Please Do not Feed the Trolls: The US Innovation Act Aims to Curb Patent Troll Litigation


In the past year, patent reform legislation has caused considerable national attention, as the US Congress has put forward various proposals to address the rise of patent disputes by non-practitioner organizations (NPE), commonly referred to as "patent trolls".

President Obama aims to "adopt a patent reform bill that allows our businesses to remain focused on innovation rather than expensive and unnecessary litigation," and last December the US House of Representatives responded with the adoption of the Innovation Act. The US Senate quickly initiated its own patent reform bill, the Transparency and Patent Enforcement Act, which has experienced a number of delays in recent months. In addition to federal action, the Federal Trade Commission investigates patent litigation disputes, while Vermont, Oregon, Virginia, Wisconsin and Idaho have adopted legislation at state level. Such legislation is expected in many other countries.

Despite the revival of activities, there are several unresolved issues about proposed House and Senate bills:


One provision of the Innovation Act includes provisions for the transfer of fees that require the losing party in patent litigation to pay the attorneys of the predominant party. charges without the court finding that the position and behavior of the losing party are "reasonably and factually justified" or there are "special circumstances" that make the award unjust. However, the current version of the Law on Outsourcing Transparency and Patent Enforcement Law does not include any variable fees.

Proponents of the transfer of fees believe it is necessary to deter patent trolls from misusing and frivolous litigation. Critics argue that patent trolls can easily pay for tolls as they will be able to meet a "reasonably justifiable" standard in most cases – either by creating shells that do not have assets within the patents they declare.


The Transparency and Patent Enforcement Act imposes rules on the specificity of search letters and makes sending a substantially misleading search letter for unfair or deceptive commercial behavior under the Law of the Federal Trade Commission of LPO.

At the same time, the Innovation Act proposes "written letters with deliberate evasion" to be considered "an extraordinary circumstance when assessing whether the lawsuit is abusive". The bill also claims that "inadequate search letters can not be used as evidence of a deliberate violation." However, this bill does not contain a fraudulent commercial provision under the Federal Trade Commission Act.


The current version of the Transparency and Patent Enforcement Act does not address patent protection standards. The Law on Innovation, however, requires "requiring the applicant to identify any product that claims to violate any alleged patent claim and to describe in detail the specificity of how each product is filled by the product."

Supporters believe that this will make it more difficult for patent trolls to file frivolous complaints against masses of defenders without providing a detailed analysis of the violations against any defensive product. Cells do not believe elevated standards will deter more complex patent trolls.

The patent for trolley law will be revised when the Congress meets at the end of April.

Check out more information about: Intellectual Property Conference and the San Francisco Lawyers Association.


Check Out Kaycan Vinyl Siding – It's Not All the Same


When it first came out, vinyl siding seemed a bit cheap sometimes, and many people do not want to use it. Now they have come up with many different types, including those that resemble other types of siding that are a little harder to access and more difficult to maintain and maintain in good condition. Kaycan vinyl siding has many different choices when it comes to styles and colors.

If you really want your house to look like a wooden house or having a wood siding, but you can not afford it or have no time to maintain, Kaycan is available to give you the same look. There is a wide variety of different collections to choose from, each of which has different color and configuration options (including vertical and different types of horizontal siding). These include Beaded Plank, DaVinci, Hardwood Valley, Montebello Log, Ocean Park, Platinum, Richmond and Timberlake.

Those who really would like to get a siding, which are very rich, should keep in mind the DaVinci collection. This product is only available in the Double 4 Dutchlap configuration, but colors include Colonial Red, Ivy Green, Mahogany, Midnight Blue, Pecan and Spice.

People who like the appearance of unpainted wood will probably appreciate the Hardwood Valley collection. This Kaycan Vinyl Siding is designed to resemble antique wood and is available in your choice of Cherry, Cypress, Natural Oak, River Rock, Vermont Maple, or Weathered Wood or Double 4 or Double 5 Dutchlap. You can use this product with a grain coating at temperatures ranging from 25 to zero to 110 degrees above zero.

The Montebello Log collection is thicker than usually with a sublayer to give extra strength. You have a choice of Cypress or Vermont maple in this scratch-resistant siding that is made with a color going through the entire siding thickness.

For those who prefer a very different choice for the way their siding is configured, the Timberlake collection is a good choice. This Kaycan product is available in different colors in D-4 Avanti, D-4 Marquis, D-5 Contessa, D-5 Elegance, D-5 Vertical, Lewiston, Prova, Sierra, of wood.


Top 10 Most Expensive Christmas Trees In The World Ever


Christmas tree comes from Germany in the 7th century. The monk St. Boniface used the triangular shape of Elka to illustrate the Holy Trinity in his teachings. Since then, and more clearly in the 16th century in Germany, families have begun to bring spruce, pine and fir trees to their homes and decorate them with nuts, candles, fruits and flower flowers.

Over the years, Christmas tree ideas have not only gained great popularity, but have evolved in many variants with just one thing – the original shape of the triangle.

Christmas trees can now be seen everywhere during the holiday season. So much so that we have the most expensive tree has become something like competition for some of the richest people in the world. Decorated trees are used to show how incredibly wealthy their owners are. So, how valuable can the tree get?

10. Artificial trees in Vermont:
Value -> $ 850 USD
The features of this illuminated Christmas tree include a hinged construction and a special memory cable. The special characteristics of the tree of the Vermont fir tree make it easier to adjust from the earlier thin artificial Christmas trees. This tree is an 8.5-foot multi-colored feast holiday with the latest in artificial wood technology. I wonder what the next will think.

9. Pre-illuminated Frasier Fir Artificial Christmas Tree:
Value -> $ 1000 USD
This pre-illuminated artificial tree is decorated with 1350 colored mini lights. This artificial fir can boast the ability to separate the individual lights from their nests without affecting the other lights of the tree. At a height of 10 feet it rises above most other artificial trees that are sold.

8. Sofitel London St. James – Black wood, decorated with cognac:
Value -> $ 55,000 USD
Just another thin tree with a metal frame until you look a little closer. You will notice 200 miniature handmade 24-carat gold bottles containing Louis XIII, Grand-Champagne Cognac. Why they openly leave alcohol in the lobby of the hotel, everyone suggests. The tree is 16.5 feet high, so if you want to drink champagne cognac, for safety reasons I would suggest you start from the top and work your way down.

7. Steve Quick Jewelry – Tree Trees:
Value -> $ 500,000 USD
As a fundraising project for the benefit of the American Cancer Society, this decorated tree was created by Steve Fast. Chicago jewelery throws small trees with 18K of pure gold. Several features have been added to increase the value of a larger table tree, round diamond ornaments and a platinum star mobile handpiece. The star is mobile so it can be carried like a pendant. Just when you thought the 5-pound piece of pure gold could not look better, they covered it with 4.52 carats of bling, and that's just a diamond in the platinum star!

6. Soo Kee Jewelry Shop – Diamond Tree:
Value -> $ 1 million USD
Displayed in a shopping center in Singapore called the Bugis Junction, a 20-foot silver Christmas tree that makes everyone feel very poor while looking for more affordable gifts for their loved ones. This brilliant festive show was adorned with a glittering silver glow of 21,798 diamonds and more than 3000 crystals. Really not if one or two disappeared?

5. Washington – Christmas Tree on Capitol Hill:
Value -> 1 million USD + USD
The tradition of standing on the western front of the Capitol Hill in Washington, DC began in 1964. Each year, the external tree is cut, transported and replanted. Rumors suggest that the cost of such an operation is over $ 1 million, making this Christmas outdoors decor one of the most expensive in the world.

4. Jewelery Shop Ginza Tanaka – Tree on the Table:
Value -> $ 1.6 million USD
Ginza Tanaka Jewelry at Shinsaibashi, Osaka, Japan show this beautifully slim wood adorned with over 240 precious gems. This is a 24K gold small tree lined with a number of diamonds and pearls weighing a total of 46 kilograms. It is the fourth most expensive Christmas tree in the world.

3. "Takashimaya" Department Store – canned pink mini Christmas tree:
Value -> $ 1.8 million USD
Certain evidence that the size does not matter. Well, when you talk about fake Christmas trees for sale. Christmas trees of 16 inches are made of preserved flowers and decorated with 400 diamonds. I wonder if the department store has ever collected at a price of $ 1.8 million, however, they have cast the bear to sweeten the deal.

2. Hong Kong Swarovski Crystal – LED Prelit Christmas Tree:
Value -> ???
Standing incredibly high 90 feet, 40,000 Swarovski crystals are lofty in a spectacular Christmas tribute as part of the annual Hong Kong Winterfest. While this outdoor Christmas tree is pretty impressive during the day, just wait until the sun goes down. Unfortunately, the price of such a tree is unknown to us at that time, so the question "where is this place on this list?" another question can be answered: "Does the Christmas tree illuminate the rhythm lights and fire fireworks at the top?" I do not think so.

1. Emirates Palace Hotel – Decorated Christmas Tree:
Value -> $ 11.4 million USD
The seven-star hotel in Dabi showed the 40-meter Christmas pine covered with diamonds, pearls, emeralds, and the like. This tree was taken from a gallery in Abu Dhabi

If you are thinking of staying at Emirates Palace Hotel, you can expect to pay about $ 1 million each week. Expensive? Maybe, but your room comes with Butler, a luxury car and a Maybach driver, and an airplane in case you have to run to the supermarket in Edmonton, Canada to pick up a few things before dinner.


Looking for a Romantic Place to Elope? Try a Bed & Breakfast!


Bed and breakfast establishments provide a romantic setting for a wedding wedding. They are strange, cozy and best of all – no stress! Bed and Breakfast is an ideal place for couples who are on their second marriage, or even first timers who just want to avoid all the chaos associated with a traditional wedding. From northern New York to the Blue Ridge Mountains in Virginia and the Napa Valley California wine country, there are hundreds of hotels offering great wedding packages in the United States.

Southern states:

To the south, there is a special attraction that attracts couples who want to experience an intimate ceremony with a little southern charm and hospitality. Some of the most popular southern US B & B destinations are in New Orleans, Savannah and Virginia. Magnolia Mansion, selected as one of the top 10 romantic inns in the US, is located in beautiful New Orleans. This popular spot is also specialized in both small and large weddings. Azalia Inn and Gardens in Savannah Georgia is breathtakingly beautiful. For less than $ 1,000 you will receive two nights in the room of your choice, a minister who will perform the ceremony, floral arrangements, a small cake and a few other shades on the wedding day.

Northeastern States:

For simplicity, we will look at the Maine states and down through Delaware as the northeastern states. The northeast offers a wide range of villa-style appeal to Vermont, New Hampshire and Maine, to the old, charming atmosphere of New England. Westbrook Inn in Connecticut, The Edward Harris House of Rochester, New York, Angels Watch Inn, located in Connecticut and the White Rocks Inn, located in Vermont, all offer great bundled deals.

West Coast:

It will be difficult for you not to find super romantic breakfast packages on the west coast. The area between northern Washington and southern California is just mature with established B & Bs. For less than $ 600 you can escape at Swantown Inn, located in Olympia, Washington. The package includes your employee, witnesses, if you do not have them, and a night for the newlyweds. You can also choose to rent the whole house to accommodate up to six guests at a fairly low price. California Napa Valley is known for its Tuscan style charm and has become a very popular destination for extinction. Bed and breakfasts are ideal for thirty-two couples, for those of their second marriage or for older couples.


Common Bat Species Affected By White Nose Syndrome


White Nose Syndrome (WNS) is an emerging contagious disease that affects a long list of wintering bats species world-wide. And since these types of bats can easily pass through the winter to survive in winter, the disease usually has 90 to 100 percent mortality. In fact, she has already killed only millions of bats in the United States alone. It is caused by a fungus called Pseudogymnoascus destructans Researchers suspect that it thrives in cold and humid conditions similar to molds and other mushrooms, and seems to affect only the bats that are wintering.

Effects of WNS

The white nose syndrome is distinguished mainly by white fungal growth of the snouts and the wings of the bats – hence the name But the wrong behavior of the bats in and out of hibernation also called the hibernacle ) is another common indication of the disease. This includes scheduled flights during the day, exit from the entrance to hibernation, and more. These behaviors are believed to be the result of intermittent hibernation, fatigue, depletion of stored fat stores and exhaustion.

Presence of WNS in North America and Canada

In North America and Canada, there are several species of wintering bats that are currently affected by white nose syndrome. It is considered the worst outbreak of wild-disease disease in the history of North America! So far there are no signs that the disease will slow the rate of spread and there is no cure yet. However, researchers have not given up the infected populations of bats around the world. They are still trying to forgo treatment.

In Asia:

Eastern water bat ( Myotis petax )

In North America:

Big Brown Bath ( Eptesicus gull)

Little Brown Bat ( Myotis lucifugus )

Gray bat ( Myotis grisescens )

Indiana Bath ( Myotis sodalis )

Tricolor ( Perimyotis subflavus )

Eastern Small Leg ( Myotis leibii )

North long ears ( Myotis septentrionalis )

In Europe:

Barbastelle ( Barbastellus barbastellus )

The Bechstein Bat ( М. bechsteinii )

Brandt's Bat ( М. brands )

Brown Long Ears ( Plecotus auritus )

Common wings of bending ( Miniopterus schreibersii )

Daubenton's bat ( M. daubentonii )

Jeffrey's Bat ( М. tricolor )

Large Mouse-Ears ( М. Myotis )

Little horseshoe ( Rhinolophus hipposideros )

Mediterranean horseshoe ( Rhinolophus euryale )

The Natterer Bat ( М. nattereri )

Northern Bat ( Eptesicus nilssonii )

Pond Bat ( М. dasycneme )

WNS in the US:

  • Alabama
  • Arkansas
  • Connecticut
  • Delaware
  • Georgia
  • Illinois
  • Indiana
  • Iowa
  • Kentucky
  • Maine
  • Maryland
  • Massachusetts
  • Michigan
  • Minnesota
  • Missouri
  • New Hampshire
  • New Jersey
  • new York
  • North Carolina
  • Ohio
  • Rhode Island
  • Pennsylvania
  • South Carolina
  • Tennessee
  • Vermont
  • Virginia
  • Washington
  • West Virginia
  • Wisconsin


Top East Coast Accounting Schools


While still in high school, you should start looking for good accounting schools. Even if you have a mediocre GPA, you can still get good accounting schools. If you live in the eastern part of the country, then you have many opportunities for a good accounting school.

The East Coast of America stretches from Maine to parts of Florida. & # 39; East Coast & refers to northeastern and also mid-Atlantic parts that include New York, Rhode Island, New Jersey, Massachusetts, Maine, New Hampshire, Maryland, Delaware, Washington, Vermont, Pennsylvania, and sometimes Virginia, North Carolina and West Virginia.

In the eastern parts of the country is one of the very old but very famous business schools and accounting schools. These schools have years of good results to support them, and the pupils, after graduation, are in good companies. One can even go for training jobs during their Master's degree program to maintain college fees and later gain experience.

East Coast Schools include schools such as Boston College, William and Mary College, Wells College, Sustrom College, Haverford College, New Jersey College, and Washington College. Of course, there are others.

If you think of a more natural atmosphere, then you can choose schools from Maine, Massachusetts, Vermont, Connecticut and New Jersey, New Jersey, and places like Virginia and Pennsylvania. But if you prefer city life, then you are choosing colleges in the city of New York City, Philadelphia Boston and Washington.

Other schools are located in places that have severe winter conditions. If you like winters, you can choose locations with softer winter conditions like the northern parts of New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware, Maryland, Virginia, Washington, North Carolina and West Virginia. Schools located in snowy winter locations include the New York North and New England.

Thus, for those of you who want to study accounting at the best universities located on the east coast of America, there are many opportunities that you can explore. And of course, each of these universities offers countless courses and degrees that you would like to pursue. Definitely for those on the East Coast, these universities are among the best universities in the world, and training in such a university can certainly be an honor.


Doing the Best You Can


Do the best you can! What does this mean? How important is this? Is it good enough to do everything possible? Or is it the best thing to do?

When I was in the second grade, I bought the report. In the social sciences, I got "C". (As early as the 1950s, teachers classed all students, from first grade to twelfth class, in traditional letters.) I was terrified. Never before had I received "C" and worried about what my mother would say.

I remember studying the Indians of the Plains, and I just could not understand the concept that there were groups of Indians who were part of different tribes and all of them lived west on the plains. I'm not so sure what I find so hard, but I just did not understand it. I have never been farther west of Vermont, so I did not understand how the topography of the United States could be very different from what I knew in Vermont.

So I did not do well – I got mistakes in the worksheets as well as the test at the end of the block. I was used to getting B and some of them. I thought C was the end of the world as I knew it.

I bought my report and showed it to my mom. She asked me, "Barbara Anne, was that the best you could do?" I assured her that it was. What he said was a lesson I had with me for the rest of my life. This was a lesson I used in all spheres of life – as a student, as an athlete, as a parent, as a teacher, as a coach – in fact, in any effort I have undertaken. What he said to me was, "Barbara Anne, I do not care if you get all the" F "on your report card, as long as it's the best you can do!"

Eh! What a relief! All I had to do was give him his best shot and whatever it turns out, that was good enough. It released a ton of pressure! I can not tell you how many times I said, "Just do the best you can because you do the best you can do, and all you can do is enough!"

As an elite athlete who competes against the best skiers in the world, sometimes the pressure will come to me. I'll start worrying about how I'll do it. But at any time when I deviated from this lesson and managed to get back to the track, the races were much easier. Whenever I allowed myself to do everything in my power, the ski competitions were fun. When my last thought before leaving the launch was: "I'll just do my best!" The results came much easier.

Thank you, Mom, for teaching me this lesson! (Years later, Mom told me that when she gave me this advice, she thought I was "slow"!


How You Ruined Your First Date (And How to Not Do It Again)


Did you ever go out with someone and think that everything goes well, but he never calls? Do you feel that you never get a second date and do not know what you are doing wrong? There are a few simple behaviors you can avoid and that can destroy your potential relationships before they even start. I hope that women look at the first meetings. They want to learn about one person they are attracted to and ideally arouse a new romance. Men, however, often have fun while something does not cause a desire to move in the other direction. Knowing what to do is half the battle here!

All of you alive live in Texas … and Vermont and California, and …
This is the first meeting – focus on exploring it! It is not necessary to know about every person you have been with in the past or about him. Moreover, giving him reason to think why none of your previous relationships has been made is never a good idea at the beginning of the courtship. There is a wide variety of topics that you can discuss with this new person. Do not waste your time limiting the reception of information by chatting for people who are not.

He does not need to know that your ex was a fool
The person you talk to is at a meeting with you, not a meeting with your ex-boyfriend or the luggage he left with you. If you spend your time talking about the many ways in which your former one fails or you treat badly with you, your date will get bored. Worse yet, he may even start wondering what to say about him if you meet and then break.

First comes love, and then comes Marri – second date
Thinking about your future is one; all women do it. Tell a person on your first date that you think about the future is an immediate guarantee that he will not be in it. Take time to get to know each other and have some fun. No one wants to hear about how many kids you want to have or how high your white fence will be at the first date. This can easily send every person to scream in the other direction. Do not scare him because you want to marry in five years. Would you prefer to create a family with a compatible partner with whom you are in love? It is doubtful that every man could fit into this account at a first date!

You do not know that you have to be together
Even if you believe that you two are doing a great pair, you are not yet in touch. This is just the first date. Keep in mind that you both know very little about each other and until this date may seem very promising, move on to conclusions that can put an end to it. Do not list the reasons why you and you belong together or would be perfect in a relationship; will be frightened. Let him discover that you have common things and that your personality is a good eye – you do not need to be told that! Let things develop naturally.


Natural Gas Grill With 5 Burners


Although the evolution of the gas grill has given the chef many amenities, it is also very difficult to choose who to buy. With so many brands to choose from, one can have great difficulty in deciding who would be best suited to them.

Many of the barbecue lovers claim that 5 burners are the best choice because of the great ease of cooking several meals at the same time, great for big BBQ parties. To help you decide, here are the first three natural gas grilles with five burners available on the market today.

Electrolux Icon E51NK60ESS

Electrolux Icon E51NK60ESS is a stainless steel grille with a fully enclosed stroller and double doors and wheels. It has a total 1212 sq. Inch baking area, delivers 13,000 BTU for each burner (a total of 65,000 BTUs) and a 304 stainless steel construction. It also has an ignition type, grill and infrared cooking system among other functions.

Vermont Casting VM600BSN

The Vermont Casting VM600BSN has a total of 60,000 BTU outputs. The five stainless steel burners cover an area of ​​600 square inches in the baking area. Cooking grids are made of enameled cast iron grills. The plates are also enameled, and the stainless steel lid is a cast iron cap. The stainless steel bracket and side shelves have a 15,000 BTU side burner and are available with an electronic ignition system, a cantilever spark and a rear lamp.

Electrolux Icon E44NK60ESS

Electrolux Icon E44NK60ESS is a 44-inch stainless steel and a free standing grill for natural gas. It has a fully enclosed wheelchair with double doors and wheels with an area of ​​871 sq. Inch and of course there are 5 burners with 13,000 BTU side burners for a total of 65,000 BTUs.

Each of these bars will surely provide a great tasting dish and will be fun and easy to cook.


Norman Rockwell’s Urban Connection


Although his home was rural Vermont, Norman Rockwell knew about the integrated urban neighborhoods that flourished in America in 1940. Long before the highways, Lewtown and "White Flight", working districts in Troy, New York and Los Angeles, California attracted the famous illustrator. He draws sketches and takes pictures of their homes and people, and these sketches provide the backdrop for two of Rockwell's most memorable Saturday nights, Home arriving GI (1945) and Road block (1949). And true to their urban theme, both illustrations include African-Americans.

Troy, known as The Collar City, is home to Arrow Shirts whose "Arrow Collar Man" is famous for commercials created by Rockwell's mentor and friend, J.C. Leyendecker. Troy is a thriving factory town that produces four million collars per week in the 1920s. Another source of industrial fame for the city was his iron, fictions, which in the mid-1800s were second to those of Pennsylvania.

From his home in Vermont, Norman Rockwell often traveled through Troy on his way to Albany, New York, where he took the train to New York. When the artist decided to create a post of a post, noting Veteran doctors from the Second World War who were returning to their native cities, he decided to do this working class Troy, New York.

Home arriving GI appeared on the cover of Saturday's post on May 25, 1945. Among the people who gladly (or shyly, in the case of his young beloved) welcomed the home, the young soldier was not alone on Norman Rockwell (standing at the entrance to the dwelling) but also two young boys who are recklessly hanging on a tree that they have climbed, and grumbling welcome. One of the two boys is black.

In 1945 the children simply went out to play. There are no "helicopter parents", no game dates. The black and white children were glad and fought together along the streets of America. Think about our band. Elsie Wagner Fenic, in the moving memoirs A white girl in Harlem, provides a wonderful view of this time. A second-generation Polish-American, Fanic can still jump an average Dutchman twice, thanks to his first nineteen years, enjoying the street games in New York in 1940 with black and Latino friends.

Norman Rockwell puts black and white friends together Home arriving GInot to make a declaration of civil rights, but because in the streets of Troy, New York in 1945, they really were there.

Another urban environment of Norman Rockwell was Los Angeles, California.

In the winter of 1948-49, while resting with her family in Los Angeles, Rockwell visited Mrs. Merrill, a widow and owner of a women's house. She wanted her to take her house.

Located in the McArthur Park District of Los Angeles, 719 South Rampart is a three-story residential building surrounded by similar structures and the Pacific Telephone and Telegraph Building building, a place where Ms Merrill is very busy. Rockwell has asked Mrs. Merril's permission to take a photo session in front of her building. Taking a picture of the street as well as some of its inhabitants as models, he will use these pictures to create one of his famous covers on Saturday night. But Mrs Merrill said no. Obviously even in 1949, not everyone loved Norman Rockwell.

The middle-class cheerleader felt that in his paintings the famous artist did not adequately "strengthen" his female objects. Rockwell, however, continued with his request, and Merrill finally retired: for a payment of $ 50.00.

The band came to South Ramp, while one of Mrs. Merrill's rooms, Antonia Piacetski, was doing her laundry. In a letter to Norman Rockwell's museum, she wrote: "Mr. Rockwell asked me about some luxury underwear for the clothes line, I gave him nylon socks, black lace pants and a bra that he hung …"

A truck with California registration numbers and two drivers arrived. Many photos were taken. The result was Road block, a heroic illustration that appeared as a cover of The Saturday Evening Post on July 9, 1949.

Norman Rockwell puts himself in the picture: he is a violin teacher who looks out the window of Ms. Piasetski's bedroom. Ms. Piasetzky must also be Rockwell's model: she is the young woman who sways through the window beneath Rockwell. The red-haired lady standing at the basement's door? That's Rockwell's model, who turned to Mr. Merrill. Patterns for other figures in the picture are also identified: Joseph Magnani, director of the Los Angeles Art Museum and Rockwell's friend, is the artist hanging from the window in a building across the street, accompanied by a barely sunny young lady. Peter Rockwell, the youngest son of the artist, is a violin boy just below them. But Mrs. Piasetski does not remember that at the time there were all these children (the shooting site).

"All these kids" is likely a kind of Ms. Piasetzky's kind code for the two little black kids placed at the bottom of the stage. They stand solemnly with their backs to the viewer, studying the stalemate created when the big red truck meets a little white dog.

Obviously, Norman Rockwell has not actually encountered any black kids on South Ramapart Street. But considering his understanding of such neighborhoods as those in Troy, New York, he knew they were there somewhere. So the fearless artist went out and found them.


They touch elegance, innocence and simplicity. Two black kids, a little girl and a bigger boy in the back profile. The black-and-white photo in the archives of the Norman Rockwell Museum shows that the boy's shirt is pressed and the little girl's braids are flawlessly arranged. Both stand with their hands behind their back and stare at an invisible horizon.

The names of these two small models are unknown. There is nothing written on the back of the picture. Rockwell's periodically-kept receipts do not reveal who paid for the shot for that shot. The locality of the photo, though it looks like it's made in Los Angeles, is also not known for sure.

But this is known: in 1949 Norman Rockwell deliberately came out and found two black children to model him so he could put his figures on the illustration. Rockwell knew they had to be in the picture.

The 719 South Rampart Boulevard House is missing. There is a parking lot where the building once stood. In the 1950s, the integrated neighborhoods began to disappear from America. Accordingly, colorful people have also disappeared from the paintings of Norman Rockwell of the 1950s.