Sweetbreads, Shortcake, Shortbread


Okay, it's time to clarify the confusion of the olives
and for all.

Today I went to a party. I bought a tourtiere, a
a traditional French Canadian pie that my grandmother
used to make. One man said, "Oh, man … you did not bring it
girls! "I replied," No, that would be
Introships! – Nobody played me in words, but I was beautiful
pleased with himself.

People call my product (oil dough) all sorts of things.
Allow me to offer a brief explanation of the difference
between pastries, sweets and sweet bakes, so
The next time you order, you'll know what to ask for!

girls are animal guts. Often they are
made by the thymus or pancreas of a pig or calf. They
have no connection with oil. I tried sweetbreads in
sophisticated restaurant and found them pretty damn. I had to try
once! I do not know where the name of the ice cream is
comes from. Vermont company is gone
produce sweets.

dough of dough is a sweet biscuit. It's usually friable
and made with flour, sugar, butter or other fat, milk or. t
cream and baking soda or baking powder. strawberry
pastries (fresh strawberries and whipped cream)
on top of one of these biscuits) is a favorite summer dessert
for Americans.

dough of dough (my gourmet foodstuff), e
a traditional Scottish cookie of butter, sugar and
flour. Our version of Vermont Shortbread Company contains
a lot of butter that gives it a slightly chewy texture. Fill ours
baked oil filled with jam (raspberry or strawberry),
chocolate, lemon curd, walnut cinnamon, almonds or leave it
plain without filling (traditional pastry). I've seen
oil dough in many forms – a large round "cake" (we call it a
gift box in VSC), baked in a matrix that gives it a lot of design
with rounded triangular wedges called small tails, small
circular cookies, or "fingers" (long rectangular pieces). at
Vermont Shortbread Company, we do short, which is
4 "round pastry baked in dough.

In summary, the dough of pastry is elegant, classic, old
a modern and simple dessert that has turned into
Christmas is a favorite for many people, tall and short. Enjoy
Your sweets and bits, but buy
dough of dough.

This is long and short.

Copyright 2006, Ann Zuccardy.