Characteristics of New England Cuisine


Rhode Island and Vermont. It is characterized by rich historical significance, tranquil coastal and pastoral beauty and abundant cuisine.

Seafood is perhaps the most famous component of the New England kitchen. All countries in this region, except Vermont, have a coastline along the Atlantic Ocean. So many fish and mussels are stewed, roasted, roasted, roasted or fried in a wide variety of delightful treats. Highlights include:

o Maine Lobster

o kambala

o salmon

• mussels soup

o of steam

o Fried mussels

oh Midi


o Moss from the clam

о Code

o Haddock

In New England there is an abundance of farmland, and as such, dairy products are another major specialty in the region. Some food products attribute New England's talent to making cheese to the fact that they remain close to their European heritage. In particular, Vermont is famous for its exclusive cheeses, especially cheddar.

When it comes to fruit, blueberries are a choice of culture in New England. There are countless ways to use these prostitutes of small fruits, the most popular are cranberry bread, jelly bilberry, and of course, blueberries cocktail. Apples, blueberries, strawberries and rhubarb are baked in pies, pastries and chips in many cuisines in New England. Although Concord grapes, a dark blue-purple grape popular in juices and jellies, was named after Massachusetts, where it was raised for the first time, Washington produces the largest volume.

Other delicious foods produced in New England are:

o Boston Baked Beans and Boston Cream Pie (Massachusetts)

o Potatoes (North Maine)

o Dried corn (New Hampshire)

o Kauhog (Rhode Island)

o Maple Syrup (Vermont)

o Hamburgers (reportedly invented in New Haven, Connecticut)

New England's delicious, healthy cuisine evolved from the settlers of our nation and therefore preserves the atmosphere of simplicity. However, it helps to get a good book in New England to master the techniques that will draw the most complete taste and potential of any recipe.