American Wood Furniture Is Linked to Global Forest Conservation


Have you ever thought about where wood furniture comes from?

Over the last few decades, the biofuel movement has made us ask questions about the origin of our food. Now the fundamental concerns expressed in this movement are extrapolated to the furniture and floor industry. People want to know where their furniture comes from and what they find is often more alarming than the facts found about the origin of our food.

Wood furniture in America often comes from an illegal rainbow rainbow

Up to 90% of the wooden furniture and flooring sold in the US and Europe are imported from abroad. This amounts to almost 2 billion cubic feet of wood that is illegally harvested (read: clear) every year. An incredibly wooded area, three times larger than Vermont, is destroyed annually! Illegal felling is the worst for Third World countries such as Brazil, Cameroon, Gabon, Liberia, Indonesia, Malaysia, Russia and Vietnam where large rainforest parks are being robbed of huge foreign timber conglomerates. The tree is used for cheap furniture and flooring, which are processed and assembled in Asia. Sometimes the furniture is colored or finished in the US to be labeled "Made in America".

Why buyers of wooden furniture in the US have to take care of the destruction of tropical forests, which is so far away from our homes? In addition to plundering our planet with oxygen-generating trees and threatened wildlife habitats, tropical forest destruction takes away forest resources that directly contribute to the livelihood of over one billion people in the developing world living in extreme poverty. What will happen to these people when the tropical forest disappears?

How to Find Durable Organic Wooden Furniture

While supporting groups such as the World Wildlife Fund, working to protect tropical forests and its inhabitants, US consumers are looking for alternatives to supply unsustainable furniture and "bad karma" to their homes. Buyers tend to find American-made furniture from American trees that have been harvested steadily in well-managed North American forests. As with the organic food constitution, the move to "buy local" and the purchase of organic wood furniture acquires steam.

Consumers can learn more about environmentally-friendly furniture and where to buy them from the SFC Sustainable Furniture Board.