Community Supported Business


You have heard of CSA (Community-supported farming). CSA is a way to buy food from the public to create a link to the farm and get a weekly basket of products. By making a financial commitment to a farm at the beginning of the season, people become CSA's "members" (or "shareholders", "investors" or "subscribers"). CSA's movement has helped sustain the independence of healthy and healthy farming.

The CSA principle is now applied to many other business sectors. With the meltdown of the economy, the business is likely to grow even faster. Community-backed business makes sense, especially for community banks.

Books: The system can work equally well with other local consumer markets. Examples include published by the community publication (eg Southend Press) and bookstore. I invest in a rural bookstore, Putney Books in Vermont, where I paid $ 1,000 for a certificate, and I received $ 25 worth of books for 48 months and a 10% discount in the store. This gives me a 20% return for 4 years, and the rebate and reward to support a local business.

dining room: In Portland, Maine, there is a Community-backed Kitchen that provides local and organic food that is prepared year-round for members on a similar basis to the CSA system. In Morrisville, Vermont (which has 55 farms), there is a CSA restaurant where, in return for a $ 1,000 loan, investors get coupons that can buy for $ 90 a quarter for three years.

This is a small scarce return on investment, but in the first six weeks of the launch, the Bees Knees restaurant has raised $ 20,000. They started selling $ 1,000 "community-supported restaurant certificates" to help fund the project. In return, customers receive $ 1080 for food vouchers. Customers are also arranged to give unsecured loans amounting to $ 5,000. In return, investors will receive 4% return on their investments and 10% discount on their payments. The company was followed by Claire's restaurant, Hardwick, Vermont. Launched by four partners in May 2008, it also builds on a community-based investment and business model and has raised more than $ 40,000 in municipal loans.

fishingPort Clyde Fresh Catch is a community-supported Maine fish where investors can register for a weekly shrimp share. The fourteen week shares $ 210) offer 10lbs of shrimp a week or half of the shares ($ 105) that give 5lbs. Another is the wild cat from Skier Oto. For $ 250 / year, members receive approximately 35lbs of whole, fresh and / or frozen salmon that is available directly from the fisherman, amounting to about 7 fish at about 5lbs each (about $ 7 / lb).

production: The Community-supported production concept means returning the means of production in a socially and environmentally responsible manner. The concept here is to redirect production. An example is Prumitei, the fire center in Francardu in Corsica, where my friend Fanfan Griffi creates a craft center and a restaurant with workshops based on the use of fire: ceramic, glass and bronze foundations. He collects money from local authorities, non-profit organizations, large and small shareholders. Post Carbon Institute has a CSM and Power Point briefing that you can download.

Energy: WindShare is a pioneer in the Toronto-based Nonprofit Cooperative, with a mandate to provide renewable electricity to people in Ontario through community ownership. The internal rate of return is expected to be 7.23% per annum over a 20 year period, with no average person, no fund management fees or other associated administrative costs. Sixty-six Minnesota investors won all available shares in two wind power companies (MinWind I & II) for 12 days. Eighty-five percent of the shares must be owned by farmers and the rest – for local citizens and non-farmers. Each share gives the owner one vote in the company and no one can own more than 15 percent of the shares. Now there is MinWind III-IX, similar to the first two projects that started to produce energy in 2002.

Chicago-based Indian energy based on geothermal clean energy systems has a simple equation mission that has become: Local Geo + Local People = Economic, Environmental and Social Profit. "Organized labor, together with the private and public sectors, are the three pillars on which the new renewable energy economy will be built," said Daniel Chiefs, CEO of Indie Energy. Indie Energy is backed by ShoreBank, which is committed to building vibrant communities by providing financial services and information to create economic justice and a healthy environment.

What next?

Opportunities are almost endless. The only consideration is that the product can be consumed within the community and that there is a way to put the business on a profit, non-profit or hybrid. Since the standard availability of a business loan has fallen to drain and risk capital has been excluded, there is nothing else but a wide-open blue ocean with few fish floating in it.

A satellite market is social or P2P (Peer to Peer) investments and loans, using intermediaries such as the Lending Club, a social credit network where borrowed borrowers and individual investors come together to provide value that traditional banks can offer. Or on the basis of doing yourself you can use Virgin Money. They manage loans between relatives and friends and are pioneers in the emerging space for social lending.


Early Season Skiing And Snowboarding In New England – Skinning Up Skiing down


When I found Enzyne the last day or so I thought I was dead and went to the writers in the sky. I'm looking for a place for skiing and snowboarding in the Northeastern United States. There is so much to talk about this time of the year. When the first three pieces of Ski magazine appeared in the mailbox within a week, we know that ski and snowboard are nearby.

The Arapaho apparatus is open and is not even Halloween, but Sunday Rain Maine and Sugarloin Maine make snow. Night temperatures are about 26 degrees. The Maine Crown has already had 2 small snow events in October and is expecting another storm tonight October 29, 2007. Expected deposits about one to two inches.

Take a look at the tough heart skiers who travel around the favorite mountains around New England.

The most popular places for tourist skiers are

(1) Kellington Vermont. The area where you will find skiers and snowboarders is known as the locals or canyons. The area is what Killington Resort calls the Northern Ridge with the Triangular Chair on the North Ridge. One of the oldest elevators and areas in Killington. Some tourists will travel along the Long Trail, which is part of Vermont on the Appalachian Path. It could be about a quarter mile west of the access road to Kylington. 4.

The other pedestrians will find themselves

(2) Peak ski run. Pico Mountain was once an independent old school in New England, while Keltonton swallowed it years ago. The old days of Mount Pico are for another article.

Another place where sport tourism can be sought early in the season is the Mad Glen River in Vermont. Mad River Glen Ski, if you can climb is certainly true. Mad River does not believe in the maintenance and as far as I know, they still do not allow snowboarding. Here you will find Telemark skiers in Mad River. like all the other resorts I mentioned. With the emergence of high-tech telemarketing equipment coming into the market for the last 10 years, the old style of ski school has made it back. This has enabled skiers wishing to learn the technique of accessing the early snow season simply by adding a climbing climbing set and skiing and skiing. Snowboarders can enjoy the extra benefits of telemarketing by buying a "split" snowboard. Its two-piece board is trimmed in the middle with a locking system to put the snowboard together once at the top where you break the board together and the snowboard down.

Jay Peak in Vermont is also known for having spotted skiers since the start of the season.

In New Hampshire, the first place where snowboarders and snowboarders meet early in the season is the Wildcat Mountain in the White Mountain National Forest. Stroll up or relax up in the wild mountain or head to the wild cattle path just south of the Appalachian Mountain Club Park. As part of the National Forest Tourists you do not have to be afraid to be thrown out of the mountain, which can happen in a private resort.

All skiers and snowboarders who are thinking of walking on a favorite hill should always consider whether they are on private land or on land for public use.


Drug Addicts and Drug Rehab Centers


Lately, people have learned about Vermont for an absolute false reason. Teens and young people add a lot of concern to them. Addiction does not just mean cannabis, cocaine or heroin, which adds to painkillers, syrup and alcohol. These young people do not understand that they actually actually destroy their own lives. Addiction will harm brain nervousness and will create different problems gradually. In a few years they will begin to experience hallucinations and mental disorders. This can lead to death afterwards.

There are some medicines that contain different types of alcohol and substances. If someone takes these medicines for a longer time, it can become really fatal. Initially these drugs create a strange state of mind that these drug addicts enjoy. Later they start to feel irritated for everything. A clear withdrawal can be seen and they will begin to face difficulties in each step afterwards. In fact, you can not stop these people from taking the medication. This will have an adverse effect on them. Experts will reduce the intake of drugs and will monitor the physical condition.

If you see someone close to you has become a junkie, you should not tell him anything negative. You need to talk to this guy and convince him to visit with you any reputable Vermont rehabilitation centers. Experts will then check everything and begin to observe everything. There is no harm in visiting a drug rehabilitation center in Vermont. You're doing it right, and that's just rehab, not jail. You need to feel free and make the patient feel comfortable. Doctors are helpful and will certainly explain any treatment procedure before doing anything. You must have faith in them.


Outdoor Patio Furniture That Helps Clean Up the Oceans?


This is the dream of the lazy environmental activist: the outdoor furniture that works to clean the oceans while relaxing by drinking pine colas on the beach. Too good to be true? In fact, this is one of the rare moments when you can order your cocktail and drink it. It turns out that the latest in high class outdoor patio furniture is a line of eco-friendly chairs, tables, sun beds and rock, all made from recycled plastic bottles. The best part: the furniture is well designed, beautiful and lasts for many years.

Every wooden patio furniture. This innovative ecological patio furniture, called Ever Wood, is made of recycled plastic wood (also called RPL or polywood) using an extrusion process that reproduces the look and texture of the real tree. Recycled HDPE containers, such as water, soda, milk or detergent jug, contain 90-100% of these furniture. They are transformed into a super-durable, heavy and rigid board that looks like a real solid wood but can withstand open-air abuse of rain, snow, ice, sun and salt water.

Elegant solution to the problem of plastics disposal, Consider that:

  • Americans use 2.5 million plastic bottles every hour and most of them are thrown away
  • Plastic junk thrown into the ocean kills about 1 million marine creatures every year
  • Plastic waste is not biodegradable

Two geniuses – Doug Rasie and Mark Philabam – look at these facts and see plenty of raw materials to make outdoor furniture that is virtually indestructible. Just like our plastic garbage, their oak planks do not get worse due to weather conditions, insects or moisture. It does not rot or crack or crack. Unfortunately, plastic rubbish will be anywhere, but on the bright side, this allows Ever Wood outdoor furniture to sport a lifetime guarantee. Environmentalists note. Cleaning the beach has never been so sweet!


Lake Champlain – 5 Ways to Enjoy this Great Lake


Lake Champlain is the largest body of fresh water in the US after the Great Lakes, and 120 miles long and an average depth of 400 and 12 miles, all of which is impressive. But more impressive than its size is the incredible beauty. In a state known for conservation and recreation of nature, Lake Champlain is the secret destination for a growing number of New England tourists.

Here are my five destinations and attractions in the area of ​​Lake Champlain when you visit …


The northern half of Lake Champlain contains a wonderful patchwork of islands. The largest of the islands is connected to each other and the continental part of Vermont along route 2 to the south and route 78 to the north. Next route 2 from south to north will take you through the scenic cities of South Heroes, Grand Oil, North Heroes and Albourgus, just a few miles from the Canadian border.

The lawns of the Champlain Islands lakes are flat to gentle swirling hills, which means that cycling is a popular way to go on holiday. In most areas you will have an unobstructed view of Vermont's Green Mountains in the east, and to the west – to Adriancock, New York.


Although Montpellier is the capital of Vermont, its largest city is Burlington, which sits on the shores of Lake Champlain, with its stunning background to the east of the Green Mountains.

Burlington's activities include ECHO, the world-famous lake aquarium and the Vermont Science Center, a guide to Lake Champlain Chocolates where you can see these famous chocolates made right in front of you as well as the Homestaad and the Ethan Allen Museum. Finish your day by train through the beautiful Champlain Valley on the Green Mountain Railroad. The train passes through light green green pastures to Shelbourne and back.


Two cruise boats operate on Lake Champlain in the summer – "The Spirit of Ethan Allen III" accommodates 500 people and the "Northern Lights" has a space for 150 guests. Both ships leave the Burlington docks.

As you travel, you will listen while the tourists discuss the rich revolutionary past of Lake Champlain, the importance of local Americans in this area, and the interesting facts about the lake. But the center of each of the cruises is the stunning view of the islands and the surrounding mountains in Vermont and New York.


If diving is your passion, then in Lake Champlain you have reached the right place. The lake is considered by many divers as the best collection of historic shipwrecks in North America.

Eight of these remains are kept for the pleasure of divers and under the supervision of Lake Champlain Underwater Historic Preserve. These ruins offer a unique experience for northeast diving. Types of ruins differ from horse-drawn ferries to canal boats, with some located near the shores of Lake Vermont and New York. The necessary dive experience varies from beginner to progress.

For more information on these shipwrecks, visit the Reserve website at


The Lake Champlain Lake Museum is located near Vergennes and is a great way to enjoy the historic importance of the lake. The Basle Museum provides opportunities to withdraw in time while exploring a revolutionary warfare, observing craftsmen using traditional shipbuilding skills, and learning about marine life in the Champlain Valley during the 18th century conflicts.

The museum is self-controlled, but there are plenty of demonstrations to stop and see as you wander around.


There are over 50 State Parks in Vermont, and the Lake Champlain region contains twelve of these state parks and includes: Alburg Dunes, Knight Point, Sandy Bar, Burton Island, Grand Island, Knight Island, North Heroes and Woods Island on Champlain Island. Other state park parks on the lake are: Kill Kare, Kingsland Bay, Button Bay and DAR.

In these Vermont State Parks there are opportunities for hiking, cycling, camping, boat trips, fishing, picnics and swimming. Parks are a great way to relax and enjoy the lake's waters for a day or longer, as well as stroll along the paths between swimming and reading the novel.


Using Copper Plant Rooters for Your Home


Hanging plants indoors is a favorite thing many gardeners need to do. For some, this is a way to get outdoors in the winter. For others this is just a way to make gardening a little easier on the joints. The use of copper installations for attaching internal cuttings makes life even easier and much more fun.

Handmade copper routers are available from Vermont and every step of the process is literally done manually. The highest quality copper ring is used, which is then cut and welded using an acetylene burner.

The design is created using steel and wood impurities associated with the creation of works of art. Copper and steel are bent and formed in many different shapes, creating beautiful hanging copper robots for your home.

Copper plants come with stained glass, this glass is water glass and is cut by hand, shaped and then copper foil. Copper soldiers are used to attach the glass to the copper frame. With the creation of these hand-hanging vegetable hangers, care is taken and new techniques are applied. Mixing different items such as staining glass and slate to come up with a creative look keeps these Vermont copper rover completely unique and pleasure to hang in your home.

Finding plants for growth in the hanger of plants is easy. You only need to cut off a plant or one of your favorite herbs. Just add your cutting into a glass vase along with spring water and you're ready to start growing.

Growing plants in this way is preferred among senior gardeners, they can still enjoy the pleasure of growing plants and herbs without all the tiring bending. Working all day in the garden, getting dirt and pulling weeds can really hurt your old joints. Keeping indoors is easy for your joints and it takes a few minutes to get started. You can easily enjoy copper plants and flowers throughout the year.

Vermont plant routers also make wonderful gifts for virtually every member of your family. Even young children can grow alone and have the pleasure of watching something growing in their own bedroom. With virtually no maintenance, other than monthly water replenishment, growing cuttings in copper plant plants could not be simpler.


Stop By Vermont on Your Way to Heaven


As far as I remember, my sister Yan has always dreamed of going to Vermont. I understand that Vermont presents some of the most magnificent mountains and beautiful scenery in the nation, but I'm pretty sure this is not her main focus. I bet she is fascinated by hundreds of small white churches located across the country or in small towns where real neighbors give you a sense of belonging somewhere. A few months ago, my nephew Barbara left home in North Georgia, along with her three daughters, and of course the dog, and went to Vermont to make a description of my sister's beautiful dream. Photographs and information on the Internet provide great information, but seeing through her daughter's eyes, Yan gave even more love to this country.

My sister remains in most cases. A one-way trip to a grocery store is this except for the necessary excursions to the Atlanta Scottish Rite Children's Hospital. Over the last 20 years, my sister has been raising children for rearing. In fact, she had about 163 children going through her home, and especially children for whom the state can not find a place. Ten years ago, Jan called from DFACS to ask for a 10-week "shaken baby" and hold her until she died. This beautifully little normal girl was seriously shaken by her father, resulting in permanent injuries and injuries. Both her small legs were broken, and shaking caused brain damage and blindness. Although this tragedy is hearty and extreme, Kimi has been such a blessing to countless people. When she was still a baby, she was the first baby Jesus girl in our Christmas program in the church. Her accomplishment was impeccable. Kimi can not see or speak, but when my nephew plays piano, she can sing her own songs in her own words in her own language.

Kimi will be ten this year and her body grows as if it were normal. I do not see how Jan does.

Ian is 61 years old and has not slept in a real bed since receiving Kimi. She has formed a group of sofas and stools that she calls "Kimi Island" and that's her life 24 hours a day. The devastation that Yana has for this child is incomparable. A few years ago Zhang legally accepted Kimi. Judge Cliff Jolief, who had been watching her for years in court, also fell in love with this child, managed to accomplish this beautiful service. The courtroom was filled with friends and relatives of Kimi from the church, CASA and DFACS. Now she belongs. She is the daughter of Jan and Martha, Barbara and Jay's sister. She has aunts, uncles and cousins ​​and she is loved.

Last year Jan had cancer. Can we even imagine Kimi without Yang? The questions were endless.

Thank God for His healing and guidance with the help of Dr. Stephen Salmieri in Lawrenceville. Not only was he the happiest doctor I've ever met, he also managed to work on my sister and save her life.

My precious sister has lived a lot and I hope she will have many years ahead. There are plenty of places to see and people to meet, but for the time being I want it as much happiness as possible while living with Kimi.

I only hope that when the time comes, Jan can stop with Vermont on his way to the sky.


American Wood Furniture Is Linked to Global Forest Conservation


Have you ever thought about where wood furniture comes from?

Over the last few decades, the biofuel movement has made us ask questions about the origin of our food. Now the fundamental concerns expressed in this movement are extrapolated to the furniture and floor industry. People want to know where their furniture comes from and what they find is often more alarming than the facts found about the origin of our food.

Wood furniture in America often comes from an illegal rainbow rainbow

Up to 90% of the wooden furniture and flooring sold in the US and Europe are imported from abroad. This amounts to almost 2 billion cubic feet of wood that is illegally harvested (read: clear) every year. An incredibly wooded area, three times larger than Vermont, is destroyed annually! Illegal felling is the worst for Third World countries such as Brazil, Cameroon, Gabon, Liberia, Indonesia, Malaysia, Russia and Vietnam where large rainforest parks are being robbed of huge foreign timber conglomerates. The tree is used for cheap furniture and flooring, which are processed and assembled in Asia. Sometimes the furniture is colored or finished in the US to be labeled "Made in America".

Why buyers of wooden furniture in the US have to take care of the destruction of tropical forests, which is so far away from our homes? In addition to plundering our planet with oxygen-generating trees and threatened wildlife habitats, tropical forest destruction takes away forest resources that directly contribute to the livelihood of over one billion people in the developing world living in extreme poverty. What will happen to these people when the tropical forest disappears?

How to Find Durable Organic Wooden Furniture

While supporting groups such as the World Wildlife Fund, working to protect tropical forests and its inhabitants, US consumers are looking for alternatives to supply unsustainable furniture and "bad karma" to their homes. Buyers tend to find American-made furniture from American trees that have been harvested steadily in well-managed North American forests. As with the organic food constitution, the move to "buy local" and the purchase of organic wood furniture acquires steam.

Consumers can learn more about environmentally-friendly furniture and where to buy them from the SFC Sustainable Furniture Board.


A North Country Life: A Collection of Essays by Vermont Poet Laureate Sydney Lea


There are, in my view, some things that go beyond time and place, race, and sex. One of them is nature. On its surface, Nordic rural life may seem like a book that is attractive to men only, nostalgic for hunting and fishing, and camping in the sheltered New England. But for me, a black woman growing up in a factory town in New England, this book resonates deeply. Sydney Lea, an excellent narrator, tells stories that communicate universally.

Nordic rural life is a collection of essays grouped according to the four seasons of the year (although winter is not called winter, but "cold weather"). Lea tells how men and women in the past were moving through the cycles of the year in sync with nature and usually with each other. Hunting manure, pheasant, deer. Driving logs downstream early in the morning. Each account is infiltrated by determination, a sense of matter.

The same essence of the facts permeates the reflection of the human cycle. I recommended all my close friends read the ten-page head "Now Look". In this essay, Matty, one of the women in the north, manners, actually tells about the cycle of her marriage: how the drunken dejected man who was now out in the shed was once the most beautiful and most productive man in the north. How life had broken him. How did she want her not to let go, how she was determined to stick to the cycles of her life … and to him. Any woman who has ever seen her husband struggles and fails to fail can relate to this story. Now Look is an excellent example of transcendent writing Nordic rural life : Whether to read this when you sit on the front porch of the cabin or on the back terrace of the city, you will get it.

Sidney Lee's writing is considered provocative and lyrical. He is a poet, not just every poet. He is the laureate of the poets at Vermont. For the Prozacist reader (meaning of the word) like me, the reader who reads about themes and relationships and resonances (this superiority I have discussed above), some of the poetic gazes of the Introvert Lunge can sometimes fail,

Anyway, very, very glad I read Nordic rural life I was able to read and expect to read the essays again each season in season.

When I was a little girl growing up in a railway on the other side of the street from a scissors factory, the walls of my bedroom were covered with paintings of woody nature. Right now I have a home in the country. Sydney Lea is greatly written Nordic rural life remind me why.


Vermont’s Best Lift Ticket Deals


These days, buying a lift ticket is like handing out cards and deciphering how best to play them. This season in the Vermont ski areas you will meet special ticketing cards called Magic, X2, Points, Passport, Fanfare, Club and Express to name a few. Purchase one of these cards and get discounts for ticket tickets for lifts and possibly other goods and services. It is noteworthy that the Ski Vermont trade association sponsors free, training, ski training or package packages in the participating ski areas across the country from 4 to 10 January. Check in December for details. Here's a snapshot of the best lifts currently available at the Vermont ski resorts:


How can you catch the Super Saver Card? In return for $ 199, you get five adult vouchers to use during the season, except, of course, during the holiday weeks. Even better are the "Buy One-Two" Promotions for Tuesday "Couple for Tuesday" and "Sunday afternoon" tickets for $ 29 in the resident tournament.


Like the Ascutney Card Scheme, again for $ 199, you get five vouchers for adult tickets as part of a rescue program for big skiers and riders. Or, if you want a deal at the beginning of the season, there is a 14-day Happy Holiday Lift ticket available on 15-19 December.

Broley Mountains

On the self-proclaimed "Sunshine Mountain" you can buy $ 69 Sun Mountain maps and use them to get $ 10 from your personal boarding pass every day of the season. On Tuesday (year-round favorite) $ 44. E. They buy a lift ticket with lunch served at a waitress. February 5 is Mother's Day per day of $ 15, and the proceeds from the ticket are donated to Susan G. Comen for the treatment. Fridays are family Fridays – any adult who buys a $ 39 ticket can buy up to three junior tickets for $ 12.


Tickets on Sunday afternoons are lucrative here, at a price of $ 18 for everyone. Vermont, and Coos and Grafton County, NH, residents can buy tickets for $ 41 (non-holiday) from Sunday to Friday.


For under $ 30 adults can go to the day's elevators.


Unique to Jay is Vermont and Clinton, New York, a $ 47 resident ticket every day of the season. For everyone else, the way to go is to buy the $ 25 passport. Show it to the cabin and get your $ 49 ticket. A gain is added: Every fifth ticket purchased, the next is the house. The map is good for ten percent discounts around the resort.


Get $ 26 Killington Express Card and save at least $ 10 of each ticket you buy yourself. The good thing about the card is that it is linked to a credit card that allows direct access to the lift, thus avoiding delays in the ticket booth. Vermont's resident days will return but were not announced by the press.


Guess what this place means on the map … Yeah, a crazy card. $ 129 up buy three transferable ticket vouchers. If it does not float with your boards, consider the $ 3.50 ticket on January 30, which will return the day of the clock or the special day of St. Patrick's day. The free skiing for all children is even better on the Day of the City Meeting.


Sunday afternoon tickets are good value here at $ 25 per pop or there is a $ 39 Magic Card that lets you buy weekend tickets for $ 10 or Friday for $ 25. Keep in mind that this season, the normal schedule for running the Magic will be from Friday to Monday and holiday weeks.


There are no cards here, just like a great old-fashioned value. Tickets are only $ 30 a week, $ 44 weekends, and since the café is for college students, prices are really reasonable.


The best way to win tickets here is with the $ 79 FANfare card, which is good for 50% weekly and 25% weekend discounts.


A new reversal here this year is that all VT / NH Resident tickets $ 39 on Wednesday and $ 35 Sunday morning should be purchased 48 hours in advance online. The first day of rebate for all is the Day of Driving on December 6 – bring three non-marketable food products to buy a $ 30 ticket. On April 1, the Food Drive Day is repeated, but the air tickets are only $ 10. Okemo will come online deals as the season develops, so check their website before you visit it.


In general, it is better to buy lift tickets on site at the grocery stores and sports stores in Vermont Shaw, listed on the resort's $ 50 website. Additionally, in business Monday there is a $ discount 15 for those who put a business card on the ticket window. Most Fridays are Vermont days – half the price of tickets, lessons and rents for residents. Sunday Thursdays mean $ 29 for bribe students.


If you do not have a season pass, the best deal you can get here is with its $ 75 Stowe Points card that lets you buy $ 59 lift tickets and offers discounts at the resort's summer attractions. If you accumulate 450 points through purchases at the resort, they will reward you with a lift or golf (with a cart).


You can not go wrong with Stratton's $ 69 X2 Card. You will immediately get a free lift ticket and the opportunity to buy tickets for the average week for $ 30 and at weekends for $ 20 of the toll. A new promotion here is Family Sunday 4-Pack: $ 99 buys lift tickets for two parents and two kids with free apres ski pizza at Grizzly Bar.


Their card is titled SugarDirect Card: $ 99 buys a ticket in front, then 25% of the average weekly tickets and 20% off weekends. The spring for 10 tickets and the eleventh is the house.


On Tuesday there are two lift tickets for the price of one, with other discount days to be announced.