Amato’s Franchise Review


The Amato franchise is a chain of submarine sandwich shops in northern New England, USA. It was founded by Giovanni Amato in 1902. Recent expansion was marked in the form of a franchise, most notably in the locations of Irving Oil / Circle K in Maine and New Hampshire, the locations of Maplefield in New York and Vermont.

The company can also sell pizza and spaghetti sauces at Hanauford supermarkets. Giovanni Amato and his wife start a shop on Indian Street in Portland, Maine. Amato's sandwiches contained American cheese, ham and fresh vegetables that Italian migrants seemed to enjoy on the shore. Dominique Really, an employee in Amato, India, on a street in 1972, buys the store from his boss.

The company has grown from one store to 12 under Reali and is also starting a franchise. Real has also added acid pickles, Greek olives and a mixture of olive and vegetable oil with the famous Italian real. With over a hundred different assortments of pasta, pizzas, sandwiches and menu salads, Amato's is the perfect escape from dull food. "True Italian" is the way Amato describes all the food on his menu, but that's also the name of one of their extremely popular sandwiches that have become a real icon.

Founded in 1903, "True Italian" Amato today is universally desired by countless customers of any age, race, and socio-economic status. It's a little overwhelmed, amazingly tasty and completely different from any sandwich it ever had. The Italian submarine is best known for Amato.

Amato always welcomes new people who are interested in the due franchise. The hard-working, dedicated and friendly to the customers are focused on the franchise transfer. It is good to be part of this growing business. Those who are willing to share their passion with Amato products and engage in excellence can easily take advantage of the opportunity to own a franchise. In addition to the in-depth six-week training program, Amato's assistants will receive a full collection of training aids and materials that also include:

  • Support for site selection
  • The right to use Amato's trademarks and established successful operating techniques as outlined in the operations manual
  • A full set of training and exploitation instructions and materials
  • Training aid (on site)
  • Using Started Sources of Delivery, including negotiated prices, which could not be achieved through a self-sufficient sandwich shop
  • The Benefits of Its Business Secrets Forms, Property and Recipes

Expenditure on franchising:

  • Franchise Fee – $ 25,000
  • Royalties – 6% of gross sales
  • Initial costs range from 380,000 to 500,000 dollars
  • Depending on the financial situation, the franchisee must be able to finance 60-70% of its investment
  • Franchisees may be targeting some sources of funding but no funding.

NOTE: This franchise is only available to residents of the following states: Connecticut, Massachusetts, New York, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, Vermont and individuals with more than $ 100,000 to invest.

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