Lake Champlain – 5 Ways to Enjoy this Great Lake


Lake Champlain is the largest body of fresh water in the US after the Great Lakes, and 120 miles long and an average depth of 400 and 12 miles, all of which is impressive. But more impressive than its size is the incredible beauty. In a state known for conservation and recreation of nature, Lake Champlain is the secret destination for a growing number of New England tourists.

Here are my five destinations and attractions in the area of ‚Äč‚ÄčLake Champlain when you visit …


The northern half of Lake Champlain contains a wonderful patchwork of islands. The largest of the islands is connected to each other and the continental part of Vermont along route 2 to the south and route 78 to the north. Next route 2 from south to north will take you through the scenic cities of South Heroes, Grand Oil, North Heroes and Albourgus, just a few miles from the Canadian border.

The lawns of the Champlain Islands lakes are flat to gentle swirling hills, which means that cycling is a popular way to go on holiday. In most areas you will have an unobstructed view of Vermont's Green Mountains in the east, and to the west – to Adriancock, New York.


Although Montpellier is the capital of Vermont, its largest city is Burlington, which sits on the shores of Lake Champlain, with its stunning background to the east of the Green Mountains.

Burlington's activities include ECHO, the world-famous lake aquarium and the Vermont Science Center, a guide to Lake Champlain Chocolates where you can see these famous chocolates made right in front of you as well as the Homestaad and the Ethan Allen Museum. Finish your day by train through the beautiful Champlain Valley on the Green Mountain Railroad. The train passes through light green green pastures to Shelbourne and back.


Two cruise boats operate on Lake Champlain in the summer – "The Spirit of Ethan Allen III" accommodates 500 people and the "Northern Lights" has a space for 150 guests. Both ships leave the Burlington docks.

As you travel, you will listen while the tourists discuss the rich revolutionary past of Lake Champlain, the importance of local Americans in this area, and the interesting facts about the lake. But the center of each of the cruises is the stunning view of the islands and the surrounding mountains in Vermont and New York.


If diving is your passion, then in Lake Champlain you have reached the right place. The lake is considered by many divers as the best collection of historic shipwrecks in North America.

Eight of these remains are kept for the pleasure of divers and under the supervision of Lake Champlain Underwater Historic Preserve. These ruins offer a unique experience for northeast diving. Types of ruins differ from horse-drawn ferries to canal boats, with some located near the shores of Lake Vermont and New York. The necessary dive experience varies from beginner to progress.

For more information on these shipwrecks, visit the Reserve website at


The Lake Champlain Lake Museum is located near Vergennes and is a great way to enjoy the historic importance of the lake. The Basle Museum provides opportunities to withdraw in time while exploring a revolutionary warfare, observing craftsmen using traditional shipbuilding skills, and learning about marine life in the Champlain Valley during the 18th century conflicts.

The museum is self-controlled, but there are plenty of demonstrations to stop and see as you wander around.


There are over 50 State Parks in Vermont, and the Lake Champlain region contains twelve of these state parks and includes: Alburg Dunes, Knight Point, Sandy Bar, Burton Island, Grand Island, Knight Island, North Heroes and Woods Island on Champlain Island. Other state park parks on the lake are: Kill Kare, Kingsland Bay, Button Bay and DAR.

In these Vermont State Parks there are opportunities for hiking, cycling, camping, boat trips, fishing, picnics and swimming. Parks are a great way to relax and enjoy the lake's waters for a day or longer, as well as stroll along the paths between swimming and reading the novel.