Exploring Vermont – Vermont Scenic Drives, By-Ways and Covered Bridges


Finally, you will make the whole trip and head to Vermont for the highly acclaimed greenery season. The big question is how do you find all covered bridges, bring out the best scenic discs, and still maintain a love affair with your significant other or partner, considering the time you'll most likely spend together in the car? Vermont ranked 43rd among the 50 countries. The distance of 158 miles takes you from the northernmost point (Canadian border) to the southernmost and 90 miles is the distance from east to west. It's easy to ride a whole country in one day and most visitors are extremely surprised by how little traffic is in Vermont, even during autumn foliage, which makes driving easy. Every year we welcome visitors ("hin-hoppers") who are looking for the best views, the best greenery and the oldest covered bridges, while enjoying the most picturesque Wolfe regimes until the next night. Unfortunately, expectation is unreal! Most Han-hopers leave in the morning with their destination, programmed in GPS and rarely bypassing them! Getting on with GPS is certainly useful to take you from A to B, but technology has not yet advanced, at least in cars, to selecting the "Best Landscape" for a given day. So choose your inn or hotel based on a central location, stay a few days so you can explore without worrying about where you should be tonight. Believe us – you will be happier, less stressed and you will achieve much more. The best of all is to get the priceless bonus of local knowledge and suggestions from your inns that far outweigh anything you might find on the web or in print! Now on specific pictorial devices. All of our driving starts and ends in Wesfield, the amazing little town of Vermont, about 30 minutes from the capital of the capital Montpellier, located on Route 100 in the heart of the Green Mountains. Yankee magazine claims that route 100 is the best New Zealand viewing device. It extends from the northeastern city of Newport near the Canadian border to Jacksonville, a small town near the borders of Massachusetts and Vermont. Wesfield is the center and junction of Mad River ByWay (Route 100 and Route 17), a distinction given to only six other areas for their unrivaled beauty. The Vermont State Tourism Map is available from information centers, inns and tourist hotspots across the country, and will provide details behind the outlined discs.

Day 1 of the Vermont stage scenes and covered bridges (Driving time without stopping – 4 hours, 134 miles)

Cities: Waitsfield – Smugglers Notch – Jeffersonville – Waterville – Belvedere – Johnson – Plainfield – Montpellier – Wesfield

Overview: Capturing 10 covered bridges, beautiful intact mountain views and several small classic Vermont cities in the northeastern part of the country. There are many opportunities to include some key attractions – the Vermont State House, Ben and Jerry or Cabot Creams.

  • Starting from Waitfield 100N route to route 100 B
  • Route 2 to Route 89N (Take a delicious picnic at Red Hen Bakery on Route 2 in Middlesex)
  • Route 89N to Exit 10, take the 100N Route to Moscow (near Stowe). Gold Brook Road is the right turn of the R100N near the left side of Macedonia. Gold Brook covered bridge (also known as Emily Bridge)
  • Route 100N to Route 108 to Jeffersonville (ride a mountain pass with breathtaking views and views) – Two covered bridges: Galets Farm and Griss Mill
  • Route 108 to Route 109 to Waterville – Two covered bridges: Jaynes and Village
  • Route 109 to Belvidere: T Hidden Bridges: Mill and Morgan
  • Route 109 to Route 100 (S) to Route 15 to Johnson / East Johnson (stop at the Johnson Wool Mill, a unique house with wonderful unique products) Two covered bridges: Scribner and Power House
  • Route 15 to Route 14 to Plainfield – Cobble covered bridge
  • Route 14 to Route 2 to Montpellier (The Vermont State House in Montpellier is the oldest state house in the country – it deserves a visit if weather permit)
  • Route 2 to Route 100B to Waitsfield

Day 2 of Vermont scenes and covered bridges (Driving time without braking: 3 hours, 111 miles)

Cities: Waitsfield – Moretown – Northfield – Warren – Middlebury – Bristol – Wesfield

Review: This trip is clean Vermont – country roads, cows, mountain passes, waterfalls, covered bridges, rural shops and beautiful scenery. It covers three famous scenic paths: Roxbury Gap, Middlebury Gap & Appalachian Gap. Warren, Waitsfield and Middlebury offer some shops and antique shops for exploration as well as informal dining venues.

  • Starting from Waitsfield 100N – Pine Brook covered bridge, Great Eddy covered bridge
  • Route 100N to Route 100B to Moretown Right Hand Turn to Moretown Gap Road to Route 12
  • Route 12 to Northfield & Northfield Falls – The covered bridge of the slaughterhouse, covered Stonybrook Bridge
  • Route 12 to Roxbury Gap Road to Warren (Warren Country Store is a great stop for lunch) – Warren covered the bridge
  • Option – Go back to Waitsfield via 100N or East Warren Road – OR
  • Route 100S to Route 125 – The bridge at the Middlebury station
  • Route 116 to Bristol 17 to Wyfield

Day 3 of the Vermont stage scooter (Driving without stopping: 4 hours, 144 miles)

Cities: Waitsfield – Jerusalem – Hinsburg – Shelbourne – Vergensnes – Medbury – Brandon – Rochester – Wesfield

Driving outline – mountain scenery and nature, Lake Champlain, Lake Dunmore Shelburne farms, rural roads highlighted for color, waterfalls. The drive includes an area with a high elongation profile!

  • Starting at the junction of Route 100 / Route 17 in Wesfield, Route 17 to Jerusalem (above the Appalachian Gap)
  • Route 116 to Hanesbeck Shelbourne Falls Route to Shelbourne (the home of Fermi Shelbourne and the Shelbourne Museum
  • Route 7 to Vergennes Continue on Route 7 to Middlebury (home of Middlebury College)
  • Route 125 to East Buddhist
  • Route 53 to Lake Dunmore
  • Route 7 to Brandon (home of the renovated folk artist Warren Kimball – Caf Provence)
  • Route 73 to Rochester (from Rochester to Watsfield, which runs through the Granville Gulch area, renamed to watch elk in the late afternoon / early morning)
  • Route 100N to Waitsfield