Stop By Vermont on Your Way to Heaven


As far as I remember, my sister Yan has always dreamed of going to Vermont. I understand that Vermont presents some of the most magnificent mountains and beautiful scenery in the nation, but I'm pretty sure this is not her main focus. I bet she is fascinated by hundreds of small white churches located across the country or in small towns where real neighbors give you a sense of belonging somewhere. A few months ago, my nephew Barbara left home in North Georgia, along with her three daughters, and of course the dog, and went to Vermont to make a description of my sister's beautiful dream. Photographs and information on the Internet provide great information, but seeing through her daughter's eyes, Yan gave even more love to this country.

My sister remains in most cases. A one-way trip to a grocery store is this except for the necessary excursions to the Atlanta Scottish Rite Children's Hospital. Over the last 20 years, my sister has been raising children for rearing. In fact, she had about 163 children going through her home, and especially children for whom the state can not find a place. Ten years ago, Jan called from DFACS to ask for a 10-week "shaken baby" and hold her until she died. This beautifully little normal girl was seriously shaken by her father, resulting in permanent injuries and injuries. Both her small legs were broken, and shaking caused brain damage and blindness. Although this tragedy is hearty and extreme, Kimi has been such a blessing to countless people. When she was still a baby, she was the first baby Jesus girl in our Christmas program in the church. Her accomplishment was impeccable. Kimi can not see or speak, but when my nephew plays piano, she can sing her own songs in her own words in her own language.

Kimi will be ten this year and her body grows as if it were normal. I do not see how Jan does.

Ian is 61 years old and has not slept in a real bed since receiving Kimi. She has formed a group of sofas and stools that she calls "Kimi Island" and that's her life 24 hours a day. The devastation that Yana has for this child is incomparable. A few years ago Zhang legally accepted Kimi. Judge Cliff Jolief, who had been watching her for years in court, also fell in love with this child, managed to accomplish this beautiful service. The courtroom was filled with friends and relatives of Kimi from the church, CASA and DFACS. Now she belongs. She is the daughter of Jan and Martha, Barbara and Jay's sister. She has aunts, uncles and cousins ​​and she is loved.

Last year Jan had cancer. Can we even imagine Kimi without Yang? The questions were endless.

Thank God for His healing and guidance with the help of Dr. Stephen Salmieri in Lawrenceville. Not only was he the happiest doctor I've ever met, he also managed to work on my sister and save her life.

My precious sister has lived a lot and I hope she will have many years ahead. There are plenty of places to see and people to meet, but for the time being I want it as much happiness as possible while living with Kimi.

I only hope that when the time comes, Jan can stop with Vermont on his way to the sky.