Chicago Blues Clubs – A Night Out on the Town Blues Style


Chicago is the largest city in the Midwest and since 2008 is the third largest city in the whole country. The city has a rich musical heritage, including a symphony orchestra and opera. Blues, gospel, soul and jazz music have been present in Chicago for many, many years.

There are several clubs in the Chicago Blues because the blue is so popular in Windy City.

– Club 7313 is located on S. Halsted Street in Chicago. This club is described as an authentic blue blues. The interior features red carpets and wooden paneling.

– The Barn of Barrington is located on S. Barrington Rd and includes jazz, reggae and of course blues. This club offers an open microphone on Wednesday. There is also a 4-star restaurant, as well as superb banquet halls.

-Bues Island Pub is located on W. Vermont. This pub offers live music 5 nights a week. Presented are the best blues groups in Chicago.

– The creative salon of E. 83rd Street, is located on the south side. Weekly coverage is charged, but during the week is absolutely free!

Chicago Chicago Blues Clubs are based in Chicago because of the popularity of the city's music and musical roots.

Dell Rhea's glass basket and cocktail lounge are located on the historic (old) road 66. This blue-blue club is retro and offers many delicious fried foods. Here you will also find the Blue Rooster Lounge.

-The tattoo's house, located on W. Division St., You can get barbecue plates to die here, and local blues musicians play every night of the week.

– Frankie's Blue Room at W Chicago. Decorated in the style of the 40s, a gloomy, gloomy spot that can boast a deck if you get tired of the mood of his blues.

Blues music has its roots in African-American working songs from the beginning of the century (1900). Some of the early blue musicians include Samuel Coleridge-Taylor and WC Handy. One of the original professional blue singers was Ma Raey, who claims to have invented the word Blues. Other musicians were Victoria Spievey and Bessie Smith.

More Chicago Clubs Blues:

The lean blues of South Chicago are painted in black inside and decorated with mirrors and red carpets. The crowd runs gamma, each of the older blue-eyed to students.

– House of Blues on Avenue N. Dearborn. HOB runs a restaurant called The Back Porch, where live Blue Blue music is played every night. There is also a large collection of folk works covering both the walls and the ceiling.

Angle of Somalis at Walsh on Madison Street A great place in the summer to listen to blues on the street and eat catfish.

Kingston Minnes. Halsted St. is one of Chicago's most prominent clubs in Chicago. Two stages. Two tapes. Night duels in a comfortable and informal atmosphere that serves all sorts of dishes like burgers, wings, Polish sausages, catfish. Since Kingston Mines is so popular, they have their own shop where you can buy their goods so you can take part of Blue's home with you.