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Karen Vanderlan was born in Paradise … at home was a four hundred acre dairy farm in the remote village of Vermont in West Newbury. Life spent in the Milky Way was idyllic. A pale yellow farm, apple trees, pony riding, caring for a bunch of daughters, rescued by her father working on the farm carrying hot coffee mugs to a dug, to help warm up their father, visit a school room, and enjoying the the beauty of the fall, all left their mark on Vanderlane. Years passed, seasons came to create memories of the time when everything was well in the world with food, dividing calves from their mothers so that milk, maple sugar, Christmas and Halloween could be sold. and fun, the weather seemed to be motionless, and Vanderlan wanted to last forever.

One of the reasons my mother later left to leave the Milky Way Farm was that she wanted a bigger and better life for us.

The memory of the family with siblings, father and mother, dinner together and her older sister, telling how a trusted friend of the family has harassed her, are part of the memory. The loss of a hundred-year-old house as a family home was quickly followed by the birth of Vanderella's third brother, this was not a planned pregnancy, and Vanderley's mother was not happy with Therese's birth.

"The truth was the pace of all our lives, which constantly rose and fell, according to the whims of our eccentric, folded, self-centered mother."

When her parents began to struggle because the farm did not make money, Vander- lean's mother reached the end of her stamina. Her mother's relationship with the motorcycle Bunny was a turning point, not better for Vander- lean, her brothers and sisters or their father.

Show and Say it's not fun a little feel good story, it's one that Karen Vanderlan had to write. Her words will leave readers to reflect on the sustainability of the human spirit. The years spent at the family farm in Vermont ended the day her mother abandoned her husband and moved the children from her father and farm.

Author Vanderlan examines her painful past, she keeps the concrete, powerful memories that have helped pave the way for her ever-increasing efforts to get things right. The cruelty shown by the woman named Bunny is hard to understand, and it is harder to see if Vanderlan's mother accepts cruelty. Vanderlean is a strong woman capable of facing whatever demons life is putting on her before it reaches a turning point to a life full of care, hope, and joy.

Physically and mentally malnourished by Bunny; Vanderlaan and her brothers and sisters lived in poverty and suffering and endless neglect and abuse. She was looking for what all children need, love and affection and a sense of belonging. These needs are increasing for an abused child. Her horses provided one way for Vander- lean to escape the pain.

On the pages of Show and Say and despite so many pages filled with sadness and misery; writer Vanderlane has created inspirational work. Vander- lean has experienced much more abuse and misfortunes during childhood and then during his early adult years than most of us realize is possible, nevertheless he has managed to renew and create a happiness and useful activity for himself as lonely parent, savior of neglected horses and educator of emotionally disturbed children.

Show and Say is an excellent addition to the therapist's shelf and for those who find comfort and comfort by reading inspirational and inspirational work.

Inspiring work, happy to recommend you.

Genre: Memoirs

Author: Karen Vanderlan

Publisher: PublishAmerica


ISBN-10: 1413746373

ISBN-13: 978-1413746372

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