Civil Unions Versus Marriage – Legally Not the Same and What That Can Mean For You


Gay marriages have a heated but short history in the United States. In 1993, a case in Hawaii attracted national attention, which prompted the wide dispute over this issue. The judges found that the constitution of the state requires a compelling reason not to extend marriage rights to same-sex couples. In response, the decision allowed Congress to pass the 1996 Marriage Defense Law, which allowed the state to disregard same-sex marriages outside its borders and bans on federal recognition. From the Hawaiian case in 1993, states struggle to find their own stance on the issue; in several countries this means legalized civil unions or local partnerships. Civic alliances between same-sex couples are not equal to marriage between a man and a woman.

Very few countries allow civil unions in the United States: Vermont, Connecticut, New York, New Hampshire and New Jersey. California and Oregon allow local partners. Civil unions and local partners are very similar, but each country determines them differently. None of the states & quot; same-sex children laws are exactly the same, with different labels or different benefits. On November 18, 2003, Massachusetts became the only country to legalize same-sex marriages in the US, but DOMA's federal recognition was ruled out.

Single-sex alliances have motivated immense contradictions both for moral reasons and for legitimate reasons. Can a couple of the same sex marry, given that the definition of marriage is between man and woman? To solve this problem, Vermont adopted the term "civil union". Vermont became the first country in the country to legally recognize civic alliances and local partnerships between same-sex couples on July 1, 2000. Citizens' unions were originally intended to give same-sex couples the same rights and benefits as marriage. woman. The argument has since been why gay and lesbian couples should be able to marry when they have civil unions that are the same thing with a different title? The answer is more complex than most people think.

Each country has different marriage laws. If a couple is married in one country, marriage is recognized everywhere they go or move. For example, in some countries, like Oregon, people can get married at the age of seventeen. In most other countries, the laws are eighteen years old, but if they marry seventeen, they move from Oregon to a country where the law is eighteen and older to marry. This is not the case with civil unions. If a couple of the same sex has a civil alliance in Vermont, this alliance is recognized only in the country in which it is established and no other state will recognize the alliance.

When we look at the differences between marriage and civil unions, it is clear that civil unions are not measured. When a man and a woman marry, they receive more than 1,049 federal and state allowances that they did not have when they were unmarried. When same-sex couples have a civil union, they only acquire just over 300 state benefits and will not benefit from federal benefits or protections. The federal government does not even recognize them as a married couple. When a couple of government tax returns files can be married / civil, but only in countries where civil unions are allowed. When submitting their federal tax returns, they must submit one or a household, and they will not qualify for tax benefits or federal tax benefits commonly claimed by family couples.

Benefits for surviving social security are very important within a family. It provides household income if the working parent dies. It helps the family to experience emotional and financial times. For married couples social benefits for social security are very easy to receive; standard documents will be applied. Single-sex couples can not apply for this, even if they have a child. Since it is federal benefit, same-sex couples do not meet the requirements.

When making medical decisions in a marriage, all rights are given to the spouse. When the spouse of a non-competent person or person with disabilities goes to the hospital, they have the full right to stand on the side of their partner and make a health decision. When a same-sex spouse of an incompetent person or a person with a disability goes to the hospital, they have the right to meet their spouse only in the countries where the alliance is provided and only then can they make health decisions if their spouse is not I can do it.

Despite the fact that several states in the United States recognize same-sex marriages or civil unions, United States Immigration Authorities do not grant United States citizens or legal residents to sponsor a non-American spouse of the same sex. There are only 19 countries in the world that allow same-sex couples to sponsor a foreign partner. The United States, along with most countries, allows heterosexual marriages to sponsor a foreign spouse who can ever earn reserves and even citizenship.

Motion 8 is the latest controversy over the issue of gay marriage and the new law is passed. He banned gay marriages in California and raised many unanswered questions. For example, over 17,000 same-sex couples have married in California, so where do they leave them now when proposal 8 expires? Jerry Brown, California's chief prosecutor, says she believes that same-sex marriages will remain intact, but there is a big debate about honored marriages. The proposed 8 voters are opposed to same-sex marriages that were previously legalized because they say that once the law is over, all gay marriages in the state of California have to be discontinued. Critics say the state has no power to take that right off the same-sex couples when they have worked so hard to get it.

Sonia Ebings Brown is the voice of the Motion 8 campaign. She says it's about the rights of homosexuals, but marriage is still between man and woman. Incorrect in this quote she says that civil unions and local partnerships give couples the same rights as traditional marriage. In fact, civil unions have no comparison with traditional marriage. There are so many differences; it would be hard to even be placed in the same category. She says the following: I really care about gay couples. rights. That is why civil unions and the status of local partners are very carefully crafted by their own defenders. So they have the same rights as a husband in traditional marriage.

She says her campaign focuses mainly on children, not just on marriage clearing. They think that all children have the right to mother and father, and if gay marriages are legalized, how will this affect the children? Ironically, the California Association of Teachers donated over $ 1,000,000,000 to kill the offer.

We have known from the dawn of time and from current studies that children are doing best when they come from a low conflict with their mother and father. Children also have civil rights. The only reason why you see parents standing up and going back so passionately in California is not because we oppose the rights of gay couples to have the same right we have in marriage just because we think our children should have the most basic things they deserve.

Motion 8 is a very sensitive topic for many people, not just political and news, but also moral. Keith Olberman speaks directly to those in California who voted yes. on suggestion 8 of Keith Olberman's Show. He spoke from his point of view. He is not gay and has no family or close friends. He does not talk about the benefits of same-sex couples because of this campaign, but about the human heart, about the emotions behind it.

"Why is this important for you?" What is it for you? In times of inconsistency and interrelation, these people want the same chance of perseverance and happiness as your choice, they want what you want – a chance to be a little bit more – a little alone in this world – maybe something like that If they behave well If they do not cause too much trouble.

It was a very exciting speech that was given by someone to whom the Proposal did not even influence. He is just a man who believes in "giving love a chance to fight, although the odds against him are already big enough. Still can not marry white men. Sixteen countries had laws in the books that made it illegal in 1967. "

I wonder how we can say as a party that we have equality and freedom if even one person gives up rights and freedoms that others enjoy, only because we want to keep a law that is against everything that our country is defending. The fundamental right of all Americans is to seek happiness as the choice of partner. Motion 8 is a violation of what our founding fathers are guaranteed and their intention for all citizens who bear the birthright of that country. Civil unions do not have the equality and rights that legal marriages have. When you look at them side by side, you can see that civil unions are not equal in the benefits or protection of alliances between same-sex partners. While marriage is not defined as two people who share love and commitment to this love, there can be no freedom and equality to pursue a happy life.