Perfect Shortbread: the Art and Science of Baking


Contrary to popular belief, I have not grown up in a Scottish family with an old family recipe for cake. Originally, the oil chicken seemed easy to me. How difficult would it be to throw together butter, sugar and flour to create a delicious cookie?

It is not difficult. But there is some scientific activity, and I'm here to tell you about the science and history of pastry sweets. Imagine the literature and the creative writing of a maniac who teaches science … I throw the coffee out of my nose with the stupidity of everything while writing. This article focuses on the science of sweethearts in non-scientific language. I hope the insights gathered from the trials and mistakes will be of benefit to all beginner bakers.

I was initially attracted to baking, because this is an exact science. You follow the recipe of T and you will get a perfect baked good, right? At first I could bake a perfect baguette if I followed the directions, but the sky helped me if I had to be creative with spices and spices for meals. When I first started cooking, I never understood how people tasted their work and just intuitively knew what was needed. That's what got me baking. For this novice cooking, he feels more accurate and scientific than the creativity of throwing food together from my imagination.

Originally the company from Vermont began as a seasonal business from my own kitchen. In the mid-1990s, I did not even have a kitchen mixer. I mixed the dough by hand. And anyone who knows the fat can confirm that the dough is very heavy, without any liquid ingredients. In those days, I had the size of the trunks of the trees from all this manual mixing. The good thing was that I learned exactly what consistency the dough had to be to make the best dough. I learned exactly how much the manipulation could take the dough before tiring and making a tough round of dough. I learned not only by watching, but also by feeling and, of course, by taste.

As the business grows and people realize that the dough is a perfect gift throughout the year, the call to bake during the warmer months became obvious. However, the summer dough of sweet dough did not always look as good as in winter. Most people did not notice, but after having baked thousands of rounds by hand, I was not happy with my summer jam. It took me a few years to realize that here are four factors contributing to the texture, color and taste of the final dough product: moisture, hot oven points, oil temperature and mixing time.


I do not know what the chemistry behind is, but I can tell you that it's much harder to create a perfect circular pie when the weather is damp. Maybe moisture makes the flour less fluffy … I do not know. I can only tell you that the damp meat is not as nice, golden and tasty as the sweet meat. For this reason, when I built my commercial bakery, I installed dehumidifiers in the bakery. So now, regardless of the season, we produce the perfect candy every time.

Hot furnaces for furnaces:

When I started baking home-made pastry in the 1990s, I had only a small household electric Whirlpool oven. I could only thoroughly three 8 "circle once, while production was slouooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo. All ovens have spots that are hotter than drugi.Tova is intimately learned where all the hot spots of my oven are with each batch of shortbread moved position on every pan in the middle of the baking time to ensure even darkening my product every time.electric model has been retired to arrange the sky in 2005. Now with my commercial stove (a big imperium ski gas model), I can bake up to forty-eight "rounds at once in a environment with better convection (air flow around the elements). Still, I move the pans around the middle of the baking period until I know where the hot points of this new oven are.

Oil temperature:

When I started baking the dough, I loved to remove the oil from the refrigerator for several hours before planning to use it to make it soft. Remember that I was mixing by hand and wanted to make it as easy as possible. When I started baking summer pastries, the oil became liquid and started to separate. This did not make a good texture in the final product. I do not know how to explain this scientifically; I can only tell you how I felt. The end product is dense and too heavy. What I really wanted was the fresh golden flake on the outside with some chewing inside. I learned that if I was to bake in the summer, I had to use butter almost directly from the refrigerator. If the butter became too soft, I had to throw it in the garbage and start over. Then I bought my first mixer with a dough hook to make the job of mixing hard oil easier. Oil directly from the refrigerator, not too hard, not too soft, is the only way to make a perfect cake. Again, I just had to learn how I felt how long I let the oil sit on the counter before it was perfect. Longer in winter, shorter in summer.

Mixing Time:

Any dough mixed too long or insufficiently affects the finished product. With dough, first mix the sugar and butter together. This is the easy part. The hard part is knowing how to turn on the flour. I like to do it one pound at a time (remember that it is now baking in pounds of flour, sugar and butter, not glasses). Once the dough is fully embedded and forms a ball without a bite of flour on the side of the mixing bowl, I know it is ready for baking. Now that I have Trixie (my commercial mixer) I had to rethink the time. Trixie can mix bricks. My hands and my old kitchen could not. So now the mixed time is much shorter. Dough dough (as with any dough) becomes more difficult as you mix it. The trick I learned from the experience and the mistake is finding the right time for the dough. I'm not an expert on the whole dough, but I've perfected the dough for dough.

You know, the most fun in this training how to make the perfect dough is that I have never had a real training. Now that I hired a professional bakery, she taught me a few things to make the process more efficient and make the final product more delicious and beautiful. When I think about it, that's almost how we learn: I just do it again and again.

When science and imagination work together, we create art for food. With the approaching of the holidays, this scientist and dreamer have to retire to the baker to create new masterpieces. I hope that this essay gives you creative insights into your own dough (oil or otherwise) and a little look inside the art and science of perfect dough from a small firm from Vermont that makes every commodity with love, imagination and gentle care little science thrown ).

Copyright 2006 En Zuccardy, Vermont Black Company. All rights reserved.


The Real Trapp Family's Story – Part 8 The Singing Group's Farewell


After the end of World War II, von Trap's family decided to stay in America. Although Austria was still their homeland, the United States has been a safe haven for them for several years, and their own sons have served this country in active service abroad.

So, when their property in Salzburg was returned to their property, von Traps sold it to a religious order that founded a seminary on the ground, thus continuing the family spiritual vision of their old home. With the proceeds of the sale, they managed to repay their mortgage on their Stowe, Vermont area and add one more wing to their family home, which quickly became a guest resort.

On May 30, 1947, the tragedy remained when the captain suddenly died of lung cancer. The whole family mourned his death and he was buried at the estate of the Vermont family with his Austrian flag in the coffin. His youngest son, Johannes, was only eight years old, and Maria was pregnant with another baby four months later.

The family continued to travel around the country for several years, but their father's absence was deep, and a daughter, Rosmarie, dropped out of the singing group. In the early '50s Trapps made Hawaiian and Australian tours, which were also well received as their concerts in Europe and the mainland. But shortly thereafter it became clear that the Trap's singers could not last forever. The children voluntarily volunteered for many years of their maturity in the service of the group, but now they felt it was time to start their own families.

So in 1956 the family finished their performance in New Hampshire after enjoying their privileged audience in over thirty countries with impressive 2,000 shows! But their legacy is far from over, as Trap's family has become a permanent ski resort with thousands of visitors. One of those guest guests, the young Christopher Plummer, later played Captain von Trapp in the 1965 film The Sound of Music.

Although the family singing group may be disbanded, the popularity of their story continues to grow only as a book by Maria, The Story of Trappe Singers , received with great enthusiasm by its readers. Within a few years, a German film company bought the film's rights and turned the classic story into two films describing the life of the family. From there, the Trap family's story moved to Broadway with the brilliant musical score of Rogers and Hammerstein, and finally on the silver screen with Julie Andrews. a stunning performance that has captured the hearts of people around the world. When we get closer to Sound of music The 50th anniversary (to be celebrated in 2015), Trapp family phenomena are increasing, as people find the film a source of inspiration and encouragement in today's tough times.


Show and Tell


Inspirational Read … Recommended … 4 stars


Karen Vanderlan was born in Paradise … at home was a four hundred acre dairy farm in the remote village of Vermont in West Newbury. Life spent in the Milky Way was idyllic. A pale yellow farm, apple trees, pony riding, caring for a bunch of daughters, rescued by her father working on the farm carrying hot coffee mugs to a dug, to help warm up their father, visit a school room, and enjoying the the beauty of the fall, all left their mark on Vanderlane. Years passed, seasons came to create memories of the time when everything was well in the world with food, dividing calves from their mothers so that milk, maple sugar, Christmas and Halloween could be sold. and fun, the weather seemed to be motionless, and Vanderlan wanted to last forever.

One of the reasons my mother later left to leave the Milky Way Farm was that she wanted a bigger and better life for us.

The memory of the family with siblings, father and mother, dinner together and her older sister, telling how a trusted friend of the family has harassed her, are part of the memory. The loss of a hundred-year-old house as a family home was quickly followed by the birth of Vanderella's third brother, this was not a planned pregnancy, and Vanderley's mother was not happy with Therese's birth.

"The truth was the pace of all our lives, which constantly rose and fell, according to the whims of our eccentric, folded, self-centered mother."

When her parents began to struggle because the farm did not make money, Vander- lean's mother reached the end of her stamina. Her mother's relationship with the motorcycle Bunny was a turning point, not better for Vander- lean, her brothers and sisters or their father.

Show and Say it's not fun a little feel good story, it's one that Karen Vanderlan had to write. Her words will leave readers to reflect on the sustainability of the human spirit. The years spent at the family farm in Vermont ended the day her mother abandoned her husband and moved the children from her father and farm.

Author Vanderlan examines her painful past, she keeps the concrete, powerful memories that have helped pave the way for her ever-increasing efforts to get things right. The cruelty shown by the woman named Bunny is hard to understand, and it is harder to see if Vanderlan's mother accepts cruelty. Vanderlean is a strong woman capable of facing whatever demons life is putting on her before it reaches a turning point to a life full of care, hope, and joy.

Physically and mentally malnourished by Bunny; Vanderlaan and her brothers and sisters lived in poverty and suffering and endless neglect and abuse. She was looking for what all children need, love and affection and a sense of belonging. These needs are increasing for an abused child. Her horses provided one way for Vander- lean to escape the pain.

On the pages of Show and Say and despite so many pages filled with sadness and misery; writer Vanderlane has created inspirational work. Vander- lean has experienced much more abuse and misfortunes during childhood and then during his early adult years than most of us realize is possible, nevertheless he has managed to renew and create a happiness and useful activity for himself as lonely parent, savior of neglected horses and educator of emotionally disturbed children.

Show and Say is an excellent addition to the therapist's shelf and for those who find comfort and comfort by reading inspirational and inspirational work.

Inspiring work, happy to recommend you.

Genre: Memoirs

Author: Karen Vanderlan

Publisher: PublishAmerica


ISBN-10: 1413746373

ISBN-13: 978-1413746372

Available Amazon List price $ 24.95


Christian AA Days, the Upper Room, and Other Devotionals


The upper room was daily devoted to the widespread use of early Anonymous alcoholics. It was a quarterly and methodical publication. Its first issue dates back to 1935 just before the founding of AA. And how did it become part of the morning quiet weather and other daily traditions so common in the early Christian fellowship of AA, founded in Akron, Ohio in June 1935?

First, Dr. Bob co-founder of Alcoholics Anonymous was exposed in his days as a youth in Vermont on the leisure time of Christian Endevor's society. Bob was very active in the Christian Endeavers Society in the Northern Congregational Church, St Johnsbury, Vermont, where he and his parents, grandmother and foster sister were regular visitors. The quiet hour had many defenders in the 1880s. Among the supporters was YMCA, which often called her "Morning Clock". Also the great evangelist Dwight L. Moody, the evangelist FB Meyer and the leaders of Christian Endevor as Amos Wells and Dr. Francis Clark. And the essence of the practice was: (1) Reading the Scriptures. (2) Prayer. (3) Demand for God's guidance. (4) Study of the traditions and its verse and other matter for that day.

Second, many years later, both Bill W. and Dr. Bob were exposed to a bum, as presented by Dr. Frank ND Buchmann, founder of the Oxford Group. It was called Quiet Time, and many books and brochures were written about what is a quiet time and how it should be practiced. Then reverend Sam Shoemaker, rector of the Episcopal Church in Golgotha, New York, also became a supporter of the practice and wrote about it in several of his books and articles.

Third, when AA was founded in 1935, Dr. Bob Ann Smith's wife began the morning Tich Times at Smith's home in Akron. They were attended by AA and their families. Again, the format was the same reading of the Scriptures, prayer, seeking guidance from God and using prayers. (See Dick B., The Akron Genesis of Anonymous Alcoholics). These practices include the regular sharing Anne Smith made from the personal diary she kept between 1933 and 1939. (See Dick B., Ann Smith, 1933-1939, 3rd edition).

Now that we know the books that Ann Smith recommends and what he said about the quiet time, we see that there is more than one prayer in use. We also know from the excavation of the books in Dr. Bob's library exactly what these devotees are. (See Dick B., Dr. Bob and His Library, 3rd Edition, and The Books they Read About Spiritual Growth, 7th Ed.). (See Dick B., Oxford Group and Alcoholics Anonymous, 2nd Ed.)

And here are the basic prayers that were used at the beginning of the Acronic Alcoholics Anonymous: The Begacha Bible; The upper room; My greatest for His highest; Victorious life; Daily strength for everyday needs; and the meaning of prayer. The upper room appeared on the scene almost accidentally. "Mother G." will bring several copies to Dr. Bob's Home. And although books have not always been met with excitement (according to Dr. Bob's daughter); "Mother G." is a relative of Dr. Bob's daughter. The small quarter was very small, there was a call to the not-so-frequent readers and fit well in their back pockets. Here it is not only used with the other devotees; is often mentioned in AA's DR. Bob and Good Old Times. There seemed to be no special favorites. Dr. Bob often studied and circulated the Begacha Bible. "Mother G." spread the upper room. Henrieta Seiberling speaks of My greatest for His highest. In fact, victorious life is mentioned in one of the stories in the first edition of AA's great book. Frank Amos's report on ACRONAAA's original scholarly scholarship simply states that the necessary time for observation and reading is part of the scene. And AA's personal literature from the General Conference of the Common Services indicated that quiet time is "mandatory".

For a study devoted to this particular aspect of the early religious rites of AA, see Dick B., Good Morning !: Quiet Time, Morning Clock, Meditation, and Early AA


History of Snowboarding and Its Competitions


Although some people think that snowboarding is a relatively new invention, the fact is that such a "sport" can be traced back several centuries. In the 1920s, children experimented with something similar to today's boards. It was in the 1960s that snowboarding (which we now know as a sport) is "invented" by Sherman Poppen.

Later, the Poppen board invented (originally called Snurfer, a combination of "snow" and "surfing") was changed by several people. Today there are several types of boards and the equipment required by everyone is unique. The most significant events in the history of this popular sport are now:

  1. Snurfer sold (in the 1960s) well and became an instant success; its use later inspires some of the people who continue to make it better.
  2. Dimitrie Milovic started Winterstick in the early 1970s. He patented a new type of council, which also became very popular; his products are sold all over the world and he becomes one of Snurfer's first innovators.
  3. Jake Burton and Tom Simms come to the stage and everyone comes out with their version of a snowboard; both snowboard medal winners. The couple caught her for several years and both had a phenomenal success, both as businessmen and as snowboarders. In fact, both hosts some of the first snowboard medals.
  4. The National Snowboard Championship (1982) in Vermont became the first national championship; it is very successful and is covered by some of the top rated television shows like Good Morning America and The Today Show. It is believed that participants are going as fast as 50 miles per hour, which at this time is very impressive and helps to attract more fans into the sport. This event turned into the US Open Snowboarding Championship, which then moved to Stratton Mountain in Vermont (from the Suicide Six resort). This event attracts thousands today.
  5. In the mid-80s, ski resorts were finally convinced to open their doors for snowboarders. Previously, snowboarders were not welcome because the insurance did not cover them. It turned out, however, that insurance covered the sport. What the resorts were afraid of, however, was the unseen look of young people boarding snowboarding. They were afraid that more traditional skiers would oppose sport at the same rate; there were safety concerns. These concerns, however, were disturbed when the resorts saw how lucrative snowboarding competitions could be for the cities that hosted them.
  6. In 1992, Doug Wo invented the "Dragon of the Pipes" – a machine that can construct and maintain snap tubes (which were previously created by hand). This has made it easier and cheaper to maintain snowboarding courses.
  7. The snowboard was finally admitted to the 1998 Olympics in Nagano, Japan. Previously, some athletes boycotted the Olympics because they had not allowed the sport.
  8. Shaun White, one of the largest snowboarders to date, had a perfect competition season in 2005-2006. He even won the US Open, which had been eluding him before.
  9. Craig Kelly, Terje Haakonsen and Shaun Palmer made their ratings as some of the biggest snowboarders so far.
  10. The International Federation of Snowboarding (ISF) and the International Ski Federation have recognized and sponsored snowboard competitions that have added sport status.
  11. Snow games at the Olympics included giant slalom and semi-pipe races; later they included a snowboard cross that included hurdles, narrow turns and other hardships (usually involving 4 racers who were on their way – the winner progressed).

Today, snowboarding is one of the most important moments of the Winter Olympics. Sports makes millions of dollars to sponsor events and developers of sold equipment. Many people who ski also snowboarding, and vice versa. Snowboard medals received in snowboard competitions are just the tip of the iceberg for winning athletes. They also receive glory, money and admiration for millions.


The Healing Synergy of Talk and Touch


  • Touch lets you get to the bottom of the question.
  • Talk allows you to understand its meaning.
  • Combining the empathic conversation with a gentle, curative touch is transformational.

The Rubenfeld (RSM) interaction method was developed in 1970 by its founder, Ilana Rubenfeld. He began his career as a conductor and gradually began to have severe pain in his back and shoulders. This made her take on personal research and self-healing. At that time, she received sessions of Alexander Technik, who were focused on helping her bring back her position and movement. But as she received this gentle touch, her emotions would surge to the surface, and Alexander's teacher was not trained to help her. So he was traveling around the city to New York to spend time with a gestalt therapist. But in her therapeutic sessions her emotions were not so easily incited. This made her start to combine this gentle touch with conversation to integrate the two systems into her body. The result was more than two separate units, so the term "synergy".

Rubenfeld The synergists are men and women who came to the same realization or "aha" moment in their careers and lives. They saw Ilana Rubenfeld or another "synergist" performing the "magic" that happens during a session. They saw, with their own eyes, the transformation of the client's experience in receiving this type of listening and intensive dialogue. This aha moment has brought bodyguards (masseurs, chiropractors, reiki practitioners, nurses and other practitioners who use touch in their work), psychotherapists (psychologist, social workers, married and family therapists, psychiatric counselors and even psychiatrists, used only customer conversations), hosts, businessmen, advocates, medical professionals, artists, musicians, and others. in the healing experience of becoming Rubenfeld's certified synergists.

Where can you find a qualified specialist on this unusual and powerful job? Here are the locations of today's certified synergists and the places just continue to expand and this job reaches hungry clients and curious therapists.

Certified synergists in the United States

  • Washington
  • Oregon
  • California
  • Arizona
  • Montana
  • Wyoming
  • Colorado
  • New Mexico
  • Minnesota
  • Tennessee
  • Indiana
  • Michigan
  • Ohio
  • Florida
  • Georgia
  • South Carolina
  • North Carolina
  • Virginia
  • West Virginia
  • Washington
  • Pennsylvania
  • new York
  • Maryland
  • Delaware
  • New Jersey
  • Connecticut
  • Massachusetts
  • Vermont

Certified synergists in Canada

  • British Columbia
  • Alberta
  • Ontario, California

Certified synergists in Europe

  • Wales
  • England
  • Ireland
  • Scotland

Trainees in Taiwan

If you are looking for a way to cure your body and your emotional disorders without medication, RSM is a way to explore. If you want to help your clients heal both physical and emotional pain, you can start to study this powerful method for only 7 months. Check out the Rubenfeld Synergy website to find a practitioner in your location and check the Rubenfeld Training Institute website to learn about upcoming trainings.


New England Travel Guide – Places to Visit


New England is a beautiful part of the world at any time of the year. New England refers to the northeast states of Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Massachusetts, Connecticut, and Rhode Island. Traveling through this area can be done by bus, car, train, plane, seaplane or ship.

Guide to New England: Boston Area

Boston is considered to be the cosmopolitan "capital" of New England. With such rich cultural history, Boston is certainly a great place to relax, as it has a lot to offer to the whole family. However, due to the way Boston is exposed, it can be intricate maneuvering, and is easy to miss on foot. The Southern Railway Transport Center is the perfect starting point for tourists. This terminal includes an MBTA metro station that includes not only underpasses but also buses. The southern station is part of the train and the Amtrak train. The bus station is located in the southern station and serves interstate and regional buses.

Some of the places to visit in Boston include:

– Boston Common, which is Boston Central Park and is the center of Boston.
– Beacon Hill is old-fashioned and charming with its 18th and 19th-century houses on narrow colonial days like the streets
– The Charles Esplanada River – a Charles River valley area where Hitch Memorial is the venue for outdoor concerts.
– The Faneuil Hall Market and Quincy Market are a historic and well-known area with all kinds of shops, taverns and food retailers.

Guide to New England: Connecticut

The Connecticut Coastline attracts between the well-planned Greenwich neighborhood to New Haven, a very different town from Greenwich, as it is more of a city of industry and business. Due to the frequency of train journeys, these neighborhoods are considered to be the suburbs of New York.

Places to visit while visiting the Connecticut Coastline include:

– The Hammonasset State Park is a preferred resort area because of its fine sandy beaches and a bit of warm water.
– Wine and vineyards. There are more than a dozen in Connecticut, and many along the coast. Thanks to geography (moderate impact on the Long Island Sound climate), grapes love this area.
– The Connecticut River is dotted with fascinating historic cities. Many of them are rich cities due to shipbuilding activities in 1700 and 1800.
– Mystic Seaport is a place for children and adults. Horse riding with carts, climbing aboard vessels, and a boat trip along the Mystic River.

Guide to New England: Connection to Nature in Vermont

Vermont is the perfect place for all outdoor activities: hiking, cycling, skiing and camping. Where should you go when you visit Vermont? Try Montpelier, Middlebury, Northeast Kingdom and Plymouth to name a few.

– A visit in the spring, or "Mild Time" when Vermonters pick up harvesting maple juice and turn it into maple syrup. This is fun, environmentally friendly activity for everyone in the family.
– Killington is one of the best places to ski. Even with its long winter season, Killington is well-known for its snowmaking and shaping.
– If you're looking for Europe, Stowe is the place. At the home of the highest mountain of Vermont, the city is rolling emerald hills, steep slopes and windy roads.

In the New England area there are many interesting and historic cities. While each country may just be a bit different, they all have the same great qualities in New England: fresh air, a healthy lifestyle and beautiful scenery.


The Must-See Ski Resorts in USA


Ski is one of the best winter sports and there is nothing bigger than sliding on the snow-capped mountains for winter sports lovers. To satisfy the passion for an outdoor business, especially skiing, we present a list of some unusual ski resorts in the United States.

Breckenridge Ski Resort in Colorado, covering 2358 acres, has 155 trails. The longest Four O & s is 3.5 miles long and the resort stretches over more than ten peaks. Of 155 trails, 36% are known for the toughest slopes only for experts and 13% for the lightest slopes. Aspen Mountain Ski Resort is located in the middle of the Rocky Mountains, Aspen, Colorado. One of the smallest ski resorts, it covers 673 acres and stretches over Aspen mountain and Mount Bell, which has an altitude of 11,212 feet.

Killington, Vermont is the largest resort in the eastern United States. Covering Vermont's second highest mountain, Killington Peak, this resort boasts 200 ski slopes and 33 ski lifts, extending over 7 mountains. About 17,000 people come here on a wonderful day. Another famous tourist destination with three different ski resorts is Park City, Utah. The three resorts are Park City Mountain Resort, Canyon Resort and Deer Valley Resort. Park City Mountain Resort has 104 trails covering 3300 acres. The Canyons Resort, covering nine 3700-acre mountains and 155 slopes, is the largest of the three. The Deer Valley Resort has recently been renovated, including 200 acres and nine new tracks.

Heavenly Mountain Resort is located on Lake Tahoe, on the border between Nevada and California. Its main features are its area of ​​4,800 acres, 95 slopes and its height 10,067 feet. This is the largest ski resort in California. Pocono Mountains in Pennsylvania have more than 10 different ski resorts. Of the ten largest is the Camelbeck ski area. It has 33 slopes, an area of ​​139 acres and a height of 2133 feet. Its steepest slope is 800 feet. Near the Camelbeck ski area is Jack Frost Big Boulder Resort, which has two resorts united in one with about 30 different ski runs. All of the above mentioned ski resorts are very popular with ski lovers and the best ski resorts in the USA.


Believe in the Benefits of Fishing


It is difficult to successfully challenge the benefits of fishing, so why not try to find out how fun it is? Countries like Nevada, California and Texas have launched "Take Me Fishing" campaigns targeting more fishermen. Vermont reported an increase in urban fishermen with "Reel Fun Vermont", in addition to the rise of fishermen from 20 to 30 years.

Fishing is a group and individual sport, regardless of the age of man. People are intrigued enough to gather around and watch others fish. Companies are starting to set up fishing kits for young and small children to participate in the action. The additional reasons why people enjoy this outdoor activity include fresh air, sunlight and vitamin D. Some of the most popular reasons are given below.

Reduce stress. Fish on the banks of a river, stream or lake. Discard surf on the beach. Relax in your boat while fishing the lake. You can hear birds sing and see butterflies blooming from flower to flower as you sit under a shady tree waiting for a boom or a trailer on the line. Enjoy a day out and have fun.

Sneak in simple aerobics and exercise. The exercise begins with a move from the vehicle to the water. You will probably carry a cooler in addition to your fishing tackle and fishing rod. Swimming in the water is a form of exercise with low impact and less stress on the ankles, knee and hip joints than pedestrians. Casting baits is a good aerobic activity that promotes the cardiovascular system!

Increase and resume flexibility and dexterity. Attaching the hook or lure takes skill. It also requires small, complex movements that refine the subtle body skills of the body. Line dumping, line winding, and pole motion are activities that require muscles that you may not use very often.

Discover your place in the environment. External skills such as reading maps and guiding with a compass are part of the talents of an experienced fisherman. Learn to recognize signals that indicate an upcoming change of time. Fishing requires knowledge to identify different fish species as well as to study their habitat. Participate in surveys and seminars sponsored by local groups and government agencies while making a positive difference in the ecosystem.

Communicate. There is no reason to be alone. Most fishermen enjoy the exchange of stories about the one who has fled and his favorite fishing holes. Fishing is a sport for people of all ages. Admire the first catch of the child. Discuss the pros and cons of catch and release programs with a park ranger. Take a charter trip to get more fun tips and excitement that has been practiced for thousands of years.