Vermont’s Best Lift Ticket Deals


These days, buying a lift ticket is like handing out cards and deciphering how best to play them. This season in the Vermont ski areas you will meet special ticketing cards called Magic, X2, Points, Passport, Fanfare, Club and Express to name a few. Purchase one of these cards and get discounts for ticket tickets for lifts and possibly other goods and services. It is noteworthy that the Ski Vermont trade association sponsors free, training, ski training or package packages in the participating ski areas across the country from 4 to 10 January. Check in December for details. Here's a snapshot of the best lifts currently available at the Vermont ski resorts:


How can you catch the Super Saver Card? In return for $ 199, you get five adult vouchers to use during the season, except, of course, during the holiday weeks. Even better are the "Buy One-Two" Promotions for Tuesday "Couple for Tuesday" and "Sunday afternoon" tickets for $ 29 in the resident tournament.


Like the Ascutney Card Scheme, again for $ 199, you get five vouchers for adult tickets as part of a rescue program for big skiers and riders. Or, if you want a deal at the beginning of the season, there is a 14-day Happy Holiday Lift ticket available on 15-19 December.

Broley Mountains

On the self-proclaimed "Sunshine Mountain" you can buy $ 69 Sun Mountain maps and use them to get $ 10 from your personal boarding pass every day of the season. On Tuesday (year-round favorite) $ 44. E. They buy a lift ticket with lunch served at a waitress. February 5 is Mother's Day per day of $ 15, and the proceeds from the ticket are donated to Susan G. Comen for the treatment. Fridays are family Fridays – any adult who buys a $ 39 ticket can buy up to three junior tickets for $ 12.


Tickets on Sunday afternoons are lucrative here, at a price of $ 18 for everyone. Vermont, and Coos and Grafton County, NH, residents can buy tickets for $ 41 (non-holiday) from Sunday to Friday.


For under $ 30 adults can go to the day's elevators.


Unique to Jay is Vermont and Clinton, New York, a $ 47 resident ticket every day of the season. For everyone else, the way to go is to buy the $ 25 passport. Show it to the cabin and get your $ 49 ticket. A gain is added: Every fifth ticket purchased, the next is the house. The map is good for ten percent discounts around the resort.


Get $ 26 Killington Express Card and save at least $ 10 of each ticket you buy yourself. The good thing about the card is that it is linked to a credit card that allows direct access to the lift, thus avoiding delays in the ticket booth. Vermont's resident days will return but were not announced by the press.


Guess what this place means on the map … Yeah, a crazy card. $ 129 up buy three transferable ticket vouchers. If it does not float with your boards, consider the $ 3.50 ticket on January 30, which will return the day of the clock or the special day of St. Patrick's day. The free skiing for all children is even better on the Day of the City Meeting.


Sunday afternoon tickets are good value here at $ 25 per pop or there is a $ 39 Magic Card that lets you buy weekend tickets for $ 10 or Friday for $ 25. Keep in mind that this season, the normal schedule for running the Magic will be from Friday to Monday and holiday weeks.


There are no cards here, just like a great old-fashioned value. Tickets are only $ 30 a week, $ 44 weekends, and since the café is for college students, prices are really reasonable.


The best way to win tickets here is with the $ 79 FANfare card, which is good for 50% weekly and 25% weekend discounts.


A new reversal here this year is that all VT / NH Resident tickets $ 39 on Wednesday and $ 35 Sunday morning should be purchased 48 hours in advance online. The first day of rebate for all is the Day of Driving on December 6 – bring three non-marketable food products to buy a $ 30 ticket. On April 1, the Food Drive Day is repeated, but the air tickets are only $ 10. Okemo will come online deals as the season develops, so check their website before you visit it.


In general, it is better to buy lift tickets on site at the grocery stores and sports stores in Vermont Shaw, listed on the resort's $ 50 website. Additionally, in business Monday there is a $ discount 15 for those who put a business card on the ticket window. Most Fridays are Vermont days – half the price of tickets, lessons and rents for residents. Sunday Thursdays mean $ 29 for bribe students.


If you do not have a season pass, the best deal you can get here is with its $ 75 Stowe Points card that lets you buy $ 59 lift tickets and offers discounts at the resort's summer attractions. If you accumulate 450 points through purchases at the resort, they will reward you with a lift or golf (with a cart).


You can not go wrong with Stratton's $ 69 X2 Card. You will immediately get a free lift ticket and the opportunity to buy tickets for the average week for $ 30 and at weekends for $ 20 of the toll. A new promotion here is Family Sunday 4-Pack: $ 99 buys lift tickets for two parents and two kids with free apres ski pizza at Grizzly Bar.


Their card is titled SugarDirect Card: $ 99 buys a ticket in front, then 25% of the average weekly tickets and 20% off weekends. The spring for 10 tickets and the eleventh is the house.


On Tuesday there are two lift tickets for the price of one, with other discount days to be announced.