Parking Issue, How Deep Rooted Is It?


It is believed that the United States has nearly 2 billion parking spaces. Parking spaces are asphalt deserts, which people do not like to distribute only for public convenience. There are eight parking spaces in the country. For example, Houston has a parking space of about 30 people in some of the American cities; the parking area covers more space. To roughly approximate the 500 million occupancy spaces, close to 3590 square miles, this means that the area is larger than Rhode Island and Delaware. If it is 2 billion as the right number, it's surely four times from Vermont and Connecticut.

What to do?

Beginners must take these batches seriously. Town planners and many architects fail to look at the design of the car parks. It is important to look at lots of public spaces, as this is a very important part of infrastructure such as sidewalks and streets. Places are changing and developing based on activities, and even the best architecture is not permanent. The fact can not be denied that many teenage parties, street hockey games, farmers' markets and church services are already taking many places. It is high time to recognize the need and to promote diversity. Nowadays many have adapted themselves by organizing seminars and events.

The city and suburban slots are different and there is no way to control the purchase of cars. Thus, the only way out is to stop cars and consider public transport. It is best to start than to simply expect others to make room for parking. Vehicle reliance has become a practice, as it is often noted that public transport systems are terrifying. However, the truth also remains that cars will not go too soon, especially in the suburbs or cities like Los Angeles, and again the parking problem hangs on your neck.

The reason

Big cities like New York have to give up the zoning codes and consider creating parking places in a housing unit ratio. This may be per square meter of retail space. The minimum rules for parking spaces are resolved in increasing the cost of housing for residents and builders, environmental damage and diverted money, resulting in the addition of parking spaces. In fact, it is now established that in some places there are large empty garages and because they are well-occupied, there are parking spaces built in hundreds to facilitate the tenants. On the other hand, even the garages near the Yankee Stadium, built against the objections of the Bronx neighbors, terrified by the loss of parking spaces to create more parking spaces, do not turn up to 60%, especially in the hottest days. Thus, urban builders lost a fortune and the urban public space.

The parking problem is increasing and it is now right people who buy or rent new homes to pay extra if they want to have a parking space for their car. It is precisely the municipalities that can limit the maximum lot or the ratio of the spaces to the offices and the dwellings.


Opioid Addiction: New Approach Gives Hope to Patients Awaiting Treatment


Against the backdrop of the growing opioid crisis in the United States, the capacity of available treatment programs does not meet demand. As a result, people in need of treatment for heroin addiction or prescribed painkillers should wait months, sometimes even years, to receive appointments with certified doctors or to find slots in rehabilitation programs. While waiting to consult with experts, they are at risk of contracting HIV or hepatitis, as well as by overdose death.

To deal with the risks associated with opiates in people waiting to treat addiction, Dr. Stacy Sigmon and her colleagues at the University of Medicine and Pharmacy in Vermont have proposed a new therapeutic approach. They have developed an interim treatment that can help reduce the use of illicit opioids and injecting drugs among waiting patients.

The intervention proposed by Sigmon will save patients from frequent visits to a doctor or clinic. Opiate addiction treatment fights with buprenorphine, a drug approved by the American Food and Drug Administration (FDA), and an electronic dispenser that provides a single daily dose. The mechanism includes locks and warnings to ensure medical compliance and prevent tampering. It also has an automated phone-based surveillance system and randomized callback visits for the number of tablets and inspection tests. This is a temporary agreement for patients waiting for opiate treatment to allow them to start taking medication immediately while waiting for a comprehensive program.

The 12-week experience aimed at establishing the effectiveness of the intervention showed positive results. The study found that intermediate buprenorphine helps participants in opioid-dependent pending waiting to withstand the use of illegal drugs. Researchers have recommended temporary therapy as an effective approach to helping patients prevent potential fatal dangers from opiate use while waiting for an intensive care program.

The US opiate crisis

The epidemic of opiates affects millions in the country. The National Drug and Health Survey (NSDUH) for 2016 suggests that 11.8 million Americans aged 12 or over are abusing opiates during the year. The country reported the highest opiate abuse among young adults aged 18-25, registering an annual rate of 7.3% over the past year. The opiate epidemic claims thousands of lives every year. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), opiate abuse – heroin, fentanyl and prescription drugs – led to 33,091 deaths in 2015. Additionally, non-fatal involuntary opiate poisoning contributed to about 53,000 hospitalizations and 92,262 emergency departments (ED) visits across the country.

Heroin, in particular, has woken up in recent years. The CDC reported a twofold increase in heroin use among young adults aged 18 to 25 over the last decade. With increased drug use, heroin-related deaths also grew significantly, with four times more than in 2010. Heroin-related mortality increased by 20.6% between 2014 and 2015, with around 13,000 people die of the same only in 2015

Dealing with heroin abuse

Researchers point to a strong link between past opioid abuse and the onset of heroin use. In addition, official data show that more than 90 percent of people who have used heroin have also reported that they have used at least one other drug. Increased availability and relatively low cost (compared to prescribed opioids) are some of the common factors that contribute to the increasing use of heroin. Strong action against drug dealers and educating people about the dangerous consequences of using heroin can help tackle the problem.


Upgrading Manatees’ Status


Since my teen years, I have been a very keen tourist, and over the past decades I have spent most of my trekking in the woods where the bears are numerous – the Rocky Mountains in Montana, the Green Mountains in Vermont and the perennial pine plantations of northeast Florida.

But I have never noticed a bear in the wild. I would like, in the right circumstances, namely not to be within half a mile of grizzly, or somewhere close to Mommy a black bear with her little ones.

On the other hand, although I am a part-time occupant and many occasional motorists, I have many times encountered Lamantes in Florida. I saw them appear in the ramp for the boats on the inland waterway, along the ancient fortress walls of Castillo de San Marcos in St. Augustine, and the 72-degree waters of the Blue Spring State Park near Sanford where they gather in cold weather to escape from the cool St Johns River. Even sometimes I can see them from the apartment balcony in downtown Fort Lauderdale as they swim in the New River, 17 floors below.

The Manatees are not so beautiful, and perhaps not as sweet as your average bear. But in my experience, they were a nice accessible mammal on big tickets.

Still, despite accessibility, manatas are considered to be threatened for the entire period in which I have met them. For a species that is supposed to face a significant risk of extinction, the Lamans are unusually easy to find.

Now, however, wildlife representatives seem ready to admit what many laymen could say to them for a long time. Maniatas have not disappeared, even in Florida, where casual and fast yachts pose the greatest risks to their populations.

At a recent press conference, the US Fish and Wildlife Service announced that the marine landscape population should be reclassified as "threatened" rather than threatened. Officials said the change reflects the recovery of the population; environmentalists have counted slightly more than 1,200 marathons in Florida in 1991, while the current estimate is over 6300. Worldwide, FWS estimates the population of Lamantine is about 13,000.

The announcement commemorates the beginning of a 90-day period in which the public can submit comments to the agency on the proposed change. The FWS will then take a final decision.

Despite the good news for the recovery of the manan populations, there are also those who oppose the change of name. US envoy Verne Buchanan, R-Fla., Has already sent a letter called the proposed change "misguided and premature". (1) Pat Rose, executive director of the Save the Manatee club, told Miami Herald that FWS's confidence that existing protections would remain in place is insufficient.

"Between 2010 and 2013, the population has gone back and do not even talk about it," Rose said. (2) Critics of the plan suggest that the size of the population should not be the arbiter of the success of the defense, but rather how effectively these protections lead the animals out of harm.

The Endangered Species Act is like a stupid legislative instrument to ensure the conservation objectives of wildlife. It's not a matter of humane treatment of individual animals, despite critics' protests. Instead, the law is designed to protect the entire gene pool of species in extreme circumstances when the very survival of this species is at risk. As such, it encourages rigorous measures that will not apply in cases where the danger is less acute.

Maniatas and all other marine life still guarantee protection from negligence and consequent injury and cruelty. Missing natural predators, marine personalities face major threats of human activity, ranging from habitat loss to deadly collisions with fast-moving boats or boats. In order to further promote the recovery and safety of the seafarer, such legal protection will remain important for a long time, if not indefinitely. Some of these protections will remain in force due to the federal-level Marine Mammal Protection Act and the State-level Florida Manate Asylum Act, none of which will be affected by the FWS decision.

It is also worth recalling that endangered species still receive a lot, albeit not all, federal defenses that are provided to endangered species. Recognizing that marathons are threatened and not threatened will primarily give FWS the power to fine-tune the defense best suited to the needs of the population in different areas. Identifying manikins as endangered would mean recognizing the continuing need for protection, while allowing for more flexibility in delivering them.

Partnerships between local authorities and private interests can provide conditions in which wildlife receives the protection it needs while human activity can continue in a productive and safe way. While such cooperation is not always easy to organize, it will ultimately benefit everyone, rather than the more rigorous measures needed when a being is really on the brink of extinction.

Applying draconian provisions to the Endangered Species Act in situations where they are not justified is a form of crying wolf, which means that the law may not be available to protect the species that really need it. One of these species, in fact, was the wolf – whose status and exclusion from the list of endangered in different countries is a sort of dispute.

But this is a fairy tale (or maybe a queue?) For another day.


1) WLRN, "The Federal Reserve seeks to change the status of Lamantine to" Threatened "

2) Miami Herald, "Florida lamas in line to lose the" endangered "type of label, federal say move is a sign of recovery"


Unique Birthday Gifts


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Prevailing Wage Fringes – How to Take a Credit for Health Insurance


Taking a health insurance against the full prevailing wage compensation and correctly reporting the WH-347 Federal Salary Report can be very confusing, especially if you are an open shop, but sometimes you are dealing with a union agreement.

For example, if your company does a lot of predominant wages and private work. If you offer health insurance to all your employees, the company pays 75% of the monthly premium, and employees pay the remaining 25% through employee deductions.

Accepting a health insurance loan against the full benefit of wages is confusing, NOT ONLY you.

From what I know (and I realize I'm in Vermont and know enough about prevailing wage rules and rules to be dangerous – maybe I do not know the whole fine font for your particular country). I'll explain what I know, and then you need to check it out with the Local Labor Department's Prevailing Unit, just to be sure.

First, you'll need to determine the company's monthly contribution to each employee and the rest of this example; Let's suppose we have an employee named Frank and your company pays $ 173.33 per month for his health insurance.

Stage 1 – Take $ 173.33 -> multiply it by 12 = this is equal to the company's annual maximum contribution ($ 2,079.96).

Step 2 – Take the company's annual contribution ($ 2,079.96) and divide it up to 2080 hours -> it will give you "hourly credits" of $ 0.99 – remember, as far as the prevailing wages go, everything is based on an hourly rate.

In the QuickBooks, edit the employee's record of Frank -> go to the payroll and compensation section -> in the "Additions, deductions and contributions of companies" block, find the position for a health insurance contribution and enter the two-hour "rate" and the annual maximum.

So now let's say that Frank is classified as Flagger, which produces $ 11.15 an hour, and the full tax package is $ 4.40 per hour, and on the basis of the calculations above he has paid $ 1 health insurance contributions, 00 per hour. In QuickBooks, his payment level becomes $ 14.55 ($ 11.15 base PLUS $ 3.40 cash banknotes).

When you generate your federal WH-347 certified salary reports, you will want to pay special attention to Column 6 – Payout Rate / Cash Line. Here you will want to report $ 11.15 (base rate) / $ 3.40 (balance of cash payment in cash).

In the Declaration of Conformity you will want to check both boxes 4a – Fringe Benefits paid to approved plans, funds or programs And 4b – Fringe Benefits are paid in cash.

Important Notes:

  1. 2,080 hours is a standard number of hours of construction industry per year. It is based on 40 hours a week in a 52-week period.
  2. You will want to edit both the payout components of the company and employees and indicate that everyone has an annual limit so QuickBooks can automatically withhold the deduction when the annual limits are reached.
  3. On a weekly basis, both company contribution and employee retention must be calculated on the basis of the total number of hours the employee has worked on the two private and predominant salaries.
  4. When the company's annual limit is reached, you'll want to "add" the credit to the worker's hourly rate for the remainder of the year.
  5. You will need to make these calculations each time your health insurance premiums are changed.


Relading Supplies: One of Five Steps to a Successful Hunt


Whether a hunter is waiting for a turkey season in the spring or autumn season in the autumn, it is never too early to start planning the next hunting expedition. Being prepared in advance can contribute to the experience of wildlife. Riding in the field with inadequate supplies will prevent lovers and experienced hunters. Knowledge is strength and little research in the off-season can lead to a smart and successful event. The next five steps will ensure preparedness for productive hunting: taking care of licenses and permits, arranging accommodation, scheduling cleaning and repair, buying ammunition and supplies, and B plan.

Most countries streamline their licensing and authorization procedures and applications on the Internet these days, but some require additional documentation such as a training certificate and proof of residence. Vermont, for example, requires certification of a bow hunter training course or a valid archery license for a hunting license. Some countries have a lottery system for distributing a limited number of gaming licenses. Applications submitted earlier have the best chance of success and avoided waiting for documents to arrive by mail. Once you plan where and when to catch, it is good to arrange placement earlier. Popular lodges and tour guides are often arranged one year or more in advance. An expedition can be destroyed by the inability to book a room in advance, so early bookings will provide maximum time in the field.

Quickly stored appliances from the previous year should be reviewed before packing for any hunting trips. Professional cleaning and repair is the best way to avoid damage to the equipment and the risk of injury. Weapons and ammunition that are not properly stored may not work, so organizing quoting supplies from a reputable dealer near your hunting area is the best practice to ensure successful hunting.

Finally, keep in mind Plan B. Whether the plan is to hunt black bears in Montana in the winter, turtles in Florida in the spring, or the antelope in Wyoming in the autumn, as Plan B can avoid disappointment if your career does not cooperate. The harvest varies from year to year, and knowing what's still in the season during your visit can lead to productive hunting if proper permits, equipment, and related supplies are packaged with Plan B. Experienced athletes often keep a diary from year to year, noting the locations, conditions, equipment, and other variables that affect hunting. However, as an alternative plan you can do the best of your time, whatever the conditions may be.

So, preparation for the off-season can prevent many problems, from expired licenses and licenses to lack of accommodation. Maximizing safety and efficiency requires planning the necessary cleaning and repair and purchase of adequate ammunition and retransmission consumables. Finally, if you think about a B plan ahead of the season, you can be prepared for just about everything.


More Efficient Mail With US Zip Codes


Postcodes are used by the US Post Office for more efficient mail delivery. The basic format of the US postal codes consists of five numbers. The first three numbers represent the center of the sections and the other digits represent the older postal code for a particular country or city. The process of using postcodes encoded for US cities came into force in 1943, but in 1963 postcodes were introduced throughout the country.

Part of the central postal code center is the mail handling center. Here, the mail is sorted by the first three digits of the zip code and sent to the proxies in each location. These figures identify the centers across the country. In individual centers, the mail is then sorted by the last three digits and sent to the post offices where recipients receive their mail. Segment centers do not deliver mail and are not open to the public.

By 1967, the second and third mail did not require zip code. After that date, however, it became mandatory for all mail to have the correct postal code in the address. In 1983, the US further expanded the zip code function by creating a Zip Code + 4. These four digits were then used to identify a specific geographic area. In the SCF, the machine identifies the postal code and sends the mail so that it goes to the correct post office.

Today, the first digits of the postal code identify the status or SCF. The second and third digits identify a region of the state and the fourth and fifth numbers identify a specific address in that region. The capital city receives the zip code and then the surrounding cities follow a numerical order.

The distribution of the first postcode number is as follows:

– 0 – Connecticut, Massachusetts, Maine, New Hampshire, New Jersey, Puerto Rico, Rhode Island, Vermont, US Virgin Islands, Army post Europe, Navy post office Europe

– 1 – Delaware, Pennsylvania and New York

– 2 – District of Columbia, Maryland, North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia and West Virginia

– 3 – Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Mississippi, Tennessee, America's Army Post, America's Navy Fleet

– 4 – Indiana, Kentucky, Michigan and Ohio

– 5 – Iowa, Minnesota, Montana, Montana, North Dakota, South Dakota and Wisconsin

– 6 – Illinois, Kansas, Missouri and Nebraska

– 7 – Arkansas, Oklahoma, Texas and Louisiana

– 8 – Arizona, Colorado, Idaho, New Mexico, Nevada, Utah and Wyoming

Alaska, American Samoa, California, Guam, Hawaii, the Marshall Islands, the Federated States of Micronesia, the Northern Mariana Islands, Oregon, Palau, Washington, the Pacific Ocean Post Office and the Pacific Ocean Navy Post Office.

Postcodes can also be divided and changed when a rural area becomes a suburb of a larger city. The new codes take effect after they are announced, but there is a grace period that allows residents to get used to their new postal code. When a city expands, so that the sectional facility can not cope with the entire mail that comes through it, it is sometimes necessary to open a new facility, which then gets its own number. This also changes the zip code for people living in this area.


A Tourist Guide to the Berkshires


1. Introduction:

It is characterized by hilly heights and peaks and dissected from the river valleys, Berkshires, considered to be the southern expansions of Vermont's Green Mountains, passing through West Massachusetts and Connecticut, decreasing in height and profile from north to south and west to east. Named by Sir Francis Bernard in honor of his native county in England, they create both an alpine geological and cultural area, attractive for tourism during the summer months.

2. History:

The wind, weather and erosion erosion of ever-rising mountains that formed the valleys of Housatonic, Green, and Hoosic after the last ice age retreated about 25,000 years ago created the current hills and low-height peaks.

The Mohicans Indians who had escaped from the Hudson River settlements in the mid-1600s served as the first documented settlers in the Berkshire area and were considered to be instrumental in training white men for basic survival skills, such as cleansing the earth for growing crops and tapping a maple tree to collect syrup.

Energy-intensive industries attracted by the numerous rivers of the area use abundantly available raw materials including sand, granite, limestone and marble from quarries and iron and clay in mines to produce timber, grain, paper and textiles in the process of attracting the workforce and their families needed to manage their mills and plants.

Instrumental in the transfer of these products and materials, the Hoosac Tunnel, facilitating the country's first north railway route, connects Boston to the East Coast with the Midwest.

By generating considerable interest in the region, many remarkable artists and visual artists from the 19th and 20th centuries included areas and themes in their work.

Today Berkshires are synonymous with nature, country inns, historical landmarks, art, theater, film and music.

3. Orientation:

In addition to regional portals such as Pittsfield Municipal Airport, which are mainly served by private and corporate aircraft, there are no regular airlines serviced by Berkshire, with the three closest airports being Albany, New York (52 miles), Hartford, Connecticut 103 miles) and Boston, Mass. (143 miles).

The region, which can be divided into northern, central and southern stretches, consists of 32 cities and needs an hour and a half to two hours without stopping to travel. Accessible from Route 7 to the west and Route 8 for part east of it, its picturesque, seemingly temporary, typical New England towns surrounded by inns, white church bells, art galleries, and craft and antique shops are often dismembered by rearranged or redirected arteries, including Road 2 in North Adams, Pittsfield Road 7, Route 102 / Main Street in Stockbridge and Route 7 / Main Street in Great Barrington.

4. Northern Berkshire:

North Adams:
The North Adams, as its name suggests, is the main city in northern Berkshire. Once a busy center of textiles and footwear in the 19th century, he has since attracted attention to education and culture with the Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts and the Museum of Contemporary Art in Massachusetts. Much of its history can be traced to the Western Gateway Heritage State Park.

West Gate State Park:
Taking the place of the former Boston freight yard and main railway line, the park, consisting of several restored buildings that once had cargo and cargo for transportation, was turned into shops, eating outlets and a museum around the cobbled yard, now all listed in the National Register of Historic Places.

The museum, called the "Celebration of the Hawassak Tunnel and the Iron Horse Age," depicts the life of North Adams at the beginning of the 19th century and the influence the tunnel and rail industry has had on it and northern Berkshire. County.

Placed under a vast and shallow sea some 450 million years ago, according to the museum, the North Adams region extends into the coastline west of Ohio and its larger depths lie east of Boston. Its mountains Hoosac, Berkshire, Taconic and Appalachian were formed 225 million years later when the pressure created by North American and African continental clashes on the old coastal seabed pushed the underwater cliff back, leading to the folded and overcrowded Mount of New England. is present today.

After the division of the slabs and the opening of the Atlantic, the present landscape of the peaks, valleys and plains was formed, while the subsequent glacial period, characterized by waves of advancement and retreat, carried huge stones to the south, in the process of tearing and milling. mountains in lower elevations.

As the climate gets warm, the ice that melts and discharges from the glaciers forms huge rivers, their rocks, clay and sand deposits that fill the valleys. Water deposits, which can not escape now, collected in glacial lakes.

Isolated, the Hoosak valley was accessible only from steep and insidious mountain passes that required days to cross, and the attacks of the French and their allies were not unusual, but its advantages proved to be considerable: the trees and stones provide raw materials for construction, the soil is fertile and facilitates the cultivation of crops, powerful rivers serve as energy sources, sand provides the basis for glass production, and iron becomes tools.

Although Fort Massachusetts, built in 1741 and the westernmost one created by the Colonial Government in Boston to protect its land, was attacked by the Indians, it serves to mark the location of the future city of North Adams. Replaced by a second structure, it enjoyed a more durable fate after the signing of the Gent Treaty of 1763, including the withdrawal of French and Indian.

British soldiers founded the early settlers from Hoosak who are engaged in agriculture, milling and woodworking and were renamed Adams in honor of Boston Patriot Samuel Adams after the Revolutionary War.

Growth generated by the power-generating Hawasak River has spawned dozens of small mills that were able to produce lumber and grain, while the turbulent population did not require the creation of a separate, separate North Asian settlement.

No greater influence on the area, however, is that it was created with the 1875 discovery of a 4.75 mile long Hoosac tunnel. The engineering miracle of the day, and the longest such railroad in North America east of the Rocky Mountains, was bored with manual labor and elementary picks, hammers and nitroglycerin explosives.

Linking the eastern industrial centers to the west through the only north railway route to the north, it transforms North Adams into a rail city.

The Visitors' Center Visitors Center at the Western Heritage Gateway Museum displays displays, films, a model of the HO model, and interactive tunnel exhibits in retired cars.

Reservation of the state of Mount Greylock
The mountains that protect North Berkshire offer additional opportunities for sightseeing, especially in the form of the nearby Mount Greylock.

Formed some 300 and 600 million years ago when an ancient seabed produces a metamorphic Graylock shadow and a white quartzite that will turn into eternal building books, it rises to a mountain peak when the continental collisions typical of taxa orogenesis pressure on such magnitude that the rocks fold into 20,000-foot projections. The completion of their millennial sculpting, meteorological conditions and erosion created their present height and profile.

Now part of the long 11 miles, 4.5 miles wide north-south, located between the Green Mountains to the north, the Hoosac mountains to the east, the Taconic Mountains to the west, and the Berkshires to the south and east, it serves as a central element of the mountain to reserve on Mount Graylock.

Its main road artery is part of the longer, 16.3-kilometer-high Mount Graylock Surrounding Bayway and includes an 11.5-kilometer section of the Apalachian National Stage.

Called either the gray cloud or the buckle that surrounds its peak in winter, or the Indian Indian boss, Gray Lock, was recognized by the Massachusetts community in 1898 to preserve the natural environment for public enjoyment. It is the first state park of the desert and contains its highest peak.

Managed by the Massachusetts Department of State Parks and Recreation, the 12,500-acre reservation, which reflects about 70 kilometers of trails, has been turned into transferable routes and routes by President Roosevelt's 107th Company Preservation Corpses provide employment in the era of depression, improve the environment and create public leisure facilities.

Between 1933 and 1939, they cut trees, improved roads, built buildings and built stone retaining walls and culverts, most of which still exist.

Inspiring, as well as many other natural landmarks in Berkshire, the literary expressions of well-known authors such as William Cullen Bryant and Oliver Wendell Holmes, the mountain drew them to the top. Ascended in the 1838 oxen cart, Nathaniel Hawthorne noted, "Every new aspect of the mountains (referring to the Hoosawa, Tacon and Kataklis plots visible to him) or the view from another position creates a surprise in the mind."

Henry David Toro followed in 1844, climbing himself while Herman Melville traveled with an 11-year-old party in 1851.

Mount Mount Greylock State Booking is available from road 7, which passes through Lanesborough itself before leading to a shutdown entry and after a short car drive to the Visitors Center. Supported by Park Rangers, it features exhibits and films and looks at the fields and forests that affect habitats typical of songbirds, wild turkeys, white deer and black bear. From it there are both pedestrian walks and the long road of 7.5 miles.

Upper slopes seen during the climb, shelter of the ancient forest spots that serve both the habitats of plants and animals, and several neglected views of them.

The Rocky Mile Mile 3.0, for example, offers panoramic views of hardwood and allows visitors to inspect small spruce and blueberries, while Jones Nose, just 7 miles up the road, turned to open meadows and shrubs, ideal for butterfly watches.

The CCC Dynamite, a kilometer 5.6, named in the 107th explosive storage area, leads to ferns, streams and wildflowers.

The New Ashford Overlook, 3 miles from here and overlooking the Greene Valley, Stony Lakes and the city of Williamstown, offers an interesting view of the end of the water stream. What originates from Hopper Brook, for example, descends to the Green, Hudson, and Hudson rivers before reaching its ultimate outpost in the Atlantic Ocean in New York.

Since the upper heights are characterized by longer winters, more rainfall and lower temperatures, the conditions are similar to those in the Canadian boreal forests, their fierce winds roaming and pecking trees as they fight the survival elements and their ice crystals , like a number of miniature knives cut into their bark and branches.

Hopper, the glacier circus located on the steep west slope, is the southernmost similar feature in New England, and is thus designated as a National Natural Landmark.

The Canadian Boreal Forest Growth, visible from the Apalachian Path of Mile 6.7, leads to the dominance of red spruce and balsamic spruce at and above the height of 3000 feet, along with mountain ash and yellow birch, while the curved maple and beech tree profiles express their winter battles for survival. As its name suggests, the area is part of a 2172-mile road stretching from Maine to Georgia.

At a height of 3,771 feet at Adams' peak, at 7.5 kilometers, a modest parking is required, but he, along with all areas over 3100 feet, has been designated a National Historic Area by the US Department of the Interior in order to respect and preserve the Civil Protection Corps.

Like the waves, green-colored by cloud clouds, the hills of Hoosac and Berkshire, along with the Green Mountains in Vermont and Taconic and Catskill peaks in New York, becoming a constantly changing color palette. The old and shadow, sometimes sunlit and lit by the moon, take on an almost ethereal look, viewed from the top, which is considered an island in the clouds, which itself is shaped and frozen in time.

There are several mountainous mountain structures, including the 92-meter memorial tower of the Massachusetts wars of war victims in 1933, and the Bascom Lodge, a rural, post-beam building designed by Pittsfield's architect, Joseph McArthur Vance . 1936 and 1937 merged with the landscape using stone cedar shale and red spruce and oak tree elements. Named after John Bascom, an early Grailock planning commissioner who advocates building summer houses, he has stone fireplaces and wood-beamed ceilings, welcoming tourists, skiers and asylum seekers as it is completed. The restaurant offers meals and nights can be reserved.

Its architecture reflects that of the nearby Thracian-Throat Skylight, which was built during the same period.

5. Central Berkshires:


As the center of Berkshire County, Pittsfield became the first district west of Boston to be declared a cultural area of ​​the Massachusetts municipality. Since it has been renamed to the Upstreet Cultural District, it offers a wide range of visual and performing arts, including the annual Artcapes Outdoor Exhibition, the Barrington Stage Company, Pittsfield City Stadiums, the Liechtenstein Art Center and the Gilded Age, the 780-seat Colonial a theater that is part of the Berkshire Theater Group and has since been named Hillary Clinton's "national treasure."

Additional information can be obtained from the Pittsfield Visitor Center, located on North Street and Columbus Avenue, in the modern intermodal transport center, a converging taxi, bus and train station.


In addition to the concentration of art, the interest in the area was reached by the later famous inhabitant, Herman Melville, who lived on the current Arrowhead farm, where another peak – that of Mount Graylock – served as inspiration for his famous novel. , Moby Dick.

Born in New York in 1819, Melville first visited the house of Pittsfield, then owned by his uncle, 13 years later, agriculture, tourism, and an annual trip to him until he moved in 1850 there with your family. this destination will be encompassing and global as any potential author, which he has not yet answered, the necessary materials and experience gathered along the way.

Sporadically and poorly educated, he initially tested the water through brutal positions before sailing – literally – starting a three-year voyage on the whaling ship. Briefly siphoning the sea for land in the Marquis Islands, he sailed back to Hawaii on a number of boats and eventually joined the Navy, whose United States returned to New York, and now needs a more sedentary lifestyle.

The travel destination is sometimes not noticeable until it is raced – in this case, this destination has become the pages it filled with the fruits that the trip brought him, resulting in five novels.

Although these captured sea adventures turned out to be liquid, the cash wages of their sales were little more than a perish.

Returning to his place of visits during his childhood, Melville took his family to Pittsfield in the summer of 1850 for a break from the heat and noise in New York and forcibly purchased the farm allegedly named after the native artifacts he dug up while plowing his fields.

With the sea in his blood, he never failed on land, especially in his second-floor library / office that served as a shelter from the other chaotic house he shared with his mother, his sisters, and of course his own family. ,

Tickets for home tours are located in the Visitor Center / Gift Shop behind it.

Although the area had enough inspiration and material, fabrics, threads, literary expressions, the house itself – and in particular the dining room – served as a basis for the narrative titled "Me and my chimney", which focused on the efforts of one woman to replace her with a large corridor. Оттогава думите от тази история са били нарисувани върху него, като свидетелство за борбата на собствената му жена да направи това, но като свой успешен триумф над тях. Въпреки това, историята включва най-пълното описание на къщата.

Подобни на Натаниел Хоторн и Оливър Уендел Холмс се забавляваха в северния салон, който разполага с втора, по-малка камина и маса, пълна с чай.

Въпреки че съпругата на Мелвил е написала цялата й кореспонденция във втория етаж, това беше проучването отвъд него, в което самият Херман осъзнаваше литературния си ръст, особено докато се взираше в гледката към планината Грейлок.

Тъй като разполагаше с локация без излаз на море, той служеше да го транспортира до морето. "Имам някакво морско чувство тук в страната …", пише той през декември 1850 година. "Моята стая вижда каютата на кораба и през нощта, когато се събуждам и чувам ветровете да крещят, Почти си представям, че в къщата има прекалено много платно и по-добре да отида на покрива и да монтирам комина.

Морските му образи обаче не свършваха дотук. В действителност, вдъхновен от внушителния изглед на планината през зимата, който покрит със сняг профил му напомня за гърба на големия бял сперматозоид, който разбива повърхността на океана, той създава известната класика роман, Moby Dick, който първоначално възнамеряваше да призове просто Whale.

Импулсивността, упражнявана за придобиване на къщата, която очевидно е заобиколена от логиката, е катализатор за неговата креативност, тъй като 13-те години, които той прекарва в „Ароухед“, му дава възможност да се издигне толкова високо, колкото планината, която го вдъхновява, като го кара да напише четири романа, почти всичките му кратки разкази и започват там с поезия.

The Mount:

Арроухед не беше единствената известна резиденция, от която се стичаха награди. Развиващата се линия Pittsfield-Lenox е The Mount, автобиографичният дом на авторката Edith Wharton, която "… показва нейните архитектурни и ландшафтни теории", според музея.

"Роден в привилегирования свят на стария Ню Йорк, където за жените социалните очаквания засенчват интелектуални амбиции", продължава тя, (тя е) по същество се самообразовала (като Херман Мелвил) и е първата жена, получила наградата Пулицър за Белетристика и първата … да получат почетен доктор на писма от Йейл. "

Завършвайки повече от 40 книги през 40-те години, включително най-добрите продавачи като Домът на рождението през 1905 г. и класиката на Нова Англия, Итън Фроу, през 1911 г. тя постига литературна слава.

Построена през 1902 г. въз основа на принципите, разгледани в работата й от 1897 г., декорацията на къщите, която е съавтор на архитект Огдън Кодмън, младши, се смята за автобиографичен израз на нейните архитектурни и ландшафтни теории и днес Национална историческа забележителност, като само пет процента от тези проекти се присъждат за постижения, свързани с жените.

Влюбена в Berkshires, тя изразява емоциите си пред Codman в писмо, когато пише: "Истината е, че съм влюбена в мястото – климат, природа, живот и всичко останало".

Както се случи с Херман Мелвил и Арроухед, Едит Уортън черпи вдъхновение от планината, чиито ефекти бяха изтъкани от нейните творби. Докато Мелвил поглъщаше гледката към планината Грейлок, тя направи същото с Лоръл Лейк и Лоръл Понд.

Също като Arrowhead, провежданите обиколки могат да бъдат взети от дома на Уортън, който тя смята за лична къща, а не за великолепно имение. „Трябва да направим нещата красиви“, пише тя в „Декорация на къщите“. "Те не растат от себе си."

Прехвърляйки тук най-съкровените си емоции, тя изпитва значителни промени, сътресения и личностно израстване, въпреки факта, че нейната окупация на къщата обхваща само десетилетие, до 1911 година.

Герои, настройки, сюжети и диалог, които формираха основата на най-продаваните й книги, бяха заснети на хартия в спалнята й на втория етаж, от другата страна на залата от будоара. Заобиколена от кучетата си, тя пише сутринта, използвайки дъска, подпряна на колене, и сгъна довършил, ръчно написани страници на пода за по-късно събиране и пишене от прислужницата.

Градините, предвидени като поредица от открити стаи и състоящи се от италиански ограден участък, френска цветна градина, алея от липи и терасовидна морава, разшириха философията си отвъд вътрешното пространство, позволявайки й да създаде свят на красота с която тя можеше да подсили творческия си дух.

Café Terrace, с изглед към тази естествена красота, се намира на основното ниво на къщата, а магазинът за подаръци Pins and Pegs е на приземния етаж.

Музей на железопътната железница в Бъркшир:

Въпреки че централната област Berkshire е известен с историческите домове на известни автори, като Херман Мелвил и Едит Уортън, може да се насладите на забележителности в Berkshire Scenic Railway Museum в Ленокс.

Основан през 1984 г. като туристически влак, той заема жилище в гара Lenox, която е една от трите такива съоръжения, заедно с тези на Lenox Dale и New Lenox, построени в средата на 1850 г. за жп линията Stockbridge и Pittsfield. Първоначално разположена на улиците Housatonic и Capital, и преди това използвана от ракетите Housatonic и New York, New Haven и Hartford, тя е била завладяна от пожар на 24 януари 1902 г. и заменена с рустикален камък и каменна конструкция през следващото лято.

Тъй като другите транспортни условия, особено автомобилите, замениха железниците, неговите станции често бяха изоставени или заети за други цели – в този случай строителна компания закупи сградата през октомври 1968 г. и я използва като ремонтна работилница и складова база, в крайна сметка да го дари на Berkshire Scenic Railway Museum през 1985 година. След продължителна реновация, той е приет в Националния регистър на историческите места шест години по-късно.

Въпреки че загубата на права за използване на трасето го принуди да анулира десетмилитровите си туристически екскурзии до Стокбридж, сградата на станцията, която включва експонати, модел на железопътна линия и магазин за подаръци, може да се види и кратко пътуване с железопътен двор, направено от двигател и каюта, позволява на посетителя да се качи на борда и да инспектира подвижния състав.

50-тонен дизелово електрически промишлен комутатор General Electric, построен в Ери, Пенсилвания, през 1957 г. и дарен от Обединената компания за осветителни тела в Ню Хейвън, Кънектикът, през 1986 г. се използва стандартно за спринта между гарата и двора.

Осем Pullman Standard треньори, построени между 1911 и 1925 г., осигуряват подводен транспорт от Hoboken до точките на Северна Ню Джърси, когато те се управляват от Делауеър, Lackawanna и Western Railroad, въпреки че преобразуването на 1920-те за управление на няколко устройства е разрешено. след този период да бъдем загърбени.

Пенсиониран през 1984 г. от службата в Ню Джърси, преди да бъдат използвани от Ери Лакаванна и Конрейл, те бяха посрещнати от Berkshire Scenic Railway.

Caboose C-591, който също е подслон, е построен през 1942 г. от Pullman Standard Company в Worcester, Massachusetts, и е експлоатиран като NE-5 клас кола от Ню Йорк, Ню Хейвън и Хартфорд Railroad, а по-късно и от Penn Central и Conrail. Смятан за "дом" в продължение на няколко дни, в него се намираше диригент на товарен влак и спирачка на задната седалка, който седеше в купола си, за да следи за изгаряне на оси и други аномалии, готвейки на въглищната си печка и спящ в двата си легла. Мивка и тоалетна завършиха помещението му.


Няколко мили южно от Ленокс е Стокбридж, друг град от Централен Беркшир, увековечен от известен художник – в случая Норман Рокуел.

Построен през 1739 г., самият Стокбридж се утвърди като индийско мисионерско селище, след което се превърна в богата лятна резиденция по време на позлатената епоха и накрая се превърна в живописната снимка на Нова Англия, която Рокуел с удоволствие е заснет на платно и в публикации, които е днес.

Много от възгледите и образите, които видя, все още могат да бъдат забелязани. Селището Грийн от 19-ти век е мястото на Конгрегационната църква от 1824 г., докато летни имения, построени от богатите индустриалци, са на главната улица, докато пътувате на запад. Библиотеката на Стокбридж, една от най-старите държавни, е построена през 1864 г., а нейните съставни части от лявото крило са нейната първоначална структура.

Тук се намира един от двата кампуса на Berkshire Theater Group, а другият е в Pittsfield. Начало на театралния фестивал в Бъркшир, той предлага изпълнения на три места в Стокбридж: Fitzpatrick Main Stage с 408 места, 122-местния театър Unicorn и наскоро представената сцената на Neil Ellenoff.

Hawthorne Cottage, който е малко на север от града, е домът, в който Натаниел Хоторн е написал къщата на Седемте фронтони между 1850 и 1851 година.

Red Lion Inn:

Един от най-старите сгради на Стокбридж и в момента е забележителност, хотел Red Lion Inn, разположен на ъгъла на път 7 и път 102 / главна улица, проследява своите корени до малката кръчма Silas Pepoon, създадена под знака на Червения лъв. Постепенно разширен през 1848 г., когато е бил известен като Stockbridge House, и 36 години по-късно, когато повдигнат покрив улеснява добавянето на трети етаж, той може да се похвали със 100 стаи за гости.

Възстановен през 1897 г., след като пожарът е изчерпал оригиналната структура, преименувана на Ye Red Lion Inn предишната година, тя отваря вратите си през зимата за първи път през 1955 година.

Днес, тази бяла боядисана забележителност на верандата предлага 125 старинни стаи и девет къщи за гости в селото; предлага американска и традиционна ястия от Нова Англия в основната трапезария, таверната на вдовицата Bingham и в лъвския лес, както и в сезонен вътрешен двор; и предлага развлечения на живо и продукти, произведени в Berkshire в магазина за подаръци.

"В един прекрасен град Беркшир Хилс, който някога е бил село", той се сблъсква, "на улица, която някога е била шосеен път, милостивата, историческа резиденция Ред Лион ви предлага топло посрещане."

Музей Норман Рокуел:

The Red Lion Inn, заедно с много други улици и структури на Stockbridge и района, могат да се видят замразени във времето на световноизвестния музей Norman Rockwell.

Роден, подобно на много синонимни художници от Беркшир, в Ню Йорк Сити – в този случай, в самия 1894-Рокуел, винаги е знаел, че дестинацията на живота му е изкуство, смятано да проправя ранен път към нея, посещавайки Ню Йорк Училище по изкуствата, Националната академия за дизайн и Лигата на студентите по изкуствата. Започвайки кариерата си като илюстратор на свободна практика, той първоначално представя работата си в публикации, ориентирани към младежта, като например Boys & # 39; Живот, а по-късно и за тези, които се грижат за по-зрели читатели, включително Живот, Литературен преглед, Държавен джентълмен, и този, за който е бил най-известен, The Saturday Evening Post, който той твърди, че "най-големият прозорец в Америка". Неговата работа исторически възхвалява 321 други корици за период от 47 години.

Преместен от Арлингтън, Върмонт, в Стокбридж през 1993 г., той прекара последните 25 години от живота си там, с изключение на една от които в студиото в центъра, което беше субективно преместено в сегашния музей на 36 акра с изглед към долината на река Housatonic. ,

"Основан през 1969 г.," според съоръжението ", с помощта на Норман и Моли Рокуел, музеят Норман Рокуел е посветен на удоволствието и изучаването на работата и приноса на Рокуел за обществото, популярната култура и социалните коментари. Музеят, който е акредитиран от Американската асоциация на музеите, е най-популярната целогодишна културна атракция в Беркшир.

Неговата модерна галерия, проектирана от архитект Робърт Ам Стърн, съдържа "най-голямата колекция от световно изкуство на Норман Рокуел (обхващаща 998 оригинални картини и рисунки), включително любими произведения за съботната вечер пост, емблематичните Четири свободи и вдъхновяваща по-късна работа, която изследва социалните проблеми на деня.

Името на официалния държавен художник на Общността на Масачузетс през 2008 г., Рокуел изрично изразява своята картина и илюстрира философията, когато казва: "Без да мисля прекалено много за това по-конкретно, показвах Америка, която познавах и наблюдавах на други, които не забелязах.

Може би най-известната му работа, в първата галерия на колекцията на музея Норман Рокуел, е "Дом за Коледа", маслото от 1967 г., което носи зрителя на Бъдни вечер и ходи на главната улица на Стокбридж, минаваща през Red Lion Inn, обществената библиотека и именията.

Неотдавнашна временна изложба "Неизвестният бункер: Едуард Хопър като илюстратор" предложи изследване на предимно неизвестната 20-годишна илюстративна кариера на този реалистичен майстор.

"В развитието на всеки художник зародишът на по-късната работа винаги се намира в по-ранната …", каза той. "Това, което някога е бил, той винаги е, с лека модификация. Промяната на модата в методите или предмета може да го промени малко или никак."

Студиото на Рокуел, Linwood Cottage, се отличава с обзавеждане, библиотека и оригинални художествени материали, а музеите – с открити скулптури, създадени от неговия син Петър.

6. Южни Беркшири:

Great Barrington:

Great Barrington, with its restaurant-, crafts store-, and antique shop-lined Main Street, and name-recognizable area hotels, such as the Holiday Inn Express and Marriott's Fairfield Inn, serves as the tourist center and thus unofficial hub of the Southern Berkshires. It nevertheless offers an array of performing arts venues, with the Berkshire Opera Company, the Barrington Stage Company, and the Aston Magna Festival.

Monument Mountain:

The Southern Berkshires' principle natural attraction is Monument Mountain, which trails are accessible from Route 7.

Never failing, like other such regional sights, to attract later-famous authors – who themselves were inspired to include it in their writings – it was first captured in 1815 when William Cullen Bryant penned a story about a Mohican woman who leaped to her death from its Squaw Peak in the simplistically titled "Monument Mountain."

Inter-literati verses flowed as easily as the champagne that oiled them 35 years later when Herman Melville met and climbed with Nathaniel Hawthorne, their inspirations sparked by the thunder and lightning intermittently igniting the sky between sips.

Today, three trails lead through the 503-acre open reservation-the 1.51-mile Indian Monument, the 0.83-mile Hickey, and the 0.62-mile Squaw Peak trails, the latter of which connects with the former two and leads to the 1,642-foot summit, affording views of the Housatonic River Valley, the Southern Berkshires, Mount Greylock in the north, and the Catskills in the west.


Piano Lessons Benefit Kids’ Mental Capacity and Emotional Health


Piano lessons are not just about letting kids learn music. Recent research has shown that learning piano plays a profound impact on the brain by providing children with a wide range of benefits that last a lifetime.

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Emotional benefits of piano lessons

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Learning how to understand music and how to successfully play a song on an instrument, whether performed alone or for others, also builds confidence and self-esteem in children.

The study of Michigan State University agrees that music education is emotionally beneficial to children, as findings show that children taking piano lessons have decreased levels of depression and anxiety.

Cognitive Benefits of Piano Lessons

The many hours spent exercising the motor control and coordination necessary to play the piano create and enhance the brain nerve connections that last a lifetime. These physical changes in the brain provide significant profits that extend into adulthood, including protection against cognitive decline and memory loss. Piano lessons also show a positive impact on verbal memory, hearing, and communication.

Learning to play piano will also benefit your child at school by imposing discipline and organizational skills. Lesson children demonstrate improved math, reading, logic and puzzle solving abilities, according to separate studies by the University of California and McGill University in Montreal.

Reproducing a musical instrument will also help raise the child's attention and exacerbate its concentration. Music education, according to some experts, may even be a powerful tool for treating children with cognitive disorders such as ADHD.

Relief from tension and relaxation

Children are as stressful as adults, and music is proven to help alleviate tension and emotional tension.

The feelings of stress, anxiety, and anxiety cause a physical reaction in the body, a fight or a flight reaction in which the heart rate and blood pressure rise, the breathing becomes faster and the muscles tighten. Reproduction of the piano can turn off the stress response of the body, providing a sense of relaxation. Taking the time out of a stressful situation to play a musical instrument can help reorient your thoughts and make the child better able to cope.

And the good news is that this advantage can be felt by children as soon as they sit on the piano and try to play because activity can reduce stress regardless of the skills or abilities of a person. Music lessons, however, provide the greatest benefit, as studies show that playing a tool for one hour a week for at least six weeks is most effective in reducing the stress response of the body.

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Background Checks and the 2nd Amendment


Supporters of arms control are focusing on the introduction of Universal Verification of Previous Experience as a next step in the prevention of weapons violence. Arms groups challenge the need for more checks and see the concept as progress in the plan to erode the right to wear weapons. They are afraid the government will track firearms and try to deny progress to the critics of the second correction.

Advocates of the background check require huge public support, but four of the last six countries that consider the idea of ​​private transfers have rejected it. Washington endorsed voters' checks last November. Since then, New Hampshire, New Mexico, Vermont, and Virginia have refused to require the checks. Oregon has recently passed a law to check the past, but such an upcoming legislation in other countries is by no means certain that it may pass or even be likely to be considered.

Members of the US House of Representatives reintroduced a bill (HR 1217) to demand checks over past years for most firearms transfers. The proposed law failed in the US Senate in April 2013 as a modification of the Senate Arms Control Bill. I expect to fail again, this time in the judicial committees. Let me explain why this law continues to fail, and why the effort to pass seems useless.

Universal background Checks would not hinder any of the seven major 21st century shooting sites from Virginia Tech in 2007 to Charleston this year. Six of the seven shooters Cho, Hassan, Lowner, Holmes, Alexis and Rowe received approval from the NICS when they acquired their weapons. The seventh pole of the rifle that he used from his mother after killing her with another weapon. She had bought them from local dealers with NICS checks.

Many firearms involved in other crimes have passed a check of the past and whether or not they have a small difference. Criminals simply do not buy their weapons legally. The National Institute of Justice claims that most weapons used for crimes come from theft or straw purchases. Since both methods of acquisition are already violating the law, addition of the crime to avoid the necessary screening of the background has no significant deterrent value.

Arms control attorneys, such as Everytown For Gun Safety and Americans for Responsible Solutions, seem to be making efforts to implement Universal Background Checks for two reasons beyond the stated goal of stopping forbidden purchases. These two unsettled provisions may not seem in vain if your goal is to reduce or eliminate the civilian property of most firearms.

First, the created computer records will improve the government's ability to track firearms and help implement other arms control measures. The Obama administration wants to trace "to prevent the anonymous build-up of firearms," ​​according to verbal arguments in a US Supreme Court case involving checks of the past (Abramski v. US, No. 12-1493, 2014). Some states with universal control laws already use the fire seizure records. In New York, the Ammunitions and Firearms Protection Act allows law enforcement authorities to use cross-data databases to search for illegally held firearms. California does the same with the armed forbidden system. Chicago's Weapons Weapons Department seizes weapons under the Firearms Owners Identification Program.

Secondly, arms control supporters are seeking "progress" towards larger goals. The supporters of Washington's successful initiative, for example, recently announced new anti-weapons proposals. Since the change in the US Senate's weapons check in 2013 was unsuccessful, President Obama said: "So while this compromise did not contain everything I wanted or anything [Sandy Hook] families want, it's progress. "The progress that the president is striving for is aimed at" transformation "to restrictions such as" in the United Kingdom, Australia … "as he said after the Naval Force shooting and again in Charleston.

Defenders of the second correction understand these two reasons quite well and find them disgusting, so they furiously oppose inspections on a general basis. With resolve to make progress on the one hand and political resistance on the other hand, the pointless rethinking of checks continues.