Natural Gas Grill With 5 Burners


Although the evolution of the gas grill has given the chef many amenities, it is also very difficult to choose who to buy. With so many brands to choose from, one can have great difficulty in deciding who would be best suited to them.

Many of the barbecue lovers claim that 5 burners are the best choice because of the great ease of cooking several meals at the same time, great for big BBQ parties. To help you decide, here are the first three natural gas grilles with five burners available on the market today.

Electrolux Icon E51NK60ESS

Electrolux Icon E51NK60ESS is a stainless steel grille with a fully enclosed stroller and double doors and wheels. It has a total 1212 sq. Inch baking area, delivers 13,000 BTU for each burner (a total of 65,000 BTUs) and a 304 stainless steel construction. It also has an ignition type, grill and infrared cooking system among other functions.

Vermont Casting VM600BSN

The Vermont Casting VM600BSN has a total of 60,000 BTU outputs. The five stainless steel burners cover an area of ​​600 square inches in the baking area. Cooking grids are made of enameled cast iron grills. The plates are also enameled, and the stainless steel lid is a cast iron cap. The stainless steel bracket and side shelves have a 15,000 BTU side burner and are available with an electronic ignition system, a cantilever spark and a rear lamp.

Electrolux Icon E44NK60ESS

Electrolux Icon E44NK60ESS is a 44-inch stainless steel and a free standing grill for natural gas. It has a fully enclosed wheelchair with double doors and wheels with an area of ​​871 sq. Inch and of course there are 5 burners with 13,000 BTU side burners for a total of 65,000 BTUs.

Each of these bars will surely provide a great tasting dish and will be fun and easy to cook.