in the countries where the alliance is provided and only then can they make health decisions if their spouse is not I can do it.

Despite the fact that several states in the United States recognize same-sex marriages or civil unions, United States Immigration Authorities do not grant United States citizens or legal residents to sponsor a non-American spouse of the same sex. There are only 19 countries in the world that allow same-sex couples to sponsor a foreign partner. The United States, along with most countries, allows heterosexual marriages to sponsor a foreign spouse who can ever earn reserves and even citizenship.

Motion 8 is the latest controversy over the issue of gay marriage and the new law is passed. He banned gay marriages in California and raised many unanswered questions. For example, over 17,000 same-sex couples have married in California, so where do they leave them now when proposal 8 expires? Jerry Brown, California's chief prosecutor, says she believes that same-sex marriages will remain intact, but there is a big debate about honored marriages. The proposed 8 voters are opposed to same-sex marriages that were previously legalized because they say that once the law is over, all gay marriages in the state of California have to be discontinued. Critics say the state has no power to take that right off the same-sex couples when they have worked so hard to get it.

Sonia Ebings Brown is the voice of the Motion 8 campaign. She says it's about the rights of homosexuals, but marriage is still between man and woman. Incorrect in this quote she says that civil unions and local partnerships give couples the same rights as traditional marriage. In fact, civil unions have no comparison with traditional marriage. There are so many differences; it would be hard to even be placed in the same category. She says the following: I really care about gay couples. rights. That is why civil unions and the status of local partners are very carefully crafted by their own defenders. So they have the same rights as a husband in traditional marriage.

She says her campaign focuses mainly on children, not just on marriage clearing. They think that all children have the right to mother and father, and if gay marriages are legalized, how will this affect the children? Ironically, the California Association of Teachers donated over $ 1,000,000,000 to kill the offer.

We have known from the dawn of time and from current studies that children are doing best when they come from a low conflict with their mother and father. Children also have civil rights. The only reason why you see parents standing up and going back so passionately in California is not because we oppose the rights of gay couples to have the same right we have in marriage just because we think our children should have the most basic things they deserve.

Motion 8 is a very sensitive topic for many people, not just political and news, but also moral. Keith Olberman speaks directly to those in California who voted yes. on suggestion 8 of Keith Olberman's Show. He spoke from his point of view. He is not gay and has no family or close friends. He does not talk about the benefits of same-sex couples because of this campaign, but about the human heart, about the emotions behind it.

"Why is this important for you?" What is it for you? In times of inconsistency and interrelation, these people want the same chance of perseverance and happiness as your choice, they want what you want – a chance to be a little bit more – a little alone in this world – maybe something like that If they behave well If they do not cause too much trouble.

It was a very exciting speech that was given by someone to whom the Proposal did not even influence. He is just a man who believes in "giving love a chance to fight, although the odds against him are already big enough. Still can not marry white men. Sixteen countries had laws in the books that made it illegal in 1967. "

I wonder how we can say as a party that we have equality and freedom if even one person gives up rights and freedoms that others enjoy, only because we want to keep a law that is against everything that our country is defending. The fundamental right of all Americans is to seek happiness as the choice of partner. Motion 8 is a violation of what our founding fathers are guaranteed and their intention for all citizens who bear the birthright of that country. Civil unions do not have the equality and rights that legal marriages have. When you look at them side by side, you can see that civil unions are not equal in the benefits or protection of alliances between same-sex partners. While marriage is not defined as two people who share love and commitment to this love, there can be no freedom and equality to pursue a happy life.


Sweetbreads, Shortcake, Shortbread


Okay, it's time to clarify the confusion of the olives
and for all.

Today I went to a party. I bought a tourtiere, a
a traditional French Canadian pie that my grandmother
used to make. One man said, "Oh, man … you did not bring it
girls! "I replied," No, that would be
Introships! – Nobody played me in words, but I was beautiful
pleased with himself.

People call my product (oil dough) all sorts of things.
Allow me to offer a brief explanation of the difference
between pastries, sweets and sweet bakes, so
The next time you order, you'll know what to ask for!

girls are animal guts. Often they are
made by the thymus or pancreas of a pig or calf. They
have no connection with oil. I tried sweetbreads in
sophisticated restaurant and found them pretty damn. I had to try
once! I do not know where the name of the ice cream is
comes from. Vermont company is gone
produce sweets.

dough of dough is a sweet biscuit. It's usually friable
and made with flour, sugar, butter or other fat, milk or. t
cream and baking soda or baking powder. strawberry
pastries (fresh strawberries and whipped cream)
on top of one of these biscuits) is a favorite summer dessert
for Americans.

dough of dough (my gourmet foodstuff), e
a traditional Scottish cookie of butter, sugar and
flour. Our version of Vermont Shortbread Company contains
a lot of butter that gives it a slightly chewy texture. Fill ours
baked oil filled with jam (raspberry or strawberry),
chocolate, lemon curd, walnut cinnamon, almonds or leave it
plain without filling (traditional pastry). I've seen
oil dough in many forms – a large round "cake" (we call it a
gift box in VSC), baked in a matrix that gives it a lot of design
with rounded triangular wedges called small tails, small
circular cookies, or "fingers" (long rectangular pieces). at
Vermont Shortbread Company, we do short, which is
4 "round pastry baked in dough.

In summary, the dough of pastry is elegant, classic, old
a modern and simple dessert that has turned into
Christmas is a favorite for many people, tall and short. Enjoy
Your sweets and bits, but buy
dough of dough.

This is long and short.

Copyright 2006, Ann Zuccardy.


Low-Lactose Mac and Cheese


The first time I tried to make macaroni without lactose and cheese, I used the Cabot Vermont Sharp cheddar, which turned out to be quite mild. Here I used what was left of this Vermont Sharpe, plus a half block of soy mozzarella I'd been lying around, and a little more Cabot cheese, this time, "Seriously sharp cheddar." The resulting paste was sharper and much more satisfactory. Why then is this low lactose poppy and cheese instead of fully lactose? Because I did not realize that the soy mozzarella I bought in Trader Joe had traces of lactose in it until I brought it home.

This is a recipe for booze and rum based cheese. Roux is a paste used to thicken sauces, in this case cheese. And roux is equal parts of fat and flour, and here the fats can be either olive oil or margarine. If you use margarine, you can choose a version without dairy products.

When the milk is added to the rushes, it becomes part of a white sauce. I also prepared lactose-free milk from Lactaid and Stater Bros. I've heard of people using alternative milk such as soy and coconut in Mac and cheese. If you want to try this, try to get something that has no added sugar to avoid a sauce with a sweet taste.


  • 1/2 pounds of elbow macaroni

  • 3 tablespoons of margarine or olive oil

  • 3 tablespoons of flour

  • 1 1/2 to 2 cups of milk without lactose

  • 4 ounces Alternative to Mozzarella Soybean Trader Joe (almost 1 teaspoon)

  • 1 ounce Cabot Vermont Sharp Cheddar

  • 4 ounces Cabot Seriously sharp cheddar (for a cut cut cut)

  • salt and pepper to taste

Directions for use:

  1. Bring a pot of water to an inflammation of the stove. You can trim or cut the cheese while waiting for the water to boil. Add the salt in the boiling water, then add the pasta and prepare the pasta according to the instructions on the package. Drain well and leave aside.

  2. Melt the margarine or heat the olive oil in a pot on the stove. Sprinkle in the flour and stir continuously. Cover each small flour in the fat and continue stirring until the taste of the meal does not roast.

  3. Add the milk at once. Stir continuously for 5-10 minutes until the sauce thickens and the bubbles.

  4. Reduce the heat and add the siren. Stir to turn the cheese into the sauce. Salt and pepper to taste. Turn off the heat and add the cooked pasta. Mix to blend evenly.


Best Luxury Ski Hotels in North America


When it comes to winter vacations, North America is still the top of the game for glamorous and snowy destinations. Imagine the scene; fur coats, roaring fires and crystal glasses of brandy to prevent cold. Here is the lowest price for the best luxury hotels for skiing fanatics – and for those who prefer to watch for sure at the sauna and the bar, of course, too …

1. The Fairmont Chateau, Whistler, Canada

One of the most iconic resorts in North America, Whistler has everything for snow bunnies; first-class slopes, family-friendly amenities, and atmospheric bags to stop everything. Situated at the base of the scary Blackcomb Mountain, the Fairmont Chateau is the best resort for visitors and has all the amenities on the ground. Traditional but luxurious accents here include the award-winning golf course, outdoor pool with underwater music and excellent afternoon tea. During the peak winter season, the Chalet Restaurant is also open to a three-dimensional fund. Ultimately, it is ideal for the whole family.

2. Equinox Resort and Spa, Vermont, USA

Another skiing destination for pictures, Vermont in the United States has long been popular among visitors for its elegant aperture scene and world-class slopes. The enormous, historic colonial style of Equinox Resort and Spa has been awarded the best ski resort & in the 2005 World Travel Awards. The vast array of outdoor activities would make every family blink twice with an amazing surprise; hiking, cycling, cross-country skiing, off-road driving, and falcon-hunting lessons are just some of the challenges that are being offered. The real star, however, is still the intensive luxury spa and its collection of natural procedures.

3. Austria Haus Hotel, Vail, USA

Colorado has undoubtedly some of the best snow and mountains all over North America – and boutique shops and antique villas are also not too shabby. The luxurious Austria Haus in Vail hotel has an exclusive European luxury atmosphere and is a brilliant symbol of the high winter society. Nestled on the shores of Gore Bay, it offers amazing views and a convenient location for both shops and slopes. Decorated in traditional Austrian style, all rooms feature marble bathrooms with underfloor heating, as well as gas fireplaces and French balconies on request. For romantic treatment of these pains in the muscles go to the cocktail bar and bites, then enjoy immersion in the outdoor jacuzzi.


Characteristics of New England Cuisine


Rhode Island and Vermont. It is characterized by rich historical significance, tranquil coastal and pastoral beauty and abundant cuisine.

Seafood is perhaps the most famous component of the New England kitchen. All countries in this region, except Vermont, have a coastline along the Atlantic Ocean. So many fish and mussels are stewed, roasted, roasted, roasted or fried in a wide variety of delightful treats. Highlights include:

o Maine Lobster

o kambala

o salmon

• mussels soup

o of steam

o Fried mussels

oh Midi


o Moss from the clam

о Code

o Haddock

In New England there is an abundance of farmland, and as such, dairy products are another major specialty in the region. Some food products attribute New England's talent to making cheese to the fact that they remain close to their European heritage. In particular, Vermont is famous for its exclusive cheeses, especially cheddar.

When it comes to fruit, blueberries are a choice of culture in New England. There are countless ways to use these prostitutes of small fruits, the most popular are cranberry bread, jelly bilberry, and of course, blueberries cocktail. Apples, blueberries, strawberries and rhubarb are baked in pies, pastries and chips in many cuisines in New England. Although Concord grapes, a dark blue-purple grape popular in juices and jellies, was named after Massachusetts, where it was raised for the first time, Washington produces the largest volume.

Other delicious foods produced in New England are:

o Boston Baked Beans and Boston Cream Pie (Massachusetts)

o Potatoes (North Maine)

o Dried corn (New Hampshire)

o Kauhog (Rhode Island)

o Maple Syrup (Vermont)

o Hamburgers (reportedly invented in New Haven, Connecticut)

New England's delicious, healthy cuisine evolved from the settlers of our nation and therefore preserves the atmosphere of simplicity. However, it helps to get a good book in New England to master the techniques that will draw the most complete taste and potential of any recipe.


Libation, A Bitter Alchemy


Deirdre Heekin wrote the book I wish I wrote. I love her book called "Libitation, bitter alchemy". It means to pour as a contribution. When Deade pours a glass of wine, it feels like a holiday before the fruit reaches my lips.

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I was hooked on the first line. The book of Deade is a journey into the heart of an artist, reader, writer, world traveler, perfumer, gardener, chef and wine maker.

I have the pleasure of meeting her. It is beautiful, from the inside out. Then I tasted her wine. She is as sublime as she.

Later, I watched her husband-chef Caleb, who was preparing the vivid, bright green, organic wild onions and green dandelions. Dinning at the Woodstock's large wooden table, the Vermont coffee was just like eating at home.

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Within minutes, their fresh home-grown products are transported from their garden Barnard, Vermont to their Italian-New England, trattoria – osteria pane e salute.

Deade and Caleb's coffee is the real meaning of the fork farm, the grapes on the table. I hope to come back for another taste of Caleb's cooking and another sip of wine – the perfect marriage.
united air
I want to take off grapes from their farm, try wine and vegetables in my café and fly to Tuscany all at the same time.

I did not want to leave Woodstock, Vermont. While I was taking my flight from Burlington to Sarasota, Florida, I found the most recent book of Deade and I started reading. Later I did not even notice that we landed.
cheap airline tickets
I had read it, word for word, and started again.

(I want to tell Dadere that this is one of the best books on the journey, the wine and the love I've ever read).

As a former reviewer for a national magazine and literary magazine, it was easy to discuss the content of the books. I can not describe "Leaving" and make it fair. I just urge you to read it and then buy it for all you know, who share their passion for bread and wine, beauty, nature and life.


Snowboarding – The History of Snowboarding


Snowboarding is a great sport that has become more and more popular in recent years. Initially, inspiration comes from skateboarding, surfing and skiing, snowboarding has evolved in the United States over the decades of the 1960s and 1970s. Most people agree that original snowboarding is an invention made in Utah in the 1970s. As you can imagine, the extreme nature of the sport is caught fast.
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The popularity of this sport really grew rapidly when several pioneers made some innovative projects that have continued so far.

In the 1970s and 1980s, several men founded snowboarding companies to produce some of the most innovative projects ever created for sports. Jake Burton Carpenter is probably the best known of all. He founded Burton Snowboard in Vermont.
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This is one of the most respected and widely used brands in the history of snowboarding. Jake Burton dreamed of special designs and new mechanisms that made it much easier to ride and lead to the emergence of new tricks and techniques. How did he get to the mainstream? The snowboard was originally called snurfing, a reference to surfing and snow.
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The first World Snooker Championship was held in 1979. Jake Burton Carpenter made the trip from Vermont with the usual snowboard he had designed. It was quite different from the jeans that other competitors used. After some protests for the different designs, it was decided that he should be allowed to compete with his model. Jake won and this race is now considered the birth of a racing snowboard, as we know it today. His designs were caught and things were never the same.

The first national snowboard competition was held in 1982 in Vermont. Then things started spreading like a wild fire. Tom Simms, the founder of Sims Snowboard, took on himself to organize the first world championship halpay race in 1983.

Back in those times, snowboarding was not allowed in most ski resorts. If it was, it was only allowed on separate slopes.

However, the pioneers continue to push the pack and defend the sport. Not long after, the snowboarders received the respect they deserved. Almost all ski resorts allow snowboarders to use the same slopes as skiers. Events like X Games and other snowboard competitions get more media exposure than ever before and sports have no place to go except up.


Community Supported Business


You have heard of CSA (Community-supported farming). CSA is a way to buy food from the public to create a link to the farm and get a weekly basket of products. By making a financial commitment to a farm at the beginning of the season, people become CSA's "members" (or "shareholders", "investors" or "subscribers"). CSA's movement has helped sustain the independence of healthy and healthy farming.

The CSA principle is now applied to many other business sectors. With the meltdown of the economy, the business is likely to grow even faster. Community-backed business makes sense, especially for community banks.

Books: The system can work equally well with other local consumer markets. Examples include published by the community publication (eg Southend Press) and bookstore. I invest in a rural bookstore, Putney Books in Vermont, where I paid $ 1,000 for a certificate, and I received $ 25 worth of books for 48 months and a 10% discount in the store. This gives me a 20% return for 4 years, and the rebate and reward to support a local business.

dining room: In Portland, Maine, there is a Community-backed Kitchen that provides local and organic food that is prepared year-round for members on a similar basis to the CSA system. In Morrisville, Vermont (which has 55 farms), there is a CSA restaurant where, in return for a $ 1,000 loan, investors get coupons that can buy for $ 90 a quarter for three years.

This is a small scarce return on investment, but in the first six weeks of the launch, the Bees Knees restaurant has raised $ 20,000. They started selling $ 1,000 "community-supported restaurant certificates" to help fund the project. In return, customers receive $ 1080 for food vouchers. Customers are also arranged to give unsecured loans amounting to $ 5,000. In return, investors will receive 4% return on their investments and 10% discount on their payments. The company was followed by Claire's restaurant, Hardwick, Vermont. Launched by four partners in May 2008, it also builds on a community-based investment and business model and has raised more than $ 40,000 in municipal loans.

fishingPort Clyde Fresh Catch is a community-supported Maine fish where investors can register for a weekly shrimp share. The fourteen week shares $ 210) offer 10lbs of shrimp a week or half of the shares ($ 105) that give 5lbs. Another is the wild cat from Skier Oto. For $ 250 / year, members receive approximately 35lbs of whole, fresh and / or frozen salmon that is available directly from the fisherman, amounting to about 7 fish at about 5lbs each (about $ 7 / lb).

production: The Community-supported production concept means returning the means of production in a socially and environmentally responsible manner. The concept here is to redirect production. An example is Prumitei, the fire center in Francardu in Corsica, where my friend Fanfan Griffi creates a craft center and a restaurant with workshops based on the use of fire: ceramic, glass and bronze foundations. He collects money from local authorities, non-profit organizations, large and small shareholders. Post Carbon Institute has a CSM and Power Point briefing that you can download.

Energy: WindShare is a pioneer in the Toronto-based Nonprofit Cooperative, with a mandate to provide renewable electricity to people in Ontario through community ownership. The internal rate of return is expected to be 7.23% per annum over a 20 year period, with no average person, no fund management fees or other associated administrative costs. Sixty-six Minnesota investors won all available shares in two wind power companies (MinWind I & II) for 12 days. Eighty-five percent of the shares must be owned by farmers and the rest – for local citizens and non-farmers. Each share gives the owner one vote in the company and no one can own more than 15 percent of the shares. Now there is MinWind III-IX, similar to the first two projects that started to produce energy in 2002.

Chicago-based Indian energy based on geothermal clean energy systems has a simple equation mission that has become: Local Geo + Local People = Economic, Environmental and Social Profit. "Organized labor, together with the private and public sectors, are the three pillars on which the new renewable energy economy will be built," said Daniel Chiefs, CEO of Indie Energy. Indie Energy is backed by ShoreBank, which is committed to building vibrant communities by providing financial services and information to create economic justice and a healthy environment.

What next?

Opportunities are almost endless. The only consideration is that the product can be consumed within the community and that there is a way to put the business on a profit, non-profit or hybrid. Since the standard availability of a business loan has fallen to drain and risk capital has been excluded, there is nothing else but a wide-open blue ocean with few fish floating in it.

A satellite market is social or P2P (Peer to Peer) investments and loans, using intermediaries such as the Lending Club, a social credit network where borrowed borrowers and individual investors come together to provide value that traditional banks can offer. Or on the basis of doing yourself you can use Virgin Money. They manage loans between relatives and friends and are pioneers in the emerging space for social lending.