A Book Review of – Best Hikes With Dogs New Hampshire and Vermont


The best transitions with New Hampshire and Vermont dogs

By Lisa Densmor

2005 – Mountain books

mechanic 253 pages

Guide / New England / Tourism

Any dog ‚Äč‚Äčlover who lives or plans to visit New Hampshire or Vermont will endeavor to consult this book by the award of Emmy's producer and writer Lisa Densmore. The author gives a first-hand account of each of the 52 paths for which he writes in this very informative guide on some of the best trails in New England.

I could not think of information that the author left behind. At the beginning of the book there is an easy-to-use table. The Hike Summary Table covers the following topics,
1. Over 5 miles or less,
2. Open summit,
3. Mountain view,
4. Fire Tower or Surveillance Platform,
5. Beams or rocks,
6. Long turn of the ridge,
7. River, lake or lake,
8. Waterfall,
9. Shelter or campsite for pets,
10. Good for senior dogs,
11. Only for dogs.

The table includes all 52 paths / treks, which are discussed later in the book. Together with information and tips specific to each trail, Ms. Densmore has included many pictures and maps. As she strolled along each path she met some dogs and included some of her pictures.

Along with the description of each excursion by the author who has made every trail with her loyal companion Bravo Retriever of Chesapeake Bay, there are sections of information on the theme of hiking with your dog, including Getting Ready subtitles, Your Dog Go Walking? , Fit For The Trail, Dog-Mas, Leave No Trace, Traveler's Code of Conduct, Ten Canons of Thracian Ethics and Good Dog Feeling.

The next section covers the most important things, including Gear, Canine First Aid, Wildlife Encounters and Weather. At the end of the book, as well as an index, you will find a list of resources and contacts. Even if you never plan to walk on any of the paths mentioned in this book, it's an interesting and fun book to read. The descriptions of the paths and pleasures of hiking with canine companions are well-read.

This was an easy-to-use manual I found very useful and I'm sure if you plan to take your dog on your next trip, you'll want to consult this very well-thought-out guide first. Definitely a four-star book.