Outdoor Patio Furniture That Helps Clean Up the Oceans?


This is the dream of the lazy environmental activist: the outdoor furniture that works to clean the oceans while relaxing by drinking pine colas on the beach. Too good to be true? In fact, this is one of the rare moments when you can order your cocktail and drink it. It turns out that the latest in high class outdoor patio furniture is a line of eco-friendly chairs, tables, sun beds and rock, all made from recycled plastic bottles. The best part: the furniture is well designed, beautiful and lasts for many years.

Every wooden patio furniture. This innovative ecological patio furniture, called Ever Wood, is made of recycled plastic wood (also called RPL or polywood) using an extrusion process that reproduces the look and texture of the real tree. Recycled HDPE containers, such as water, soda, milk or detergent jug, contain 90-100% of these furniture. They are transformed into a super-durable, heavy and rigid board that looks like a real solid wood but can withstand open-air abuse of rain, snow, ice, sun and salt water.

Elegant solution to the problem of plastics disposal, Consider that:

  • Americans use 2.5 million plastic bottles every hour and most of them are thrown away
  • Plastic junk thrown into the ocean kills about 1 million marine creatures every year
  • Plastic waste is not biodegradable

Two geniuses – Doug Rasie and Mark Philabam – look at these facts and see plenty of raw materials to make outdoor furniture that is virtually indestructible. Just like our plastic garbage, their oak planks do not get worse due to weather conditions, insects or moisture. It does not rot or crack or crack. Unfortunately, plastic rubbish will be anywhere, but on the bright side, this allows Ever Wood outdoor furniture to sport a lifetime guarantee. Environmentalists note. Cleaning the beach has never been so sweet!